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Chemical Free Hair Colour – The Facts
Chemical Free Hair Colour – The Facts

Chemical Free Hair Colour – The Facts!

Ammonia-free and chemical-free hair colour is seeing a surge in popularity in the hair salon industry, as people aim to minimise their environmental impact and limit the amount of chemicals used where they can. But when it comes to hair colour, is ammonia-free as good as it sounds?

Why is Ammonia-free Important?

First let us look at the role ammonia plays in hair dye. Ammonia is a natural product that acts as a catalyst in the hair colouring process. In order for the cuticle (the outer most later of the hair) to allow pigment to penetrate into the cortex of the hair shaft, the pH must be raised to a certain point. This is accomplished with the use of ammonia to increase the pH, where the new pigment can replace the existing pigment. The ammonia is then washed thoroughly from the hair to close the cuticle and maintain the new colour.

Despite being a natural product, ammonia causes harmful effects for both the person having their hair dyed and the hair dresser. It is an irritant to skin, causing damage to the scalp and hands, as well as creating harmful irritating fumes that many people react to. By avoiding ammonia in hair dyes, we can limit these adverse effects and still create amazing colour.

Furthermore, another common chemical found in traditional hair dyes is PPD, paraphenylenediamine. This is a toxic product to which many people react, causing dermatitis, reddening, and swelling. Resorcinal is also used as a colouring agent, as is suspected to cause hormonal and immune system imbalances. Additionally, both these chemicals are suspected carcinogens.

Ammonia Alternatives & Results from Organic Hair Colours

The most common alternative to ammonia is Cocamide MEA, which is derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil. This product is less harsh than traditional ammonia, and acts as the pH adjuster in the hair colouring process. This still allows appropriate penetration of the hair cuticle with new pigment to create bold permanent colour change.

The results from organic hair colours are comparable to, if not better than, the results achieved with traditional chemical hair dyes – if they weren’t as good, we wouldn’t use them! We want to assure you that you can get the same brilliant, long lasting colour with organic and vegan hair colours. One of the first differences to notice is the smell – no longer will you be sitting with harsh ammonia fumes. Once the colour is applied, you will notice how clean and fresh your hair feels, and how gentle the treatment was on your scalp. We are happy to watch clients become instant converts to organic hair colour, and once you try it, you will easily understand why so many customers are ditching harsh chemical dyes.

Chemical Free Hair Colour at Chilli Couture

We pride ourselves on creating fresh hairstyles and providing brilliant colour to our clients. Now with the availability of organic and vegan chemical free hair colour, we are able to reach these goals in an environmentally sustainable way, in line with our values. Be sure to always check labels yourself to know what’s in the products you use, and trust Chilli Couture to use only the best products. Be sure to book an appointment today and see the difference for yourself – you will have the high quality styling and colour to have come to expect, and the satisfaction that all the products used are vegan and organic.