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Is Organic Hair Colour Worth the Hype
Is Organic Hair Colour Worth the Hype

Is Organic Hair Colour Worth the Hype?

Organic hair colour continues to rise in popularity, as people today look to use fewer chemicals in all aspects of their life, including their hair treatments. When we talk about organic hair colour, we mean a product that is naturally derived, and not created from chemical or other man-made artificial substances.  For decades, hair dyes have been made from harsh chemicals that have harmful effects on the body, but we still use them! By limiting these chemicals, we can limit our exposure and create a safer, healthier way to colour hair.

Regulation of Hair Dyes

Many consumers today expect that if a product is available for purchase, it must have passed testing and been deemed suitable for public purchase. Unfortunately this is not the case with hair dyes. Most hair dyes contain a number of chemicals that are known irritants, but all the manufacturer does is label the box with a warning. Neither the government nor the FDA regulates this industry, leaving customers with the option to purchase strong chemicals for use, with only a printed warning on the box. This should be a red flag about how toxic these chemicals can be, and consumers should be careful not to misuse products to their own harm.

Ingredients of Traditional Hair Dyes

Many of the mainstay ingredients in hair dyes fall into a category where harmful irritant effects are known, but they are not yet proven to be carcinogenic. The Cancer Council of Australia lists hair dyes as an “inferred risk” – meaning conclusive studies have not been carried out on people, but looking at animal studies, there is a high likelihood that hair dye could cause cancer in people.

One of the most widely known ingredients is ammonia. While a natural ingredient, this is a chemical with a harsh odour that causes skin irritation and reactions in many people. Furthermore, both PPD (paraphenylenediamine) and resorcinol are two additional chemicals used in hair dye that are known irritants, causing dermatitis and environmental toxicities.

Organic Hair Colours

Moving away from harsh chemicals, organic hair colours use different natural based ingredients to create long lasting hair colour that works just as well as traditional chemical hair dyes. One of the most widely used ingredients is Cocamide MEA, which is derived from fatty acids in coconut oil. Cocamide MEA replaces ammonia and acts as the pH adjuster, allowing the chemical reaction to take place.

Other natural ingredients are being developed that replace the chemicals we have relied on for so long. By decreasing the amount of chemicals and replacing them with natural organic compounds, we can limit our exposure to the adverse effects, and limit our impact on the environment.

Organic Hair Colour at Chilli Couture

Not all hair dyes are created equal, and packaging can be deceiving. Chilli Couture believes in using only top quality products that meet all our organic standards. We have the experience to be able to differentiate a truly organic product from false advertisers, and have undertaken full research into all the products we use and the companies we support. You can trust Chilli Couture to deliver a truly exceptional salon experience, while meeting the highest organic standards. Contact Chilli Couture salons in Perth for an appointment today.