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Healthy & Shiny hair comes with the right care.  

Healthy hair is important because it is an extension of one’s personality. What we wear, how we wear it, and how it looks can say a lot about who we are. Our hair is our crowning glory, and we want to always keep that glorified crown on our heads. 

While this might sound a little crazy, did you know that your hair’s health, texture and appearance are directly linked to your well-being?  


How is our lifestyle affecting the health of our hair?  

Our lifestyle can have a massive impact on our hair. The health of our hair is very closely connected to how we decide to live our lives. Here are some of the ways that lifestyle habits can impact your hair: 

Stress levels- Down they should go! 

Stress can cause your body to produce extra cortisol, affecting your skin and hair. Cortisol can make it harder for your body to absorb nutrients from food, and it also causes inflammation in your body. This inflammation can lead to dryness in the scalp and brittle hair that breaks easily. Meditation is an option you can try out if you are experiencing stress in your daily life.  

A Proper Diet – Healthy diet is a solution to many of your hair problems 

Many people are surprised when they learn that what they eat impacts their hair more than anything else does! The foods we eat affect the pH balance of our bodies, which affects our hair as well. If you’re trying to get healthy hair changing your diet might be your solution. Make sure you’re eating enough protein and incorporating plenty of fruits and vegetables into each meal or snack throughout the day.  

Exercise- Commit to being fit 

Regular physical activity helps maintain good health by improving blood circulation, reducing stress, improving self-esteem through increased self-confidence, allowing you to meet new people.  

Smoking- maybe don’t?  

Smoking is one of the fastest accelerators for hair loss, especially those already predisposed to the condition. Smoking affects the normal oxygen saturation levels, restricts blood vessels, and affects the hair strand and overall health. Researchers have found a link between hair loss and smoking. If you’re seeking ways to improve your hair growth, your pack-a-day habit might cause your thin, damaged hair.  


Steps in Hair Care  

Hair is our crowning glory, and taking good care is important to get shiny, bouncy and healthy hair.  

Give these a try:  

Have enough protein  

Our hair strands house a protein called keratin that is produced in hair follicles to structure hair. An adequate 45 grams of protein is required to keep hair follicles healthy. Food containing high in protein like lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, low-fat dairy products, eggs, etc., will improve your hair strand and contribute to overall health. An inadequate protein in your diet can result in weak, brittle hair and hair loss.  

Have enough Vitamins  

Deficiencies in vitamins B12 and D, biotin, riboflavin, iron, and other nutrients are hair loss. Eating a balanced diet may help promote hair growth, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition.  

Food like green vegetables, fruits, leafy green salad, yogurt, etc., is essential to get healthy, glossy, and celebrity like hair.  

Choose the right shampoo.  

Avoid shampoos containing harsh ingredients, such as ammonium lauryl sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate. Choosing the right shampoo is a crucial part of keeping hair healthy. Understand your hair concerns before buying shampoo. It will help you to determine what is best for your hair.  

Don’t forget to condition your hair.  

After shampooing, conditioner is an essential step in keeping your hair soft, shiny, and manageable. Two conditioner types are available in the market – a separate conditioner or a built-in conditioner—experiment to find out what works best for your hair type to get a celebrity like hair. 

Wash up and brush up 

Golden rules for healthy locks: 

  • Shampoo your hair twice a week. 
  • Minimise the use of chemical-based hair products. 
  • Use regular or lukewarm water to rinse your hair. 
  • Avoid combing and rubbing when wet. 
  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle it. 

Cut out things affecting your health 

Things affecting your hair quality might be:  

  • Overconsumption of alcohol. 
  • Low-calorie and crash diets. 
  • Stress. 
  • Smoking  
  • Frequent changes in hair products. 
  • Chemical based hair products and treatments. 

Tips for glossy hair 

Healthy locks start with the right care: 

  • Air dry your hair whenever possible.  
  • Avoid tight hair buns, ponytails and clips; they might contribute to hair breakage. 
  • If you love experimenting with your hair, choose a shade within three shades of your natural colour. 
  • Massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow. 
  • Get a haircut every 10 to 12 weeks — to keep hair healthy and prevent split ends. 


 Hair services by Chilli Couture 

As a sustainable salon, Chilli Couture is one of the best hair salons in Perth. Our stylists at Chilli Couture understand the importance of hair care. We consider everything about you and your lifestyle to make your hair the best. We believe great hair reflects the inner you, not just what you wear.  

Whether you opt for cutting and styling, long hair design, colouring and luxury hair treatment, we are happy to assist you with all your concerns. As a sustainable salon, we ensure the right information is given to an individual even after leaving the salon to maintain healthy and vibrant hair until your next salon visit. After all, it’s all about having vibrant, shiny and healthy hair.   

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