Ideas to Transform Your Hair for the Warmer Months

There is a sure-fire way to set your summer to ‘sizzle’. Hint: it’s less about snags on the barbie and so much more about your fresh spring and summer locks.

Sure, getting yourself summer-ready is about stepping up the whole package but nothing beats a glow that’s invested in the accessory you wear all the time – your hair! But what colours are in and how do you make it look effortless? Chilli Couture, easily the best hairdresser in Perth, is wording you up on the latest and greatest.

caramelCaramel Blonde

De-licious! Allow Chilli Couture to dish this colour mix to your hair for a sweet, sweet summer treat.

Caramel blonde is achieved by using touches of gold, honey and caramel balayage. Just the right balance of all three tones will see you walking out of the salon with amazing new depth to your hair and some lustrous highlights that will instantly set you up with the chicest of beach babe looks.


coolCool Blonde

Many of us are looking for an edge as spring and summer roll around and are chasing a standout hair style. Cool blonde can take on a number of colour techniques, from babylights to ash blonde to platinum – allowing you to create looks anywhere from beach goddess to striking platinum, perfect for a grungy summer evening look.



toffeeToffee Brown

Think your brunette hair is warm now? Step it up for summer with the lively tones of toffee and caramel.

Nothing too daring, adding toffee brown tones can create a dynamic, down-to-earth look and add volume to once bland hair. Once Chilli Couture has toffee brown coursing through your locks, create a bohemian look with soft tousled curls and a middle parting.


lilcLilac Lemonade

Mother Nature certainly steps up the colour palate when summer comes to town so take your hair along for the ride with some fun pastels. Lilac Lemonade done the Chilli Couture way sees violet highlights injecting hair styles with radiance and unmistakable energy. It’s an ideal choice for daring girls who want to introduce their vivacious personalities at the door!



peachPeachy Pink

They’re oh-so-sweet to eat in summer and now, peach adds a sweet twist on blonde hair. From peachy pink to baby pink – pretty much any shade of pastel pink can elevate your look into one that is carefree and fun. Hell, why not go all out and match it to your fave peach lippy or outfit?



Make the Change with the Best Hairdresser in Perth

The best hairdresser in Perth knows that the hairstyle you fall in love with is one that’s created personally for you and with the highest quality products.

At Chilli Couture, we take care of you and the environment. Both of you are in safe hands with 100% of our hair colours being ammonia free, PPD free, 100% biodegradable and non-toxic for our waterways.

So put yourself first with undoubtedly the best hairdresser in Perth – Chilli Couture – offering free consultations for a new summer hair colour and the perfect summer haircut.

Ready, set… new summer sizzle!  Contact the team at Chilli Couture today.

X-Factor Themed Hair Styles to Inspire your Next Look

Everyone deserves to look and feel good, no matter their age; a sentiment that extends from fashion to hair.

At Chilli Couture, we have so many amazing clients from different backgrounds, of different ages and with different styles, so it made sense to showcase the beauty we find in diversity.

In our recent photo shoot, we wanted to do just that, by showcasing some flattering, sexy and vibrant hairstyles on some Generation X women (40-55 years old), produced at Chilli Couture – the best hair salon in Perth.


Inspiration for the Photo Shoot

As a boutique salon, we’re all about celebrating women of all ages and we believe it is so important to show that beauty is transcendent of age.

Across the beauty industry, the perception of beauty can seem narrow, skewed by the images and messages that businesses and brands put out on a daily basis.

As artists who deal with a variety of clients from all walks of life, we know that beauty is everywhere but unfortunately, we’ve found that women older than 40 are often ignored and forgotten, they become invisible to current fashion trends and hesitant to try something different because they haven’t seen anyone who looks like them with the same style.

In an effort to make them realise their beauty and to assure them that we see them and appreciate them we have taken three gorgeous Gen X women who are at the peak of their power and given them a hairstyle that represents them.


There is No Theme

What we love about this theme is that there is no theme!

We have taken each model and looked at their personalities, how they see themselves and how they want to present themselves to the world: fun, sexy, vibrant and strong.


Three Hair Styles You Can Achieve At Home

The hairstyles are suited to both everyday wear and casual evening and the best thing is, they can easily be recreated at home!


Short Blonde Hair CutHairstyle 1: Kelly

We created this soft texture with R+Co Aircraft texturizing mousse. To recreate this look for yourself, apply lightly to freshly washed hair and then finger dry using a low flow hair dryer.

Finish with some dry shampoo powder such as R+Co Skyline.





Hairstyle 2: TaraBrown Hair, Bob Haircut

This style is really easy to create, blow-dry the hair either with a paddle brush or round brush depending on the texture of your hair, and then take vertical strips of hair and wind the mid section only around a tong backwards from the face.

Continue all around the head and then brush out into soft waves using a paddle brush, finish with a light texturizing dry shampoo such as R+Co Death Valley.




Blonde Hair PonytailHairstyle 3: Amanda

This is a great style to do as a quick up style for evening and can be done on either clean or unwashed hair.

Section the top section and pin away, take the bottom of the hair including the sides and pull back into a ponytail, secure with a band.

Release the top section and tease or backcomb lightly, spray with a texturizing dry shampoo such as O&M Desert Dry and brush over the surface lightly with your fingers.

Pull back sections randomly and wind around the base of the ponytail and pin into place, allow a few soft sections to fall around face.


Recreate These Looks At The Best Hair Salon in Perth

Trying a new hairstyle, cut or colour can be daunting, especially when you’ve never seen it on someone who looks like you.

At Chilli Couture, we love to push you out of your comfort zone; all while making you feel confident and incredible at our boutique salon in Perth.

Whether you’re looking to recreate these styles in salon, or you’re looking for a change, a chop or even just for a chat with an amazing hair stylist who cares about you and your hair, check out the best hair salon in Perth: Chilli Couture.

Visit our award-winning salon for a free, no obligation consultation today – we’d love to meet you!

What Are Remy Hair Extensions?

hair extensions perth

Many women invest in weft and tape in hair extensions to achieve their hair goals – whether it is to create luscious long hair or to add volume to their lob or bob.

Whatever the reason for wanting hair extensions, one of the most important things you should consider is the quality of your hair extensions.

Remy hair extensions are described as ‘the best hair money can buy’ because of the high quality of the hair, as well as the way the hair is collected and processed to create the hair extensions.

So what exactly is the difference between Remy hair extensions, human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions and which is the best option for you?


Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

While you may be tempted to use synthetic hair extensions because they are cheaper than the real deal, you should be aware that there is a significant difference between the appearance, quality and longevity of human hair extensions compared to synthetic hair extensions made from artificial fibres.

Appearance & Quality

While synthetic extensions may be able to blend with your own hair, you have to keep in mind that they cannot be colour treated and generally cannot be exposed to heating tools like curling irons or straighteners. As it is humidity resistant, the extension pieces will keep the shape and style that they were pre-set with or they may become potentially permanently damaged.
On the other hand, human hair extensions can be changed and styled just like your own hair; they can be colour treated to blend seamlessly and can be styled using heating tools. As they are made of human hair, they also naturally reflect light and move in the same way that your natural hair moves. 


Synthetic hair will only last around 1-3 months, so they may be an option for those looking for a short-term change – like a bride who has planned a wedding in a humid climate or during winter – as they don’t lose their pre-set style in the same way that human hair extensions do.

With proper care, human hair extensions last approximately one year. During the year, as your hair grows, if you have tape in hair extensions they will need to be re-positioned every 6-8 weeks to keep them looking as good as new.


Human Hair vs Remy Hair

We have a lot of clients who ask us what makes Remy hair extensions different from human hair and why Remy might be the better choice.

Extensions created from Remy hair and human hair are both 100 per cent human hair, but there are some subtle differences that impact the quality, life span and price of the extensions overall.

Collection Method

To create human hair extensions, hair is collected from brushes and the floor and processed.

‘Remy’ hair is collected in a different way – to be considered Remy hair, it must come from a human’s head and retain the hair cuticles. To ensure cuticles all run in the same direction and are kept intact, hair is generally collected from a donor who has had their hair cut in a ponytail in a salon.

Hair Quality & Life Span

Remy hair is the most durable and long lasting of the two types of hair extensions, which is primarily thanks to the way the hair is collected. Having the hair run in a unilateral direction keeps the hair strands aligned and provides a natural look and feel, which is less likely to tangle.

Human hair may be more likely to tangle, become matted and shed than Remy hair, as the cuticles run in opposite directions. To combat this, the hair is generally coated in a type of silicon to make it look shiny and feel soft. However, over time, this silicon wears away, leaving the hair feeling a little duller than when you first bought it.


Regular hair extensions made from human hair are cheaper in price than Remy hair extensions because they are they are easier to collect.

Remy hair extensions are more expensive, as the collection process is more delicate, and the quality of the hair is generally higher.

However, you have to remember that you get what you pay for – while Remy extensions may be a little pricier, they will generally last longer than human hair extensions.


Why is Remy hair so popular?

When clients invest in Remy hair extensions, they know they are getting great quality, longest-lasting hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are low maintenance as well – they don’t require any additional maintenance than your natural hair requires.

Remy hair extensions can be styled and treated like your own hair, which makes them the perfect addition for someone looking for a little extra length or volume in their hair.


Premium Supply & Installation of Hair Extensions in Perth

You can trust our team at Chilli Couture to deliver high quality, luscious and natural-looking Remy hair extensions in Perth, teamed with our trademark extraordinary customer service, of course.

If you’ve been umming and ahhing about getting weft hair extensions or tape in hair extensions, our advice is to speak to one of our hair stylists and #treatyoself! Find out the difference that Remy hair extensions can make to the appearance of your hair.

Contact our team or visit our salon today to find out why our clients adore us and trust us wholeheartedly with their hair styles, hair colour and hair extensions in Perth.

Are Box Dyes Really That Bad?

hair colouring in perth

Maybe you haven’t managed to book in for your well overdue hair appointment and the temptation of the supermarket box dye special is just too tempting, or maybe you feel like your hair needs a drastic change!

Whatever the reason, many people find themselves reaching for the box dye to dye their own hair instead of visiting their hair stylist in Perth. You know, because the model on the box has your ideal hair colour and it looks like it was done professionally (probably because it was).

And while buying and applying the box dye may seem relatively harmless, you should be aware of all the problems that can come with that quick, cheap fix.


Box Dye Isn’t “One Size Fits All”

They suck you in with phrases like “vibrant shades”, “hi-shine”, “rich tones” and “luminous highlights” but what the big supermarket brands don’t explain is that one box dye isn’t going to be suitable for every hair shade and type.

In order to make box dyes appeal to the majority, the formulators of box dye add the maximum amounts of pigment and ammonia to guarantee you will see a difference. Unfortunately, the high amounts of ammonia and pigment can be incredibly damaging to your hair, especially with prolonged use.

Another problem with the “one size fits all” approach is that everyone’s hair is different – from hair condition to pigment and history; certain chemicals in hair dye can have a chemical reaction with other hair products you have used, so it is worthwhile playing it safe by visiting a hair stylist.

A qualified hair stylist in Perth will individually assess your hair and discuss your hair history, querying any products you use, how often you wash it and other factors to determine whether a colour should be applied.


Unpredictable Results

We all know someone who has experienced a DIY hair disaster, or at least seen one on social media. It might have been someone with brown or black hair who tried to give themselves a balayage and ended up with a nasty, uneven shade of orange, or someone who tried to lighten their hair, only to fry it and have the hair break off!

From a mile away, a hair stylist could tell you why using a box dye to make a significant – or even seemingly insignificant – colour change is a bad idea.

Hair stylists go through extensive hair and colour training to learn and perfect the hair dressing craft to minimise the likelihood of unpredictable results.

On the contrary, the average client using a box dye more than likely doesn’t understand that the colour on the box won’t necessarily turn out that way on their hair.


Flat, Boring Colour that Lacks Depth

There is a reason that applying a head of foils in the salon can take hours, especially if you have longer or thicker hair.

Depth and dimension make your hair colour pop and make it look more natural, but to achieve this, it requires much more than just a box dye and a set of instructions.

Prior to colouring your hair, a hair stylist will also take into account your skin tone, how you wear your hair, how often you want to visit the salon and other factors to determine how to achieve the best appearance and dimension with your hair.


Damage and Potential Hair Loss

No matter how conditioning the product claims to be, box dyes are a chemical cocktail that can be incredibly harsh on your hair.

Box dyes come often use high amounts of ammonia, which aggressively opens your hair’s cuticle and allows the colour to penetrate your hair.

Without being able to assess the condition and strength of your hair, among other factors, box dyes can cause serious damage to your hair, which may result in a shorter-than-anticipated haircut.


Relying On Hairdressers as a Back Up Plan

While most hairdressers work miracles on a daily basis, transforming clients’ hair and their self-confidence in the process, there is a limit to just how far we can stretch our miracle work.

If you have fried your hair to a point where it is snapping off in chunks, or you have a head of unevenly coloured, orange-tinged hair after a failed lightening attempt, there is only so much your hair stylist can do to improve the appearance of your hair while the strength of your hair is compromised.

And even though that box dye may have been on special for $7.99 this week, a colour correction by a professional hair stylist will set you back considerably more.


Find a Hair Stylist in Perth for Ultimate Results

At Chilli Couture, we love what we do and we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their dream hair.  We take hair care, colouring and styling seriously, which is why we are chemical and cruelty free! We’re not bragging (yes we are), but Chilli Couture was also the first Sustainable Salons salon in Western Australia!

So rather than picking up the box dye, pick up your mobile or head into our salon today to let our incredible team of hair stylists in Perth work their magic on your locks.

Asking For A Quote From Hair Salons In Perth

Grace front

So, you want a quote over the phone for your next hair appointment? Great, happy to provide one, however a phone quote is a bit impossible. Here’s why: we run our fingers through your hair at the beginning of an appointment for a reason – to see what condition it’s in. Only then can we provide the exact service it needs. Quoting sight unseen would be like styling your hair blindfolded. Hairstyles and happiness are what Chilli Couture deal in. It’s why we’re one of the best salons in Perth, so it’s logical to cover the ins and outs with our free consultation.


Hair History

A strand of hair will say a lot about someone but what might not be so obvious to us is what you’ve done to it before. Were you a brunette three months ago and now you’re platinum blonde? Your hair history is vital knowledge to one of our stylists who will treat it much differently if there’s a build-up of colours and treatments in the follicles.

The same goes if you’ve been using a one-box-fits-all boxed dye at home. We won’t judge you if you have but it’s a super strong chemical so if you’re in our chair about to undergo a salon colour, we’ll approach your appointment in a whole new way. Hair history matters.


Hair Type

Usually when someone comes in, they’ve thought a bit about their next look. It’s best to temper that excitement just long enough for us to appraise your hair. Over the phone, this is an impossible task! It may be too weak or dry and cannot withstand the service that you hope for. Bet you we have a Plan B that’s close to the mark though.

You also need to consider the length and thickness of hair and whether the new look you’re after is affordable. Remember, one colour throughout is less labour intensive than highlights/foils on long hair.


Inspiration Photos

Your dream-look photos inspire us as much as you. Talking to you face-to-face about this is super important. We can deliver any look but is it realistic? Can we pull it off in one appointment without damaging your hair? Can you maintain it? We can shed some light and deliver exactly that or, again, tweak the look – but we need to see you first.


No Price Shock

The biggest reason of all for avoiding phone quotes is to sidestep bill shock. Most salons in Perth have seen it and it isn’t pretty. Unless we talk about it first, a colour change you thought could take two hours, instead takes three appointments and you’re ashen faced, dreading the bill.

So ditch the guess work over the phone for a warm Chilli Couture welcome and free no obligation consultation. You’ll see why, as salons in Perth go, we’re adored. It could be our stance on using biodegradable, humane vegan products. It would definitely be because we’re award-winning. So let’s get together and get your next beautiful hair style underway. We’d love to see you today!


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How To Achieve The Perfect Hair Bleach

Nadia copyKaty Perry, Jessica Alba, Rhianna – they’re all brunettes who’ve absolutely nailed the bleached blonde look. While they all have personal styling teams to achieve the seemingly impossible, the excellent news is so do you – our awesome team of hairstylists at the best hair salon in Perth: Chilli Couture.

Today, we want to show how to create the most head-turning, jaw-dropping, roll-out-the-red-carpet bleached hair that you’ve ever worn. The first stage is…

Do not attempt this at home!

It’s so tempting, isn’t it? But one bottle won’t achieve the result you want. It’s very possible you’ll end up with a mixture of brassy tones with mismatched silver and yellow highlights, plus hair that’s extremely brittle or may even fall out. We are experienced hairdressers who take the time so that it’s not a shock to your hair or your expectations.

Which brings us to the next rule…

Consult Chilli Couture First

Changing from dark to blonde has a few consequences. The first one is the cost. It takes a number of visits to achieve the result. We’ll work out what your hair goal is and if you’re ready for the outlay. Then there’s the upkeep which happens about every 5 weeks. Many clients also may need to reconsider their wardrobe, makeup or clothing as blonde hair can change the appearance of your skin’s complexion. It takes a bit of planning and we can help you all the way.

How Much Time is a Great Bleach Worth?

Got a diary? No, seriously, grab your diary because a dark to blonde transformation, at even the best hair salon in Perth, takes a while. Based on medium-length makeovers, three sittings, up to about 3 hours each is the time you need.

Once you have completed the look you need to come back for regular touch ups in order to maintain the perfect bleach and this comes down to the amount of regrowth. The best amount of time in-between lightening treatments is 5-6 weeks – if you insist on anything sooner or later, there’s a definite prospect of ‘banding’ where you get different colours of blonde at the roots.

Going Up! – The Seven Levels of Lift.

All up, there are 6-7 levels of lift (lightening) that can take place on any head of hair in one session. The reason it’s such an incremental journey is your hair can only take so much lightening at a time. If you already have colour in your hair, prepare for the process of lightening to take a little longer. It’s quite often achievable but your hair’s alive – it needs to be nurtured through this major transition.

Only trust the best hair salon in Perth

Chilli Couture is proud to be the first Sustainable Salons salon in West Australia and we also provide 100% vegan products. We are chemical-free too while constantly producing the ultimate in hair flair, having just become a finalist in the 2019 Australian Hair Fashion Awards.

If blonde really has been a dream of yours, we can give you a head of hair that’s so healthy, your own family will find it hard to believe you weren’t born blonde. So if you’re ready to set the tone in beautiful bleached blonde hair, we’re ready to take you there. Call us today for your free consultation.

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Silicon Society At The Australian Hair Fashion Awards In WA

HIgh Res 2 High res 3 High Res 4








The extravagant world of hair design is a dimension few of us are lucky enough to inhabit…

That is unless we hang on the coat tails (or pony tails?) of Nakia Stevens, one of the best hairdressers in Perth and part of our team at Chilli Couture, as she flaunts her coiffed creations as a finalist at the eminent Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA) for 2019.

What are the AHFA’s?

In the ultimate nod to the highpoints of hair fashion, the AHFA’s nominate the greatest hair artisans working around Australia. Categories cover state winners, progressive new talents and the coveted Best Australian Hairdresser of the Year Award.

Recognising how intertwined the digital world now is with our industry, new categories like the Digital Influencer of the Year and Hair Transformation Video of the Year have been added. They sit with other existing categories that cover men’s hairdressing, makeup artistry and fashion stylist. And they’re all judged by an acclaimed international judging panel.

What Does It Take to Qualify as an AHFA Finalist?

Take a look at the outrageously creative work from Nakia Stevens and you’ll know a ridiculously innovative  mind is the first pre-requisite. The judges also demand originality. Not only in a hairdresser’s ability but that every creation submitted has not been seen before in the public arena. That’s no social media and no marketing. Not even behind-the-scenes images.

Hair enhancement is the next prerequisite. Hair additions like wigs, extensions and hairpieces are allowed but a stylist must still show believable hair formation and movement. Before shots depicting the model prior to a style must also be submitted.

HIgh Res 6 HIgh Res 7 High Res 8








The Silicon Society Collection

Nakia says her Silicon Society submission revolves around sustainability and the rise of the refined neo-nerd culture.

Extracting inspiration from cult movies like The Fifth Element, The Matrix and Blade Runner, Nakia set about reinventing their futuristic visions via textures and materials sourced from businesses and general waste. Intent on immersing the hair with a modern, creative edge, she then reconstructed the hair, adding colour to soften the dramatic ‘sciencey’ feel and to highlight her well-known Nakia flair.

It’s a trade mark flair that easily sets Nakia up as one of the best hairdressers in Perth, if not the country. Currently residing at Chilli Couture, Nakia brings to her Creative Stylist role the experience of working abroad in London as hairstylist to celebrities, designers and music performers. Throw in four major In-House Collections in WA, being a sought-after voice on trend predictions and above all else her adoration of colour, colour, COLOUR (!) and you have one energetic, pocket-rocket of a hairdresser, in huge demand.

Where To Find the Best Hairdresser in Perth

Nakia is especially proud to work at Chilli Couture, a vegan and organic salon – one of the few salons of its kind in Australia. We’re cruelty-free and fabulous!

With over 60 years of collective hairdressing experience, any style you have your heart set on can be yours, and without damage!

So let’s do it! That next show-stopping hairstyle awaits at Chilli Couture, who many see as the best hairdresser in Perth. Make your booking to see Nakia, or any one of our amazing team today.

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Living with Hair Loss: From Alopecia, Age, or Genetics

Living with Hair LossHuman hair wigs applied by a highly trained salon professional can provide an effective and immediate hair loss solution, helping you to regain your confidence and get out there.

Although hair loss is deemed inevitable for some individuals through aging, non-aging hair loss  is more common than you think. Here is everything you need to know about alopecia and genetic hair loss, and quality human hair replacement options you might like to consider. 

Alopecia: The What, Where, Who and When

A condition involving hair loss, alopecia can affect one or several areas of the head, face or body.

One of the most common types of alopecia is alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition with onset typically occurring in childhood. It affects both males and females, all races, and will be experienced by around 2% of the general population at some point during their lifetime.

In alopecia areata, as with other forms of alopecia, the immune system attacks the affected hair follicles, preventing the hair growth stage from occurring. This results in patches of hair loss, most commonly on the scalp. The hair loss can range from mild to extensive, and for some individuals, all scalp hair will be lost (alopecia totalis).

The condition can be lifelong, but milder cases of alopecia areata commonly resolve over time.

Genetic Hair Loss

AKA ageing hair loss or androgenetic alopecia (the other most common type of alopecia), this is inevitable as you get older. Androgenetic alopecia, as the name suggests, is caused by genetics. Contrary to popular belief, the balding gene doesn’t only come from the mother – it can come from either the mother or father.

In men androgenetic alopecia is often referred to as male pattern baldness, where the hairline gradually recedes and thins at the top of the crown any time from around the age of 20 – in some cases until there is complete baldness.

While a woman’s hair will not recede as she gets older, it is normal for it to undergo thinning all over the head, which becomes most apparent from menopause (although you might notice a thinning of your ponytail from around the age of 30) – and explains why a combover is the go-to hairstyle for women in their 70s and 80s.

Hair Replacement Alternatives

Chilli Couture and Chilli’s sister salon Mr Walker’s Wiggery offer a variety of premium hair replacement options, from the finest ethically-sourced human hair weaves and wigs to top closures. Or you can rock the bald look. Either way is beautiful!

Choose Chilli Couture for Human Hair Wigs in Perth

Perth’s salon specialists in hair loss and hair replacement procedures, Chilli Couture handcraft beautiful custom-made wigs, weaves and top closures from real hair – to help you feel like yourself again.

Introduce yourself today and book in your FREE hair replacement procedure consult so that we can find the best wig option for you.

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