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Tape in hair extensions What are they
Tape in hair extensions What are they

Tape in hair extensions: What are they?!

Tape in hair extensions Chilli Couture

When it comes to hair extensions there are a few common requests that hair stylists hear all the time; they must look realistic, feel comfortable, and be easy to maintain. Introducing Tape in hair extensions! This easy method produces impressive looking results, in a truly low-maintenance manner that is easy on your scalp, and straightforward to look after. Where have tape in hair extensions been all our lives…

So what are Tape in hair extensions?

Thanks to their 100% natural application method, with no tools or chemicals required, Tape in hair extensions are quickly becoming the most requested type of hair extensions in hair salons today. Thin strips of clear double-sided tape are used to attach sections of Remy (Asian) human hair in between your own hair. The tape is very flat, flexible, and see-through. With a quick application time and a low-impact result on your existing hair, tape in hair extensions are Perth’s hottest hair trend, and Chilli Couture’s expert stylists are here to help.

What’s the maintenance?

As semi-permanent hair extensions they need a little more maintenance than some other extension types, but the results mean they have a 3-6 month guarantee. Each set of Tape in hair extensions stays in for 4-6 weeks, when they need to be removed and re-taped. Pretty straightforward! Thanks to the 100% Remy human hair used at Chilli Couture, each Tape in hair extension is re-usable for up to two further applications, making them high quality, and long lasting. Note that the time before reapplication varies on how fast the hair grows, and the condition the extensions have been kept in.

What’s the difference between tape in and weft hair extensions?

While Tape in extensions are the perfect semi-permanent option for most, weft hair extensions can provide a more long-lasting result. Weft extensions are attached directly to the hair at one end by being weaved, sewn, or braided into your natural hair, as opposed to being taped or clipped in. Also referred to as weaves, weft hair extensions are a very safe and versatile method to help give volume to fine hair. These work well as a longer lasting option than Tape in extensions.

Should you get Tape in hair extensions?

There are many reasons why Tape in extensions are the best choice for many people, as they are:

  • Very natural looking
  • Low impact on your hair and scalp
  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Temporary and easy to replace

Tape in hair extensions aren’t suitable for some however, so avoid them if you:

  • Have very oily hair
  • Have thick hair
  • Regularly use saunas
  • Swim often
  • Require long-lasting hair extensions

Why Choose Chilli Couture

With tape in hair extensions taking the hair care world by storm, be sure to choose an experienced hair stylist that you can trust. Here at Chilli Couture our highly passionate and extremely talented team of stylists are ready to offer their wealth of experience in tape in hair extensions with you right here in Perth. To book an appointment or to get more information on the range of hair extension services we offer, from tape to wefts, contact us on 9328 8814 or find more contact information here!

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