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Hey, you all! It’s October already!!! You know what that means, right? That means we’re in the autumn season, and what better time to change hair colour than now? I know the past few weeks may have been hectic for some of us, so let’s take this opportunity to relax and treat ourselves to new hair colours. Whether you’re looking for a bold new red shade, low-maintenance roots, or a super-simple deep colour, Chilli Couture has a perfect style. So go ahead and pamper yourself – you deserve it! 

Not sure where to start? You’re in the right place. Here are some coolest fall hair trends to explore, from bright reds and warm blondes to e-girl-inspired styles.  

So, without further ado, let’s check out the trending hair colours that will stay for years to come. 

Warm Creamy Blonde   

Warm colours always look good in the fall. If you have been a creamy blonde or beige blonde, adding mid-lights to your existing colour will enhance warm highlights so you may ease into this trend. Warm colours fade softly with time, making fall the ideal season to explore this style. 

The perfect colour for red fall hair colours is an auburn shade. A deep copper reflects on a brown background characterises the ideal auburn.” If you want an auburn with depth, ask your colourist for one that doesn’t read purple. 

Milk Chocolate Brown   

Milk chocolate is the perfect brown fall hair colour for those looking for a more subtle change to their brunette hair.  Golden highlights reflect off a rich brown base to give brunettes goals in the autumn months. 

To add a warm sparkle, ask your colourist for a medium brown base colour with fine wisps of dark golden bronde highlights. Make sure that the highlights don’t overwhelm the base colour.   

Champagne Pop    

The pale champagne colour is a beautiful way to change your blonde hair without going too harsh. If you want to twist your signature look, add blush tones to your light blonde or use them all over. No matter your skin tone, it will look good on you. This colour is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new but isn’t ready for a quick change.   

Golden Blonde   

Changing your look doesn’t have to be too quick when autumn rolls around. A simple way to incorporate the new season’s colours is by adding some warmer, richer tones to your existing style. Having some colour with some warmth is a fun way to change up your look for fall without going too dark.  


Gingerbread/Caramel Highlights   

In the fall, soft, brown-red tones are in style! These gingerbread-caramel hues can add depth and warmth to any base colour. Our recommendation is to keep your roots natural while adding a touch of tone to your ends or money pieces around the face. Even in the darkest months, a little warmth in your hair can make your skin glow!   

It’s time to rock fall with your favourite hair colour. The trends described above have proven timeless, regardless of the season. Knowing what hair colour to choose for the fall, it’s time to get in touch with Chilli Couture, Perth’s best hair salon. Drop by Chilli Couture to get the desired hair colour of your choice. Our best Perth hair stylists will ensure your look is easy to maintain. 

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