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For those who love experimenting with trending hair colours, brass tones can be overwhelming—nothing sadder than watching how this gorgeous hair colour turns yellow or brassy. The gorgeous hair goal is to have cool blonde or brunette tones stay exactly how they look when you walk out of the salon. Chilli Couture has perfect tips on fixing brassy hair, so you can keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant for longer! 

What is brassy hair? 

Brassy hair is a common issue for those with lightened blonde hair. When hair lightens, it can sometimes develop yellow or orange tones, which cancel out the bright blonde tones, ashy toners, and white blonde colour. This blog will help you learn how to keep cool as a blonde and prevent your hair colour from turning brassy using silver shampoo and conditioner. Plus, keep reading for some top tips on preventing brassy hair. 

Why does hair turn brassy? 

If you have noticed that your blonde shade has developed a brassy tinge over time, you may wonder why. Here are some possible reasons and how to prevent brassiness:  

  • Your hair might naturally be brassy or warm: Some people are born with warmer hair tones, making it easier for blonde hair to turn brassy over time.  

  • You’re not using the right products: If you’re not using purple shampoo or other products to help keep your blonde hair from turning brassy, it will be more likely to happen.  
  • You’re not protecting your hair from the sun: UV rays can cause your hair to turn brassy, so spending a lot of time in the sun without protection could be the reason.  
  • Prevent your blonde hair from turning brassy: To keep your blonde hair looking its best, use purple shampoo and other products specifically for blondes, and protect your hair from the sun. 

Those who love to spend time at the beach during the summer are most likely to damage their hair since they will be exposed to potentially decolourising chemicals. Chilli Couture suggests protecting your hair with all the best protection to keep brassiness at bay. 

What are the different ways to correct and avoid brassy hair? 

There is no doubt that you’ll want to reduce the brass and return to your original tones. You can avoid brassy blonde hair by using the preventative measures stated below: 

Be strategic with colour usage 

Talk to your colourist about adding highlights and lowlights instead of a single-process, all-over blonde colour to avoid your hair turning brassy. This way, there’s less chance of your whole hair turning brass. Remember having your hair lightened as close to your natural colour as possible reduces the chances of it turning brassy. Chilli Couture experts recommend not lightening your hair more than two shades from your natural colour. So, be thoughtful about your colour choice from the start, and you’ll be more likely to avoid brassy hair. 

Shower with cool water to prevent fading  

While rinsing your hair with cold water is not the most enjoyable experience for most of us, it’s good for your hair in the long run. Turning down the heat preserves your hair colour and helps lock in moisture. Your hair will thank you for it by appearing shinier and healthier every day. 

Protect your hair from chlorine  

Chlorine is your worst enemy thus considered bad for your hair. The chemical present in chlorine water can strip away natural oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle. The more damaged the hair, the more likely it is to turn brassy. Once you’re done swimming, wash your hair with clean water, followed by shampoo and conditioning immediately afterwards.  

Try sheer glaze 

If you have just coloured your blonde hair, ask your stylist to use a sheer glaze to lock in the colour and prevent fading. Doing so can seal in your colour for an extra four to six weeks. 

Avoid direct sunlight  

The sun tends to dry out hair, as well as fade its colour. In addition, being exposed to UV rays accelerates the oxidation process of your newly coloured hair. When hair is oxygenated and exposed to ultraviolet light, the warmth of the colour is revealed and causes brassiness. If you can’t prevent staying out in the sun, try wearing a hat or UV-protective hair spray to avoid brassiness. 

Use a color-correcting purple shampoo  

Yellow and violet are opposite on the colour wheel, so purple is used to cancel out overly warm, brassy tones. Invest in purple shampoo to crush brassy tones and achieve a cooler, brighter blonde. 

If you are looking for the best salon in Perth for keeping your hair healthy and vibrant, look no further than Chilli Couture. Our professional hair colourist can help prevent brassy hair for brunettes, blondes, and hair of any shade. We provide the highest quality hair care services to keep your locks looking their best.  

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