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The Evolution of Hair Extensions: From Wigs to Clip-ins

Hair extensions are one of the most fashionable and versatile hair styling products on the market today. Women have different preferences in terms of fashion, and they love keeping trendy hairstyles. In this situation, some want to change their hairstyles for personal or professional reasons. One popular trend among young girls, even women, is hair extensions. Humans are social beings who know how to keep pace with the latest trends and styles, so in the fashion world, hair extensions are always in.   

Why would anyone want to use hair extensions? It’s hair, right? Isn’t that what we all want? People are looking to change their appearance mysteriously – more often with hair extensions.  

Hair extensions have many options, from Fixing it yourself to long-lasting permanent extensions. Knowing your hair type and then choosing the type of Hair extension may be advisable. To know more about Hair extensions, visit our salon, Chilli Couture in Perth, for the best expert advice on hair extension styles.   

Types of Hair Extensions   

Before getting to know about the type of Hair extensions, it is necessary to know the kind of hair used in making extensions, ranging from synthetic, Human hair to Natural Collagen extension, which is made from collagen protein and looks more like Human hair.   

The Types of hair extensions are into semi-permanent & non – permanent.   

Non-permanent extensions like clip-in, flip-in, and wig types are more like attaching the extension only if needed. There is no glue, tape, or anything that connects it. These non-permanent types are excellent for women who want to style their hair only for parties or important events. It is an easy process but involves a lot of time.   

Semi–Permanent extensions are best suited for those who intend to use them more often. These are attached by glue for some period & need much care. When it comes to this type of hair extension, it is advisable to visit a salon and get them done, as it involves many processes.   

Clip-in hair extensions   

Clip-in extensions are pretty expensive regardless of the hair type used in the extension. If you are looking for a long lock of hair like that of celebrities, clip-ins are the best since it adds volume to the natural hair and gives a stylish & trendier look. These clip-in hair extension work great for parties, weddings, fancy dinners & even business meetings.    

We recommend these clip-in extensions if you are a beginner & it is also one of the safest methods for styling your hair as they will not harm your natural strands. Also, colouring & styling your hair and even creating highlights to match your outfit are available.   

These clip-in hair extensions are the easiest and best extensions for thin hair. Clip-ins have a unique design that makes this process simple. Press on the clip to open it, and attach the weft in its place. Press again to close the clip.  

Tape-in Hair Extension   

This tape–in type of extension goes with their name. They are generally glued or taped to the natural strands. This extension hair is gathered and then attached to the roots of your natural hair. It is advisable to visit a stylist to ensure the hair extensions are correctly taped with glue along the roots.   

To know more about this hair extension, please book an appointment at Chilli Couture, Perth, for a detailed session with our stylist.   

This type of extension is in fashion as it is less strain on the head. These Tape-in extensions suit those with thin hair well and look natural.   

In general, this tape – in extension lasts up to 4 – 8 weeks, as they need to adjust to your natural tresses.   

Sew – in Hair Extensions / Weave   

This type of Extension is more complex and permanent, as the new hair extension is sewn to your existing hair. Before adding the extensions, the original hair will be braided; only then the new ones can be attached to the existing ones. It looks good for women with thick hair, as braiding thin hair as a base will not look great. Also, there may be chances of hair breakage while braiding.   

These weave extensions may take several hours to complete, and they should be done only by professionals, as it is challenging. The only drawback of this sew–in hair extension is that it may affect your hair growth, so removing the extensions after a while is necessary.   

We at Chilli Couture specialise in this Sew – in / Weave or Weft Extensions. Our well-trained stylists weave your natural hair causing no breakage to the original strand.   

Fusion/ Pre-Bonded Hair Extension   

This Fusion or Pre–bonded Hair Extension is one of the oldest hair extension types, which the ancient Egyptians used. This extension was loved by Cleopatra, the Egyptian beauty queen, who loved wearing wigs and used this fusion hair extension to change her looks. Off – course, she would have loved it! Because Who Doesn’t like hairstyles and new looks?  

This type is called “Keratin Extension” or “Glue – in Extension”.    

For this Fusion extension, it is preferable to be done by a stylist rather than trying it alone. The method is these extensions are attached one by one to the roots of your hair, and then the stylist will use a heating tool to melt the glue. The keratin melts and later uses fingertips to roll. It then dries and attaches to the original strands.   

This Fusion or Pre- Bonded Hair extension comes for a more extended period and may be a type of Permanent Hair extension.   

Microlink Hair Extensions   

Microlink extensions are loops attached to the natural hair strands with a bead to which the hair extensions are attached. Once the beads are looped in, they are clamped with pliers to ensure the extension are secured to the original hair.   

This may be the easiest type of hair extension as it does not involve glue or heat. It is one of the natural-looking extensions and can also readjust with the help of a stylist for a trendy hairdo. This type is suitable only for women with thicker hair, as the beads may be visible on thinner hair.   

Wigs and hair pieces   

The last extension type is Wigs. The prime purpose of the extension is to give long, lustrous locks of hair by providing volume & density while giving a natural look. With that, wigs give full coverage to the head and can be used to change your style.   

Hair pieces are the recent trend in the industry, as there are so many, namely; Front Bangs, Hair blending extensions and so on.   

 How long do they last? 

Hair extensions add length, fullness, and volume to your natural hair. It can achieve a desired hair look and style or compensate for thinning or balding. Different types of hair extensions are made from human and synthetic sources. Before purchasing any hair extension, you should be aware of the quality and gauge of the product and how it will perform with your natural hair before buying.  

Each type of extension, whether permanent or temporary, has its period and may not be suitable for the long run.   


  1. What Hair Extensions are right for me?   

Each woman has a different hair texture, like wavy, curly, and straight. So, it is best to analyse the type of hair extension suitable for one’s hair. Or, if you need clarification about finding the right hair extension, please consult a stylist.   

To visit our salon, book an appointment for your session at Chilli Couture, Perth   

  1. What is the best type of Hair Extension?   

Generally, Humar hair extensions are the best type. They are more durable than synthetic ones and flexible when styled with heat. They give a natural look with minimal difference.   

  1. Why does my hair look thin after using extensions?   

The reason for thinning hair is the damage caused by hair extensions, which comes from the pulling and tugging of the extension used. Since they hang off to your natural hair, it leads to hair thinning.