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6 types of hair colouring
6 types of hair colouring

6 types of hair colouring techniques in 2023 

While there are plenty of hair colour trends to try in 2023, the most important thing is to find the shade that flatters your skin tone the most. Because hair colour is a personal choice, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Before you decide on the colour that suits you best, take some time to assess your colouring habits and preferences. Once you understand that, you can narrow down your options regarding the technique or colour placement you want to try. If you’re still confused, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Read Chilli Couture’s blog to find the best colouring technique that will stand out in 2023.  

What are the 6 types of hair techniques you should try in 2023? 

There are a few different hair colouring techniques that you can use to change up your look. Some popular methods include highlights, underlights, ombre, balayage, and global hair dye. 

Global hair colouring technique 

If you want a more natural and less damaging look, then the Global Colour Technique is the best hair colouring technique. This technique is when you bleach your hair, tips, and roots, then apply dye all over. Although this look is simple to achieve, it requires maintenance when the roots start growing. You can choose to either recolour the roots or let them grow out for an ombré style eventually. 

Ombré hair colour look 

The ombré hair colouring technique is a popular choice for many women who opt to have the ends of their hair coloured while leaving the rest of the strands natural. To achieve this look, bleach and colour just the ends of your hair up to the desired length, leaving the hair towards the scalp natural. This style has no hassles of needing root touch-ups, and you can chop your ends off when you get bored with your look. 


Balayage is a free-hand hair colouring technique that can create more organic-looking highlights that are less defined than traditional highlights. To achieve balayage at home, start by dividing your hair into sections. Using a highlighting brush or your fingers, apply dye to small subsections of hair, making sure to blend the coloured sections with your natural hair colour, or you can visit Chilli Couture to avoid the disaster. 

Chunky highlights 

Chunky highlights are coming back in style after being popular in the early 2000s. To get this trendy look, pick strands of the desired thickness and bleach them. Unlike Balayage, you want to keep these highlights well-defined. This can be done by wrapping the required strands in foil while bleaching and colouring. 

Money-piece hair style 

This Instagram-worthy style is achieved by parting your hair in the middle and choosing thick strands to colour on both sides of your face. The foil should be used when colouring the money pieces to keep them from blending in with the rest of your hair. 

Peek-a-boo underlights 

The peek-a-boo under-lights trend is a great way to add a little personality to your look. It’s subtle when you want it to be and can stand out if you choose a bolder colour. This trend involves leaving the front and crown of your hair its natural colour and only adding colour to the back section. This technique requires some skill or expertise, so if you’re set on getting a peek-a-boo colour, we recommend visiting Chilli Couture to get you under highlight perfectly. 

Split-dye hair colour look 

The split-dye hair colour look is a fun and striking way to change your appearance! This involves dividing your hair into two separates, usually contrasting shades. You can do the middle partition and dye each side a different colour, or go for a more subtle look by simply dyeing a few peek-a-boo sections in a pop colour. If you’re feeling adventurous or want to try something new, you can dye both sides of your hair differently! 

Are you excited to try something new? 

Now you know colouring techniques for 2023! We can’t wait to try out some of these new looks and see how they work for us. How do you feel about these trends? Are there any that particularly excite you?  

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