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5 Quick, Easy, And Presentable Hair Styles for Zoom Calls
5 Quick, Easy, And Presentable Hair Styles for Zoom Calls

5 Quick, Easy, And Presentable Hair Styles for Zoom Calls

Presentable Hair Styles for Zoom Calls

For many people, COVID presented a taste of what it is like to work from home and for others, it’s changed the way they work completely.

At the beginning of the working from home phase, you might have still gone through your usual morning routine to get ready for “a day at the office”. But over time, that commitment to ‘well presented’ hair and makeup every day probably went out the window!

Well, as one of the leading salons in Perth, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to spend extra time and effort preparing for that weekly Zoom meeting – there are a number of quick and easy styles that you can attempt that will leave you feeling professional up top, even if you’re still in your pyjama bottoms.


Our Biggest Tip: Don’t Overthink It

As trusted hair stylists in Perth, our best advice is don’t overthink your hair style; something as simple as a ‘messy bun’ can still help you to feel more presentable during Zoom meetings.

Plus, the more you stress about how your hair looks before the meeting, the more flustered and frustrated you will end up before you have to jump on camera.

Working from home is a great time to let go of trying to hide every flyaway or perfectly straightening every strand of hair.

Here are five of our favourite low-effort looks for Zoom calls.

Style 1: Modern High Bun or Messy Bun

Wearing your hair tied up generally presents a more ‘professional’ look than having your hair out loose, so sweep your hair off your face and twist it up into a high bun for a simple corporate look.

One bonus of this style is that it’s also great for helping to hide grown-out roots from all the prying eyes on your Zoom call.

To achieve the look, use a hair tie or hair donut to wrap your hair up into a bun, with as little or as much volume as you want.

For a sleek bun, make sure to use a smoothing serum and comb to smooth out your hair around the bun.


Style 2: Half-Up, Half Down

This hairstyle is as simple as gathering and securing a large amount of the top layer of your hair into a bun, while letting the rest of your hair sit loose over your shoulders or behind your back.

You can dress up this hairstyle by adding an accessory, such as a scrunchie or a bow, but it really looks great on its own with a simple hair tie.

Style 3: Low Bun

Perhaps the easiest of all the hair styles is the low bun. This hair style still has an air of sophistication about it, even if it only takes five seconds to pull together.

Gather your hair together towards the bottom of your hairline, slightly above the nape of your neck. Use a smoothing serum to tame any fly-aways and slick back the rest of your hair into place.

Using a hair tie, secure your low bun in place and get ready to crush your Zoom meeting.


Style 4: Claw Clip

If you are REALLY running low on time before your Zoom call, a large claw clip and a hair brush might be enough to rescue your hair.

Claw clips provide a super simple, yet stylish solution to getting your hair into a messy bun, French twist or even half-up, half-down look.

You can wear the clip lower in your hair to create a more professional look, or set it higher in your hair to give your hair more oomph.


Style 5: High Ponytail

Think about an Ariana Grande type ponytail – flawless, sleek and super flattering for both the red carpet AND Zoom meetings (talk about versatile huh?).

Wrap your ponytail high on the back of your head, securing it with either a hair tie or a scrunchie.

If you opt for the hair tie, you can make the look more sophisticated by wrapping a small section of hair around the hair tie and securing it with a bobby pin.

The Hair Stylists in Perth With a Difference

Visiting Chilli Couture isn’t like visiting other hair salons in Perth; at our salon, you are treated to one-on-one pampering and services from some of the top hair stylists in Perth.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your hair post-lockdown or try a whole new look completely, our hair stylists will ensure you walk out of the salon feeling IN LOVE with your new look.

Best of all, we are a chemical and cruelty-free salon, so you can rest assured we only use the best products on your hair.

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