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People frequently get confused between hair texture and curly pattern, which are, in fact, two entirely different things. Hair texture refers to the thickness of an individual strand of hair rather than how the hair feels when you run your hand through it.  Understanding the features of your hair, including texture, circumference, pattern, and elasticity, may help you narrow down which styles and trims and which styling products would work best for you.  

We’ve got you covered if you’ve been thinking about chopping off your hair but aren’t sure what kind of hair treatment and/or style will work best for your face shape and hair texture!  


What are the different types of hair textures? 

Everyone loves a new do. The feel of a fresh cut and the life that comes with it. Wondering what your hair texture is? Consider some tips to know your hair texture better. 

Fine hair texture 

  • Thin and fragile, prone to breaking. 
  • Fine hair is the oiliest of all hair textures.
  • People may struggle to keep a style since the hair is light and frictionless, causing it to fall flat easily. 
  • The main complaint of ladies with fine hair texture is a lack of volume.  

Medium hair texture 

  • This texture holds styles relatively well.  
  • Creating new hairstyles is not as difficult as it is for fine hair.  
  • It effectively covers the scalp.  

Coarse hair texture 

  • Your head appears to be entirely covered and complete.  
  • Because of structural proteins, it is the strongest of all hair kinds.  
  • It is highly resistant to both breakage and heat.  


Which haircut is best for my hair texture? 

Getting a haircut is an easy way to change your look. Finding a haircut that suits your hair texture is key whether you’re looking for something to match your personality or want something new to try.  

Here are some tips for getting the right haircut for your hair:  

  1. If you’re a woman with curly hair, don’t be afraid of experimenting with short haircuts. Curly hair tends to be more voluminous than straight hair, so if you’ve got curly locks and have been thinking about getting a short style, now’s the time! 
  2. If your hair texture is fine, consider going for a longer style like an undercut or pixie cut. It adds volume and body where it’s needed most without making your head look too large for your body type; it’s easy enough to style into different looks without taking too much time in the morning! 
  3. If you have thick hair but want to go short on top so as not to appear too bulky when wearing hats or beanies during cold weather months or even just because they look good, consider getting a buzz cut.

Haircutting and styling by Chilli Couture  

While considering which hairstyles will work for your face shape and hair texture, the best thing to do is to visit an organic hair salon or stylist for a consultation.  

 Chilli Couture is one of the best organic hairdressers in Perth.  Our highly qualified team of organic hairdressers believe in delivering a premium hair styling experience.  

As a sustainable hair salon, Chilli Couture believes that one artist should design the total look to give you a complete hair experience. Every hair treatment is completed as a full service, including full consultation, shampoo, chair massage and blow-dry.