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The Importance of Client Consultation in Hairdressing
The Importance of Client Consultation in Hairdressing

The Importance of Client Consultation in Hairdressing

A consult ensures a fabulous outcome from a hair styling appointment. As the best hair salon in Perth, we want Chilli Couture clients to enjoy a safe and rewarding salon experience, one that ends with truly gorgeous hair.

Consultations are a way to safeguard against hair horror stories like:

  • Crying in the car after a cut and colour gone wrong.
  • Trying to fix your new look with the kitchen scissors.
  • Having colour washed out partway through due to a reaction.

Our experienced team will help you avoid these scenarios! Hair is part of defining identity. We get that. You can trust us to listen. Our goal is to be your go-to salon for hair makeover and maintenance.

Building the relationship

Our salon’s brilliant reputation comes from years of providing an international standard of hair care. A consultation helps us understand your fashion preferences, dream hairstyle, budget, and lifestyle.

We take pride in successfully interpreting your vision. Think a stunning yet wearable style. Want weave hair extensions, or raw virgin European hair extensions? As providers of the best hair extensions in Perth, we’ve got your back.

A tailored salon experience helps maintain long-term client relationships. Whether you like chatting, or find silence more relaxing, tell us. We believe in pampering you! A consult is a way for us to understand what suits you best.


Getting it right

Have a style in mind? A consultation clarifies upfront the process needed to reach your hair goal. Transformation steps could take longer than you thought, or require multiple appointments.

If daily prep time is short and fast, we’ll take that into account. A high maintenance look relying on daily heat styling and follow up product isn’t a great idea if you don’t own a blow dryer.

During a consultation, our stylists note the condition of your hair and scalp to make sure the desired changes are viable. If potentially stressful for strands and scalp, we’ll recommend alternatives.


In terms of colour, patch tests are required in case allergies and reactions suddenly develop. Signed waivers are also an option that we can discuss.

Please inform us of allergies you have, or past reactions to colouring or haircare products. We encourage you to let us know if a condition impacts the quality of your visit.

Examples include:

  • Sensitive scalp that makes head massages uncomfortable.
  • Problems titling head due to medical condition/past injury.
  • Susceptibility to dizziness if standing too soon.
  • Location of moles and skin conditions hidden by hair.
  • Low settings for blow drying due to heat sensitivity.

We hold your safety and health in the highest regard, and will make a note for future visits. Everything you share is confidential. At Chilli Couture, we want you to feel comfortable, and pampered.

What you should be asking

We welcome questions! If possible, bring pictures of the look you like and ask for tips on adjusting the style to suit. Certain colours and cuts are more high maintenance, so enquire about the cost of upkeep.

Feel free to be honest. If you don’t like a recommendation we make, we won’t be offended! Our input is designed to help, and is not about ego. Ensuring you fall in love with your hair is the end game.

See you in the near future

Looking for a fantastic hair dress in Perth who understands how much your hair matters to you? Reach out so we can make an appointment for a consultation, and discuss the best way to create a hairstyle you adore.