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Ten Hottest Hair Colour Trends to Welcome in 2023

While enjoying my toasted caramel blonde (not a latte, though) and copper curls for that electrifying look, I realised that hair trends in 2022 were pretty decent. But looking at the upcoming hair colouring trends in 2023, let’s say goodbye to our old friend and kickstart this New Year wholeheartedly. Before starting this blog, grab some food and drinks because the recent colour trends might make you hungry and run for your fridge for that last piece of cake or bottle of soda. Not kidding, though! This year hair colour trends have hijacked your fridge for foods from savoury to sweet and turned them into beautiful hues that are attractive and serene to watch. 

Sizzling hair colours to grab in 2023 

Let’s find out the hot, sizzling trends in hair colour that have become the talk of the town. 

  1. Buttercream (blonde trends): A sweet cupcake icing shade that results in a deliciously blonde appearance. The buttercream blonde hair colour is trendy in the fall and winter seasons. It’s a good change from the summer’s bleached-out blonde highlights. It’s the palest gold colour with just the perfect depth and richness to complement fairer skin tones in the winter. However, it is advisable to fix an appointment every few weeks to have your stylist adjust the shade of your dyed hair so that it doesn’t look brassy, as this hue tends to do so. 
  1. Mushroom brown (blonde trends): A mixture of caramel blonde and dark chocolate brunette that results in a hue similar to a portobello mushroom. This trendy mushroom brown suits people with warm skin tones. The best season to try this colour is winter when the clouds captivate the sun. 
  1. Strawberry blonde (blonde trends): Not your regular strawberry milkshake; it’s more of a copper-toned honey blonde that complements fair to medium skin tone. Add some pale red highlights if you want a slightly pinker shade. Though the hue tends to fade quickly, it eventually turns to blonde. Thus, a low-maintenance, super-stylish colour that requires minimal to no salon visits.  
  1. Cherry Cola (brunette trends): This colour is a little sweet, little sour and has loads of fun. The shade indeed compliments a can of cherry cola soda without the fizz! The tone suits warmer or darker skin tones better than lighter skin tones. Deep red highlights applied on chocolate brown hair can develop the cherry cola pop hue. Sometimes a single-process dark auburn colour can also work. 
  1. Violet brunette (brunette trends): Craving for a cherry rum cocktail? Well then, the violet brunette is your match made in heaven. The hue resembles the shade of an eggplant added to brown hair. Hence, those who want to avoid shades of red can opt for this colour to enjoy different shades of purple and violet. Remember to get a touch-up every four weeks to increase your colour longevity. 
  1. Illuminated brunette (brunette trends): A magical combination of glowing blonde and mystique brown, perfect for those who want a mix of warmer and lighter tones. To achieve this shade, ask your colourist for an all-over dark colour with subtle balayage at the bottom. The highlighting tone must be marginally lighter than the base colour, which produces a rich, creamy brunette. 
  1. Radiant red (red trends): Every skin tone can wear a variation of this radiant, flaming ember red due to its wide range of tonal variations. Additionally, if you’re not ready to go out as a redhead, this shade also provides stunning highlights in darker hair. The only setback is that it’s a high-maintenance hair colour that requires frequent touch-ups. 
  1. Dimensional Copper (red trends)- Want to upgrade your traditional copper hair colour? Then this trend will surely help. Dimensional copper is said to be the queen of all copper-toned combinations that suit every complexion and gives off royal and rich vibes. To achieve this desired look, adding highlights and pieces at specific places can help to frame the face. 
  1. Auburn Spice (red trends)- Let’s spice up our brunettes and turn them into auburn, which suits fair to medium-skin-toned people. Also, this reddish-brown hair tone can be your go-to if you love red hair without the fieriness and sparkle. 
  1. Mulled wine (red-brunette trends)- This winter trend is expected to make even more noise in the coming year. The colour gives the vibes of spiced cider, mulled wine, and cinnamon nutmeg combinations. A perfect set of vibrant brown hair colours with a red tinge can warm your appearance. 

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