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How to take care of wavy hair

Are those beachy waves au naturel? 

If yes, then you are in the right place.

Wavy hair gives you an amazing bounce. Good Bouncy hair is one of the first things people notice about you. It doesn’t matter how your outfit looks, but your hair needs to be perfect. We spend a good amount of time making sure it looks good and that we represent our personalities through the way we wear them. It is a huge part of our lives and should be dealt with correctly to keep them in good condition. If you feel that your hair needs extra attention, don’t forget to drop by your nearest organic hair salon and enjoy the best chemical-free treatment that suits your hair.

What is it like to be a wavy hair person?

You may or may not resonate with the facts below, because every wavy hair pattern is unique and changes with the person’s lifestyle. But on average, there are some common factors that unite the wavy hair gang, and here they are:

  1. Wavy hair is neither completely curled nor entirely straight. The hair on the scalp is flat and straight, whereas the rest of the hair is wavy.
  2. Wavy hair does not have a distinct pattern, with inconsistencies in its waves.
  3. Wavy hair patterns change frequently. It is a highly versatile hair type that changes throughout your life.
  4. For some people, wavy hair might feel heavy, but it solely depends on your curl type.
  5. Most wavy hair lacks natural oil. The frizz may make your hair look dull.

Wavy Hair Types

We can divide wavy hair into three types.

  • Type 2A Wavy

They look a lot like straight hair. However, if you look closely, you will observe light S-shaped patterns. However, the waves are faint and light in volume.

  • Type 2B Wavy

The waves are more powerful than those of type 2A. However, the hair roots are flat.

  • Type 2C Wavy

They have thicker strands and more pronounced waves. It has the most volume of any wavy hair type.

How to take care of your wavy hair? 

  • Hair Hydration

Frizzy hair is the most common hair type. That is why you must strive to maintain your hair nourishment and let it be frizz-free. Chilli Couture recommends cleansing and hydrating shampoo to keep your hair nourished. We should avoid shampoo containing sulphate as it removes sebum oil from your scalp and makes your hair dry.

  • Deep conditioning 

Wavy hair requires special attention. Deep conditioning is essential to help fizziness in your hair. Deep conditioning can also cure hair problems such as split ends and roughness and also light up your beachy waves.

  • Avoid using Hairdryers.

A hairdryer can harm your hair’s cuticles; air-drying your hair is the ideal alternative. Your natural waves will have more bounce if you air dry them. It will smooth out the texture and lessen the fizziness.

  • Use a leave-in serum.

Because wavy hair is prone to drying and loss of moisture, leave-in hair serums can aid in wavy hair control. Look for keratin-supporting serums. It will strengthen your hair strands and keep them frizz-free.

Hair services offered by Chilli Couture 

As an organic hairdresser, we evaluate everything about you and your lifestyle before we begin building your personalised style. We think that a great haircut reflects the inner you, not just what you wear.

  1. Cutting and styling: At Chilli Couture, our experts bring you the latest in ladies’ and men’s haircutting, barbering, and styling that will ensure you look your best. Every haircut begins with a comprehensive consultation. Each haircut includes a relaxing shampoo, a re-energising thai head and shoulder massage, and a blow-dry.
  2. Long hair design: Even short hair can be made glamorous and make you feel ready for something special through hair extensions.
  3. Colouring: At Chilli Couture, we think every colour is customised and tailored to fit the individual, and no one fits into a standard. Our top colourists ensure that your colour is perfected every time, from global colours to platinum blondes.
  4. Luxury hair treatment: Here in Perth, we live in one of the world’s most dry climates; treating your hair is a vital component to keep you looking your best; we have a wide choice of conditioning treatments intended to suit your hair and time limits.

Drop by Chilli Couture, which is an organic hair salon, that can help you determine which hair treatment best suits you. Being a sustainable salon, we believe every hair type deserves the proper hair treatment in the best-curated way to suit every budget- Call us today!