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Asking For A Quote From Hair Salons In Perth
Asking For A Quote From Hair Salons In PerthAsking For A Quote From Hair Salons In Perth

Asking For A Quote From Hair Salons In Perth

Quotes from hair salons in Perth

So, you want a quote over the phone for your next hair appointment? Great, happy to provide one, however a phone quote is a bit impossible. Here’s why: we run our fingers through your hair at the beginning of an appointment for a reason – to see what condition it’s in. Only then can we provide the exact service it needs. Quoting sight unseen would be like styling your hair blindfolded. Hairstyles and happiness are what Chilli Couture deal in. It’s why we’re one of the best salons in Perth, so it’s logical to cover the ins and outs with our free consultation.

Hair History

A strand of hair will say a lot about someone but what might not be so obvious to us is what you’ve done to it before. Were you a brunette three months ago and now you’re platinum blonde? Your hair history is vital knowledge to one of our stylists who will treat it much differently if there’s a build-up of colours and treatments in the follicles.

The same goes if you’ve been using a one-box-fits-all boxed dye at home. We won’t judge you if you have but it’s a super strong chemical so if you’re in our chair about to undergo a salon colour, we’ll approach your appointment in a whole new way. Hair history matters.

Hair Type

Usually when someone comes in, they’ve thought a bit about their next look. It’s best to temper that excitement just long enough for us to appraise your hair. Over the phone, this is an impossible task! It may be too weak or dry and cannot withstand the service that you hope for. Bet you we have a Plan B that’s close to the mark though.

You also need to consider the length and thickness of hair and whether the new look you’re after is affordable. Remember, one colour throughout is less labour intensive than highlights/foils on long hair.

Inspiration Photos

Your dream-look photos inspire us as much as you. Talking to you face-to-face about this is super important. We can deliver any look but is it realistic? Can we pull it off in one appointment without damaging your hair? Can you maintain it? We can shed some light and deliver exactly that or, again, tweak the look – but we need to see you first.

No Price Shock

The biggest reason of all for avoiding phone quotes is to sidestep bill shock. Most salons in Perth have seen it and it isn’t pretty. Unless we talk about it first, a colour change you thought could take two hours, instead takes three appointments and you’re ashen faced, dreading the bill.

So ditch the guess work over the phone for a warm Chilli Couture welcome and free no obligation consultation. You’ll see why, as salons in Perth go, we’re adored. It could be our stance on using biodegradable, humane vegan products. It would definitely be because we’re award-winning. So let’s get together and get your next beautiful hair style underway. We’d love to see you today!

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