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Never let your curls down!  

Do you want to know how to take care of your curly hair type? Are you haunted by questions like where do you start and which product is best for curly hair? If yes, you landed in the right place. Curly hair is the absolute cutest, most adorable hair type. It works for short and long hair and adds a unique flair that will earn some compliments from your friends. People with curly hair have the unique hair days. Every day is a new day for their curls. Curls are bouncy, beautiful, and full of volume when they’re done right, but no matter how cute and fun, you still have to take care of them, especially if you’ve got more than a few curly strands.  

The Do’s and Don’ts for curly hair 

Conventional styling methods can’t always tame curls, so it’s essential to be gentle with them. If you want to pump up your curls and get healthy, shiny locks, you can visit your nearest organic hair salon or follow some do’s and don’ts to keep your curls looking their best.  


                            Do’s                                   Don’ts 
Keep your hair clean Avoid using towel when dry 
Use leave-in hair serum  Avoid using styling tools 
Use heat protection spray Avoid combing it when wet 
Trim your hair once every three months Avoid overdoing your hair 
Moisturise it daily Avoid detangling it when dry 
Use hydrating shampoo Avoid daily shampoo 
Use silk pillowcase to keep your curls defined Avoid using chemical treatment  


Cleansing your hair is the first and most important step in any hair care routine, regardless of hair texture. It keeps your scalp free of dust, excess oil, dead skin cells, and product accumulation. Chilli Couture has the best organic hair treatment to best suit your needs. As an organic hairdresser, Chilli Couture is more committed to serving what is best for its customers without compromising on quality. 

Shampoo that suits curly hair  

Anti-breakage shampoo  

Anti-breakage shampoos are formulated to restore your hair’s pH balance, repair damage, cleanse the hair, and gently create a glossy shine.  

Moisturising shampoo  

One of the leading causes of dry or brittle hair is a lack of moisture in the scalp. If the scalp does not create enough oil to hold in moisture, the outcome is dry, brittle strands, leading to dandruff. The moisturising shampoo helps to strengthen and shine your hair.  

Volumising shampoo  

Volumising shampoo is explicitly designed to give volume to fine, thin hair. They create it from lighter formulas not to weigh your hair down. Even volume shampoos contain keratin protein as an active ingredient that helps strengthen strands from the roots to the ends.  


Conditioner that suits curly hair  

Moisturising conditioner  

The moisturising conditioner contains oils that soften and smooth the hair and is used for moderately dry, curly, or thick hair as these hair types need extra moisture. 

Protein Conditioner  

Protein conditioner contains keratin, the protein that makes up your hair and prevents breakage. It helps thicken fine, straight hair and provides necessary nourishment to dry, wavy, or curly hair.   

Leave-in Conditioner  

Leave-in conditioner detangles strands, smooths out frizz, and keeps it at bay. It works best with curly or oily hair because this type of hair tends to be dry.   


Ingredients to look at if you have curly hair  

With more acceptance of our natural hair texture, the more we discover the best organic and natural hair products, the more defined your curls will be. These days, hair products are infused with hundreds of natural ingredients. These ingredients help in making the hair healthier.   

Here is a list of popular ingredients to make your hair healthy and bouncy for the years to come: 

Shea Butter  

The high fatty acids in shea butter make it an emollient – an oil that forms a layer on top of the hair and significantly locks moisture.  

Vegetable Glycerine  

Vegetable glycerine creates a layer of oil over the hair strand, thus aiding in retaining moisture. To create an even better moisture spritz, combine it with aloe vera juice! 

Jojoba Extract  

The ingredients balance oil production at the scalp and aid overproducing glands that cause oily hair. Besides being non-greasy, jojoba will give your hair a healthy, natural shine.  

Castor Seed Oil  

It makes the scalp clean and ensures that the hair follicles are clear and ready for optimum hair growth. Sometimes, you can apply it to the root to thicken thinning edges. 

Tea Tree Oil  

Tea tree oil is a soothing remedy for a dry scalp with potent antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties.   


If your hair is curly, how often should you wash it?  

We recommend washing your hair every two or three days or you can visit your nearest organic hair salon to get a good hair wash without being too harsh.  

As a sustainable salon, Chilli Couture is committed not just to selecting home hair care products that suit you but are also of the highest quality, clean, and free of chemicals. We have brands ranging from hundred per cent organic and entirely natural to semi-organic.  

Drop by Chilli Couture, Perth’s first organic hair salon, here we can help and guide you through your haircare that will help you determine which hair treatment best suits you.