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Cancellation Policy

As you may have read in our last newsletter we are bringing on a new cancellation policy from the 31 st July 2021.

The majority of our cherished clients totally understand the policy and agree to it with no problems, however for some, it has come across as personally offensive and I’d like to take the opportunity to explain the new policy in-depth and our reasons for implementing the changes.


The hairdressing industry is a service-based industry, and in a salon-like Chilli Couture we aim to provide the highest quality of service to you; our guest, to give you the best experience possible. This level of service comes with high overheads. For every stylist, there is an apprentice as a support and we also have a full-time salon manager running the floor, so we don’t have to leave you to answer phones and see to other clients. Add to this all our operating expenses like rent, utilities, insurance and stock and the costs really start to add up as you can imagine.


So, we try to have the right amount of staff available for our busy times and the times that are in highest demand from our guests. Because of this we rely on our booking system to be able to predict these times and make our talented team available to you wherever you need your hair done.


Now most of our guests respect our time, and always turn up for their appointments and for that we are so very grateful. However, we do have a large percentage of clients that just don’t show for their appointments, or cancel a few hours before. What this means for us is their stylist is left with unproductive time, it is a waste of our time, a waste of an appointment that could go to somebody else, and a large cost to the business that still must pay the stylist AND the support staff to be here.


I’m sure you can imagine that for service and retail businesses all over that are dealing with not only the effects of a global pandemic and still trying to maintain their services to you this comes as a huge blow.


Many service industries are now taking deposits on their bookings to try to safeguard their businesses and we rely on you, our cherished guests, to help us be the best we can be!


How will the new deposit system work?

All clients will pay a deposit for the next booking either at their next appointment or when they call to book their next appointment.

For existing clients, the deposit will be $50
For new clients the deposit will be $100


How will my deposit be taken?

We will take your deposit either at the time of your booking over the phone via your credit card or you can pay in person when in the salon. Rest assured we do NOT store your credit card details. 


How is my deposit used?
When you come into the salon for your appointment your deposit will come off the cost off your appointment or you can roll it over to your next booking if you want to rebook.


What if I have repeat appointments?
Your deposit will roll over to each appointment. E.G. you come in in June, pay for your appointment and put down your deposit for your next appointment. When you come in for your July appointment you will just pay for that appointment and your deposit will roll over to your next booking.


But I have always shown up for my appointments, why do I have to make a deposit?
This is a blanket booking policy, we understand that there are those that have always shown up for their booking and we are so grateful for your loyalty and continued service. However, the only way we can manage this is to make it a standard policy for ALL bookings. Please don’t take it as a personal offense as it is not intended to offend our loyal clients, we know we depend on you to keep our business running and we LOVE YOU!


What if I need to change my appointment?
That’s totally fine as long as its outside of the 24-hour cancellation period! We send an email reminder of your booking 1 week prior and a SMS reminder two day prior to your booking to remind you of your booking, we implemented this as a strategy to try to stop people not showing up for their bookings however despite our best efforts we still have no shows.


If you already have a deposit on that booking and you move it outside of the 24 hours cancellation period, then that deposit will roll over to your next booking.


If I don’t turn up to my appointment how is my deposit used?
If you cancel within the 24 hours or don’t show up to your booking your deposit will go towards covering the wages of the staff who were waiting to service you for that booking.


I don’t feel comfortable with this policy, it makes me feel untrustworthy.
This policy is not a personal affront, please don’t take it as that we don’t trust you, however we, along with many other service providers, are trying to provide the best experience possible and keep our businesses running. This booking is only designed to protect us not to make you feel bad. We love having you as our guests and you can rest assured that with this policy in place your beloved Chilli Couture is more protected and sustainable!!


If I cancel my appointment and don’t plan to come in for a while, can I get my deposit refunded?

What, you’re moving interstate?! That’s the only reason you would never come back to Chilli Of course we will refund, and we can do it over the phone.

If you would like to discuss any of these key points, please call us.


Rachel Walker