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hair colouring perth
hair colouring perth

How to choose the right colour for your hair?

Let your hair colour do the talking! 

You may not have noticed it, but a subtle change in hair colour can often brighten up your appearance and make your skin look healthy and glowing? When it comes to choosing the perfect hair colour, your skin tone plays a major role in figuring out what hue looks best on you. Picking the right shade for your hair can enhance your face and make you look younger. What are you waiting for? Follow our guide to get personalised hair colour that brings out the best in you!   

Here’s How You Can Find The Most Flattering Hair Colour for Yourself! 

Choosing the right hair colour has never been easy. You can count on your professional colourist to help you choose the perfect hair shade for you because finding the ideal match for you is always their top priority. 

To ensure your new colour suits you, your colourist will give you a consultation, taking in certain elements personal to you.   

Your complexion   

Choosing the perfect hair colour begins with assessing your skin tone. The right colour will elevate your complexion and make you look even more radiant, while the wrong colour can dull your appearance.   

Your eyes   

Choosing a contrasting colour can enhance and intensify the colour of your eyes. Using caramel or golden blonde tones can further enhance the colour of your eyes if they are blue. A fiery or soft red tone could be the perfect colour for those with green eyes.   

Personal style   

Identifying the right hair colour based on your complexion and eye colour can lead to selecting the right personal style – and this is where you know best. Do you want to be noticed or blend in? Do you need to be more daring, or does your outfit say enough? Choose a shade that will make you feel confident and able to express your true self.  

How to choose the best hair colour for your skin tone?  

Cool skin undertones tend to look best when they are paired with cool hair colours, and warm undertones tend to look good when they are paired with warm colours. You can enhance your complexion and highlight your features by matching your hair colour to your skin tone.   

However, sometimes picking an opposite tone creates a striking contrast. A light, cool skin tone with freckles looks terrific with warm copper-toned hair. Check out the ways to select a hair colour that suits your skin tone.   

Warm undertone: If your skin has a warm undertone, think hints of orange or yellow, your ideal hair colour will create a healthy, natural-looking flush. Try shades with cool, ashy or reddish tones, such as honey or strawberry blondes, golden copper, beige brown and rich brown.  

Cool undertone: If your skin undertone is cool, meaning you have a lot of pink, blue or red undertones in your complexion, you want your hair colour to help minimise any redness in your skin. Warm or golden hair colour tones look flattering on light skin with cool undertones, so go for golden blondes, warm reds or neutral brunettes that will help counter-balance your pinky skin tone and complement your face.  

Neutral undertone: If your skin’s undertone is neutral, you’ll need to focus more on what looks good on the surface of your skin. Before you reach for the dye, think about your hair’s texture, weight, length, natural colour, and overall health. 

Hair services by Chilli Couture   

Here at Chilli Couture, our hair colours are sourced from the world’s best and cleanest colour ranges to complement our expert colourists. 100% of our hair colours are ammonia-free, PPD free and 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. From Ombre and S’ombre to Foils and Global colours, Platinums, Permanent and Semi-Permanent, we believe you should have the perfect hair colour. Our salon ensures that you have no carcinogenic substances on your skin, no ammonia in your hair, and that you are not harming the environment. 

Colour brands that Chilli Couture offers! 


Are you thinking of going blonde but worried about the potential damage it can do to your hair? Natulique’s permanent ammonia-free hair whitener will give you a lovely blonde, while the organic ingredients will nourish and protect your hair. The Natulique Permanent Colors are made up of 95% natural components that are certified organic. In the professional beauty industry, Natulique products are considered the safest! 


O&M is Australia’s cleanest and best colour range, free of ammonia, PPD, and Resorcinol. All O&M products are designed with the help of professional hairstylists. We understand that to be truly effective, our formulas have to be delivered in the real world, so once created, they are rigorously salon tested to ensure that, while technically advanced, they are also easy to use.  

 Pulp Riot   

Pulp Riot is an innovative hair colour brand that empowers stylists to think of themselves as artists while providing them with superior paint to create their masterpieces.  Pulp Riot products are easy to apply, are extraordinarily vibrant, fade truer to tone, and last longer. They are also vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and free of ammonia, parabens, PPD and MEA.  


Cellophanes is a vegetable protein treatment with pure colour pigment for individuals who enjoy natural hair but want to experiment with tone or who want to improve and extend their existing colour service. 

A little about Chilli Couture  

We are passionate about what we do at Chilli Couture. We are the hairstylists in Perth you’re looking for!  

Are you looking for a new hair colour? Check out Chilli Couture, the best hairdresser in Perth. Our salon has a large selection of colours to pick from, and the best part is our talented hair stylist will assist you in finding the perfect hue for you- why not call us!