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Home Hair Jobs Are on The Rise – So, Why Should You Keep Using Your Salon If You Can
Home Hair Jobs Are on The Rise – So, Why Should You Keep Using Your Salon If You Can

Home Hair Jobs Are on The Rise – So, Why Should You Keep Using Your Salon If You Can?

Why Should You Keep Using Your Salon If You Can?

We associate so much of our identities with how we look and in particular, how our hair looks.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that throughout the lockdowns and uncertainty of 2020, many people have tried to maintain their haircuts and hair colouring with home hair jobs.

What is a Home Hair Job?

A home hair job is any haircut or hair colouring undertaken at home, usually with no supervision or advice from a trained hairdresser.

Many of these home hair jobs were to cover regrowth, cover greys, renew faded hair colour or simply change hair colour all together for a bit of a change.

Should You Still Visit a Salon?

If you can still afford to go to your preferred salon in Perth, we recommend doing so.

While box dye might be a cheap ‘fix’ to cover regrowth, change up your hair colour or make your colour more vibrant, it is a much more expensive choice in the long run.

Not only do box dyes significantly damage the structure of hair, which can lead to breakage, colour running and frizzy hair, it is also much more expensive and time-consuming to fix in the long run.

Colour corrections after box dye require specialist knowledge from a trained hairdresser, which will involve colour correcting the varying shades and colours in your hair to achieve your desired look.

With compromised and damaged hair, extra care and time must be taken to remove the hair colouring without completely ruining your hair, and you will likely need multiple appointments to achieve your desired colour.

Avoid Advice from YouTubers and TikTok Stars

While YouTube and TikTok are great platforms to watch dance videos, makeup tutorials and product reviews, they aren’t the kind of place you should be taking hair dressing advice from.

Influencers on these platforms are generally not professionals, and even if they are, following a YouTube tutorial on how to bleach your hair will likely end in tears, rather than your dream platinum blonde colour.

Leave the hair colouring to the professionals at the best hair salon in Perth – Chilli Couture.

Advantages of Visiting a Sustainable Salon

A Sustainable Salon is a hair salon that minimises the amount of waste produced by a salon, with salon separation bins that ensure items such as plastic packaging, aluminium foil, hair clippings and unwanted tools are recycled and reused, rather than thrown away.

At Chilli Couture, we are a proud Sustainable Salon that goes one step further in our commitment to the environment by offering organic and vegan-friendly hair products.

This kind of commitment not just benefits our environment, it also benefits each of our clients, as our products don’t contain the same nasty, harsh chemicals that regular hair colouring and treatment products may contain.

Looking for The Best Hair Salon in Perth?

Finding a hair salon that not only exceeds your expectations for your hair colouring or cut service, but also goes above and beyond in caring for the environment could be a tricky feat.

But that is where our team at Chilli Couture come in.

We are a team of expert hair stylists with extensive training in the latest techniques and methods, and we treat you to one-on-one service every single time.

So put down the box dye and pair of scissors & make a booking with Chilli Couture today.

Pick up the phone (9328 8814), send us an email or fill in our booking form to chat to one of the team at Chilli Couture today about your hair colouring about your hair style.

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