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6 Tips To Keep Your Hair Colour From Fading
6 Tips To Keep Your Hair Colour From Fading

6 Tips To Keep Your Hair Colour From Fading

Tips To Keep Your Hair Colour From Fading

As everyone who colours their hair knows well, the biggest enemy to your stunning new shade is the inevitable fade! But what if the gradual dulling of your beautiful hair colour was not as unavoidable as you thought? Through good maintenance and healthy hair practices you can help your hair stay glowing and vibrant for longer than ever.

Use Coloured shampoos and conditioners

Using a professional shampoo and conditioner to care for your hair at home after your salon hair colour is the best way to keep hair colour fresh. Whether its purchasing a product that has the same colour pigment as the colour you’ve just had or using a high quality colour care product the right product will make the biggest difference in the fading of your hair colour. We can even personalize your home colour conditioner for you!

Avoid using heated styling tools

There’s no quicker way to dry out your hair than using harsh styling tools on a regular basis. Opening the hair cuticles, the extreme heat causes serious damage. Those who rely on hair styling should be sure to use it on the lowest setting and apply an effective heat protectant. This will help retain your hair colour whenever you use a curler, straightener, or blow dryer.

Avoid Putting your hair under hot water

Hot water works in the same way as heated styling tools; the extreme temperature dries out your hair, causing damage and colour fading. Lukewarm water is perfect for good hair health. A good tip is to gradually reduce the temperature over a few showers – no need to shock your system into submission!

Use Colour safe products

In order to give your coloured hair a longer, brighter lifespan, treat it with gentle care and mild products. Opt for organic products that are easy on your hair, like those used by our Perth hair stylists. Harsh chemicals strip your hair of it’s colour, drying it out quicker and even irritating your skin in the process. Choose products designed to care for colour hair, avoiding alcohol or sulfate.

Try not to wash your hair too frequently

Hair over-washing can be detrimental to anyone – it strips hair of it’s natural microbiome balance making it even oiler. For those with dyed hair, washing your hair everyday will strip all the expensive colour, meaning any money spent is literally washed down the drain. Those with oilier hair can try products like dry shampoo, as they give hair a clean, fresh look in a low-impact way.

Keep your hair moisturised

The key to healthy hair is moisture, which is why any method that dries out your hair can have negative effects. This includes the hair colouring process itself. A highly drying process, getting your hair coloured also means needing to put all that lost moisture back into your hair. Use leave-in conditioners and hair masks to douse it in moisture and prevent it losing its shine.

Use toners if needed

Hair toner is a semi-permanent colour that can be a lifesaver in giving a boost in between salon sessions. Helping discourage brassy notes and keeping the desired tone in your hair, it be particularly effective for those with lighter brown or blonde hair colours. Best practice is to use it in every second wash.

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Colouring your hair can be an amazing boost to your look and self-confidence when done well. Our experienced hair colour professionals are the best hairdressers in Perth, and combining our passion for fashion with healthy practices for your hair and the environment, we have sourced the world’s best, cleanest products. To find out more information or to book an appointment contact us on 9328 8814, or via our website here!

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