Shimmer Me Blonde!!!





Soon to be arriving (mid June is the prediction) is the latest Kevin Murphy gem of a product!

Shimmer Me Blonde is a leave in repairing treatment was designed for you hot platinum blondes!

The pretty purple pastel in Shimmer Me Blonde refreshes and restores highlighted, blonde
and grey toned hair colour.
It also counteracts the yellow and gold tones while leaving your tresses not only smelling yummy but giving it a lovely shine!
This product can be used before and/or after styling. It will add elasticity and shine to damp hair pre blow dry or as a added shine boost for after a blow dry.

It’s not just for blondes either…it works brilliantly on adding a shimmery shine on Violet and Pink hair colours too!!
So keep your blonde looking fresh and bright between visits to Chilli Couture and enquire about Shimmer Me Blonde…we have waited so long for this product to hit Aussie shores and it was totally worth it!

How to use: Apply to damp, towel-dried hair or dry hair. Twirl before use. Do not rinse; leave to dry naturally or style as desired.

Benefits: Radiant shine, Counteracts Yellow and Gold Tones, Strengthens, Nourishes, Moisturises

Key Ingredients

6 Australian Fruit Extracts

For a radiant, glossy and smooth finish.

Babassu Oil

Protects and provides nutrients essential to shine, health and strength.

Bamboo Extract

Helps restore the hair to increase shine, strength and manageability.

Soy Bean Oil

Adds softness and smoothness.

RRP $42.95
















Rachel and Mr Smith


Knotted plait


The first weekend in April saw our boss lady Rachel jetting off to Sydney for a couple of days of Mr Smith education. This saw her  spending Monday and Tuesday with 3 global session stylists who work in amazing cities including New York, Paris and Switzerland…heaven!
They work exclusively on Fashion Weeks all over the world doing the hair of gorgeous models.

Rachel recently took  some in salon training with the Chilli stylists on the new techniques that were taught so they are all up to date on these hot new styles!

If you need an on trend upstyle or blow dry, please to be sure to mention this blog on your next booking!

So most importantly, what’s trending for the next 6-12 months?
*Heavily textured hair
*Wind swept hair
*Festival style upstyles
*Peek a boo braids
*Long hair waves
*Undone textured water waves

Why do we LOVE Mr Smith?

Long hair waves

1/ It’s PETA certified vegan

2/ It’s Australian owned and made

3/ Contains NO Parabens or Sulphates.

3/ It’s packaging is divine.


See the videos below to see what they got up to!






Chilli Couture Commercial Shoot!



What a huge but fun day the 20th of February was doing the Chilli Couture Commercial Shoot!!!               

The Chilli family Rachel Walker, Tom Jarvis,
Nakia Stevens, Rachel Hall and our Chilli Babies
Grace and Charlie spent the day creating some beautiful hair for our Commercial Shoot.
We will use these shots for marketing and advertising purposes,

so it was just a day of no pressure, no stress and loving what they do…creating stunning hair with clean beautiful make up and styling.

As always our models were prepped using only 100% vegan products and colours that contain no PPD, Amonia or Resorcinol. Can’t have healthier hair than that!
Our amazing make up artist for the day was Tracey Kaye…seriously talented! A huge thanks to her for working non stop to make our models even more flawless and enhancing their natural beauty.

These hot styles are trending big time this winter so if you are are a new look anytime soon, give us a call to book a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists.
Here is the link for Tracey Kaye Makeup Artist.







So the gals of the Chilli family (no boys allowed) decided to start the Chilli Hair Challenge. This experiment  involved seeing who can go the longest with out washing their hair. Ewwww I hear you say? Well it was either going to be innovative with lots of new styling techniques invented or just a plain hair disaster!

No washing hair
Must look presentable
No hats

Tom and Charlie weren’t invited to partake simply because they have short hair; they could’ve either cheated or won and Hallsy denied the invitation all together because she “frequents the beach too much”.
 Jordan, Grace and yours truly caved (9 days was my limit!)
Nakia lasted a little longer by going a whopping 12 days-but the final straw was when her little boy vomited in her hair (excuses!)
Going the strongest was boss lady Rachel Walker and our other receptionist Bex…the battle was on!
Rachel caved on day 17 as she was meeting the new boyfriend’s family. (eeeeeeeek!!!)
Soooo it could have been the dark horse Bex taking out the prize…oh wait there was no prize!?
Did you know the hair actually starts to self cleanse after 10 days?! Crazy right! The point of doing this whole challenge was to prove to our clients that its not necessary to wash your hair every day and by doing that it can actually make it oilier! So keep the Chilli hair challenge in mind next time you reach for that shampoo bottle and remember: Your scalp and sebaceous glands can be trained!

Bex tricked Rachel and said she was going to wash her hair on the evening of Thursday the 30th, but did not!
So Bex has WON!!!


AHFA Awards


Well sadly we missed out this year…I am seriously surprised as the collection the stylists put together for the AHFA (Australian Hair Fashion Awards) was AMAZING!!

This collection is called Club Kids Collection and inspired by the nightclub scene of New York City in the late 80’s and early 90’s and in particular “the club kids,”
This collection reflects the outrageous colours, textures and costumes of the 80’s club scene, where hair was loud and proud. Colours were vibrant and everything had a sense of attitude.
Hair Team
Rachel Walker
Tom Jarvis
Nakia Stevens
Rachel Hall
Grace Neal
Jordan Punter
Charlie Gibbons
Make Up
Hendra Widjija
Sav Anna
Rachel Walker

Here are the final pics of the entry we submitted, for those of you who aren’t on Facebook or Instagram.



December Giveaway!

If you would like to take part in our monthly giveaways just sign up to our Monthly Newsletter which is sent via email.

As soon as you go onto to our website a box will pop up asking you if you would like to join…super easy!

Congratulations to Leah Deards who is the winner
of last months giveaway! Leah will be receiving a
100ml bottle of Kevin Murphys Shimmer Shine
valued at $42.95.
Perfect for the party season!

This month we are giving away The Foundation from Mr Smith! This styling product creates volume and body while giving flexible hold and natural movement. Also great to scrunch in and let dry naturally for you curly hair people. Valued at $35.00 for this beauty I think my question should be much harder than it is!! 

This months question is:
What fell down the stairs?

Good luck!!

Chilli Christmas Party!!

Sunday the 4th of December was party time! Meeting at the salon at 11am for a quick pre party champers we got picked up by All Ways Perth Party bus hire (we can highly recommend Lionel from this company-he was awesome!)
First heading off to Caversham House for a delicious lunch. Must say beautiful food,
faultless service and a beautiful setting.
Then off to some wineries, Old Youngs vodka distillery
and Feral Brewery. Not to mention the heap of fun &
dancing we had on the bus!
As always it was then decided the best idea would be to head back to Rachels house to carry on (which involves playing dress ups from her wardrobe)…as per usual 🙂

And yes, most of us felt a little sorry for ourselves the following day…


Happy New Year!

Can you believe another year has gone already?

Well bring on a fantastic 2017 I say! The Chilli family are ready and waiting with their talented hands to give you some awesome hair this year 🙂
If you have any special events planned in the first six months make sure you get your hair appointment organised! Our Saturdays are usually booked out a few weeks in advance and if you want your favourite stylist to look after you it’s best to plan ahead!
The Chilli family hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and thank you all for being the best clients in Perth!
We wish you a happy, prosperous and blessed 2017!