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Silicon Society At The Australian Hair Fashion Awards In WA
Silicon Society At The Australian Hair Fashion Awards In WA

Silicon Society At The Australian Hair Fashion Awards In WA

The extravagant world of hair design is a dimension few of us are lucky enough to inhabit…

That is unless we hang on the coat tails (or pony tails?) of Nakia Stevens, one of the best hairdressers in Perth and part of our team at Chilli Couture, as she flaunts her coiffed creations as a finalist at the eminent Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA) for 2019.

What are the AHFA’s?

In the ultimate nod to the highpoints of hair fashion, the AHFA’s nominate the greatest hair artisans working around Australia. Categories cover state winners, progressive new talents and the coveted Best Australian Hairdresser of the Year Award.

Recognising how intertwined the digital world now is with our industry, new categories like the Digital Influencer of the Year and Hair Transformation Video of the Year have been added. They sit with other existing categories that cover men’s hairdressing, makeup artistry and fashion stylist. And they’re all judged by an acclaimed international judging panel.

What Does It Take to Qualify as an AHFA Finalist?

Take a look at the outrageously creative work from Nakia Stevens and you’ll know a ridiculously innovative  mind is the first pre-requisite. The judges also demand originality. Not only in a hairdresser’s ability but that every creation submitted has not been seen before in the public arena. That’s no social media and no marketing. Not even behind-the-scenes images.

Hair enhancement is the next prerequisite. Hair additions like wigs, extensions and hairpieces are allowed but a stylist must still show believable hair formation and movement. Before shots depicting the model prior to a style must also be submitted.

The Silicon Society Collection

Nakia says her Silicon Society submission revolves around sustainability and the rise of the refined neo-nerd culture.

Extracting inspiration from cult movies like The Fifth Element, The Matrix and Blade Runner, Nakia set about reinventing their futuristic visions via textures and materials sourced from businesses and general waste. Intent on immersing the hair with a modern, creative edge, she then reconstructed the hair, adding colour to soften the dramatic ‘sciencey’ feel and to highlight her well-known Nakia flair.

It’s a trade mark flair that easily sets Nakia up as one of the best hairdressers in Perth, if not the country. Currently residing at Chilli Couture, Nakia brings to her Creative Stylist role the experience of working abroad in London as hairstylist to celebrities, designers and music performers. Throw in four major In-House Collections in WA, being a sought-after voice on trend predictions and above all else her adoration of colour, colour, COLOUR (!) and you have one energetic, pocket-rocket of a hairdresser, in huge demand.

Where To Find the Best Hairdresser in Perth

Nakia is especially proud to work at Chilli Couture, a vegan and organic salon – one of the few salons of its kind in Australia. We’re cruelty-free and fabulous!

With over 60 years of collective hairdressing experience, any style you have your heart set on can be yours, and without damage!

So let’s do it! That next show-stopping hairstyle awaits at Chilli Couture, who many see as the best hairdresser in Perth. Make your booking to see Nakia, or any one of our amazing team today.