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Hair color with skin tone
Hair color with skin tone

Colour your World with the Right Hair Colour:  Guide to choosing the Right Colour for your Skin Tone  

Looking to spice up your look with a bold and refreshing hair colour change? We’ve got you covered! At Chilli Couture, we know that finding the perfect hair colour to match your skin tone is crucial for achieving that head-turning image you’re after. Whether you prefer to DIY at home or leave it to our experts, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Let us help you choose the best hair colour that’ll make you feel confident and chic!  

Let’s play a game of ‘What’s My Tone?’ – Discovering your perfect skin match. 

When choosing the shade, the first step is to identify your skin tone.  

How your skin reacts to the sun: when identifying with the complexions, there are warm, cool & neutral skin tones. It also depends on how you tan. A cool skin tone is prone to sunburns, or your skin gets red when exposed to the sun. If you get a tan easily on exposure to the sun, you have a warm or neutral skin tone.  

Colour of your veins: By your skin tone, turn your wrist and check the colour of the veins. If it’s slightly yellowish or green, you have a warm skin tone. If the veins look purple or blue, then it’s a cool skin tone. If you cannot decide whether it’s green or blue, then you are a neutral skin tone.  

Now that you know your skin tone, let’s get to the fun part – choosing your new hair color! Follow our step-by-step guide and get ready to turn heads with your fabulous new look. 

Your step-by-step guide to choosing new hair colours 

When choosing the new hair colour based on your skin tone, more steps are included, like choosing the right colour for your hair based upon the skin tone and complexion, and most importantly, the new hair colour must suit your personality. If you have a warm skin tone and like to go blonde, it doesn’t work for your tone since the blonde colour only goes well with cool or neutral skin tones.  

Here is a step-by-step guide to choosing the new hair colour that will suit you. 

  1. The length of the hair is vital as only some colours look good on short hair and not that great on lengthy hair locks.  
  1. Decide if you need the new hair colour temporarily or permanently. Permanent hair colour may depend on the seasons, and you may have to change it frequently.   
  1. Choose your style depending on your skin tone, complexion, and personality.  
  1. A wide variety of custom–blended hair colours can cover your greys or highlights to add volume and depth to the hair.   
  1. The new hair colour should enhance your looks. Choose such a colour. If you find it difficult in deciding a new colour, approach a stylist or book a session with us at chilli couture and get your desired hair colour suitable for you.  
  1. Consider your entire wardrobe if you choose unnatural colours like purple, green, or blue, as they may not suit all of your clothing. 
  1. Choosing a single colour on your whole hair may be suitable only with colours like browns, light browns, reds & burgundy. So, choose it wisely. 

These are a few steps to guide you in choosing the new hair colour. 

Hair colours for your skin tone 

A hair colour chart is not a fixed thing. It varies upon each salon or brand.  

Based on the skin tone, you should identify where it falls. It splits as fair, Medium, warm, and deep.  


For the fairer skin tones, we suggest you go with Ash Blonde, Light auburn, which will go well with the skin tone & complement your features.  

Light ash brown and smoky brown are good shades if you want to try brunette. Also, darker shades like dark chocolate and expresso are good-to-go colours for fair skin tones.  


A light beige blonde with a medium skin tone will be advisable to have a natural sun-kissed shade. Or, if you are looking for darker shades instead of lighter ones, Caramel brown shade will be an excellent colour to enrich your features.  

If you want to try something new, Cherry red and Scarlet will be lovely shades for you to explore.  

Finally, if you want something in black, a warmer black shade will help you with the medium undertone.  


If your skin tone is warm or somewhere between warm and deep, a honey blonde shade with highlights will doll up your features, as blonde or lighter blonde shades don’t pull off well.  

Strong natural auburn or darker shades is another good option for a warm skin tone.  

A rich coffee brown shade or a shade between expresso and chocolate will work well for warm skin tones.  


For the deepest & richest skin tone, go with the darkest blonde shades, which may contrast with your skin tone.  

A cool dark brown shade or auburn brown will be a lovely shade to match your skin tone.  

Choosing cool dark colours can help you balance your personality and skin tone.  

Finally, Jet Black will make you stand out if you choose the black hair colour.  

Hair colours for different skin tones  

Hair colours for different skin tones  

There are only four primary & natural colours; Blonde, Red, Brown, and Black.  

Within these four colours are so many shades like Golden, Auburn, Scarlet, Apricot, Copper, etc. There are millions of shades to choose from according to your skin tone.  

There are unnatural or odd colours like Green, Blue, and Purple for which your natural hair needs multiple dyes and then changed to the colour of your wish.  

If your skin tone is naturally warm (green veins on your wrist), your go-to-go shades are Caramel, Honey, Beige, or Vanilla.  

For a cool skin tone (purple or blue veins on your wrist), opt for cool shades like Smoky blonde, Silver, Ash, and Champagne.  

Knowing the right hair colour for your skin tone is simple, but if you’re looking for suggestions from a stylist, book your appointment with us at Chilli Couture, Perth.  


  1. How do I choose my hair colour for my skin tone?  

Finding the right hair colour based on skin tone is simple. Just turn your wrist and look for the colour of your veins. If it’s green, it is a Warm Skin tone; if it’s purple or blue, it’s a cool skin tone. If you cannot decide whether it’s green or blue, then you are a neutral skin tone.  

  1. Which hair colour suits pale skin and brown eyes?  

Hair colours such as light blue ombre, lilac platinum, golden, or ash blonde will go well with pale skin and brown eyes.  

  1. What hair colour looks best with warm undertones? 

If your skin tone is naturally warm (green veins on your wrist) then your go-to-go shades are Caramel, Honey, Beige, or Vanilla. Also, Strong natural auburn or darker auburn shades may suit your warm undertone.