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hair colour trends
hair colour trends

Hair Colour Trends That Will Take 2023 by Storm

In fashion, makeup and hair colour trends keep evolving, and the cooler trends are usually picked up by pop stars or high-profile models that we can’t stop looking at. And these hair colours, no matter how peculiar they may seem, become a part of the mainstream culture the following year.     

Haven’t you always wanted to be ahead of your time and be a trendsetter for your friends? You could always cut your hair in a really short bob, dye it a bright purple, or have platinum hair colour.   

So why settle for the boring hairstyles & hair colouring that everyone else is doing? At Chilli Couture, our professional hair colour specialist in Perth will help you choose a new hair colour that’ll make you look hot and trendy in 2023. Fix an appointment with us at Chilli Couture to enjoy the newest hair colour trends.  

Hottest New Hair Colour Trends to Embrace this Autumn 2023    

With Autumn turning around, everyone likes to have a new practice, especially new appearances. So, now is an excellent time to switch up your hairstyle and experiment with new looks, which means trying out a different haircut, opting for a bold new colour, or freshly styling your hair. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to turn heads and attract attention. 

What could be better than getting a new look with a new hair colour trending in 2023? If you are looking for ideas, we have great news! In this article, we’ve compiled all the latest hair colours and styles to follow that are trending right now. Read on.!  

Mushroom Brown     

Natural hair colour with subtle shades of grey and brown gives a Mushroom Brown colour. The stylist will apply a series of highlights with the brown ash base for this colour. The ashy undertone conceals the grey hair. So, if you are planning to cover your greys, this Mushroom Brown will be a wise choice. Also, if you are not ready for all-over colour, highlighting in some brown mushroom colour is an excellent alternative if your hair is already a darker shade of brown.    

Moreover, for someone with a warm undertone, this mushroom brown might suit you and enhance your tresses by giving a grey and brown undertone. These brown tones have variations of slightly darker blondes and lighter browns.   

Midnight Onyx    

Midnight Onyx is a rich, deep black shade with subtle blue or green undertones.   

This rich black colour with an extra reflective shine has been trending since the show “Wednesday”. This jet-rich black shade can be perfect for any skin tone, and adding extra shine treatments can make it reflective.    

You can team it up with bold or dark, smoky eye makeup and bold lip colours complimenting your look beautifully. Also, opting for a monochromatic look: wearing all black or dark, precisely like Wednesday Addams, can create a sophisticated and chic look when paired with midnight onyx hair.   

Cherry Cola    

You may feel unsure about cherry cola, but it’s the perfect colour for fall, so much so that we named this shade after it.    

As the name sounds, the Cherry cola shade is a little cheeky, sweet and refreshing. It’s a dark brown shade with a hint of burgundy red and vibrant violet, with a fizzy top layer of red shining through the light. Also, this hair colour may be suitable for warm skin tones, and it’s a great way to add some extra shine and dimension to your traditional blonde or brown hair.   

Vibrant Red    

Opting for vibrant red hair colour is a bold choice that can set you apart from others and make a statement with your appearance by turning heads!    

If you want to go red but don’t want to make such a drastic change, consider adding vibrant red highlights! You can also use vibrant red dyes to lighten up your hair colour. It will help you achieve a more subtle look with an edgy vibe.   

This shade is just like regular red—it has a lot of orange in it, which means it’s warm—but it also has a lot of blue or purple. That makes it stand out from regular reds because the purple or blue tones will make the colour look brighter than usual.   

Copper Shade Curls    

Copper curls hair colour is rich, lovely, classic red with orange undertones. It will give you the look of rich, deep reds with a touch of orange, making it look like you’ve been out in the sun all day. It is a warm, vibrant shade ranging from rich reddish-brown to bright orange.   

If you have curly, wavy hair, the warm and striking red colour of copper curls will complement the naturally alluring quality of your curly hair.   

A bold lip colour or a bright eyeshadow is all you need to get ready for that fun trip with your friends. 

Butterscotch Blonde Shade    

Butterscotch blonde is a warm, honey-toned hair colour that is playful and sophisticated. It is a versatile hair colour ranging from subtle highlights to an all-over blonde. This shade is perfect for those who want a lighter look, with a hint of warmth, without the commitment of a full-on platinum blonde.   

This shade is a flattering colour that complements all skin tones. Its warm, golden tones add a touch of radiance and glow to any complexion.   

The best part is that this shade is a low-maintenance and can be easily revived with highlights or root touch-ups -a perfect shade ideal for people who want a lighter appearance without dealing with frequent salon visits.                                             

Bottom Line   

Hair colour trends are incredible. Hair colours enhance your overall look from fun and bold shades to going all classy. And with Chilli Couture’s wide range of colour shades, we will help you prepare for the coming autumn season.   


What is the season colour for 2023?    

The colour of the year 2023 is Viva Magenta, a deep, pinkish-red shade, as revealed by the Global Colour Authority.    

What hair colour is trending in 2023?    

Sandy blonde, Gemini hair colour, Onyx hair, Butterscotch Blonde, Vibrant red colours, Cherry cola hair colour and Espresso hair colour are some of the trending shades of 2023.    

What hair colour is the hottest?   

Chocolate and Caramel Balayage, Strawberry Blonde, Golden Copper, Winter White, Peachy Rose Blonde, Dark Auburn, Midnight Blue, and Pastel pink are some of the hottest hair colours that women still slay.