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8 Hairstyles to Turn Heads this New Year’s Eve

Want to give the New Year’s Eve look you’re envisioning for yourself that extra wow factor? Rock one of these DIY, easy-to-achieve hairstyles and your look will go from an 8 to a 10. These will all hold through the night, and into the morning too.


Slicked Back

Fabienne 7Sleek and sexy, this bold hairstyle screams confidence adds immediate sophistication by pulling your hair away from your face. To achieve this look, before blow drying, spray your hair with a texture spray. Blow dry your hair upwards at the roots and crown of the head with a small bristled brush. Then blow dry the sides of your hair in a backwards motion. With bobby pins, pin back the sides of your hair, making sure to not to flatten the top. To create volume, brush your hair backwards at the front hairline and crown; smooth with a fine-tooth comb and add a texture paste with your fingers to achieve the desired height. Apply a strong-hold hairspray and complete this look with a low-cut, wide-leg jumpsuit and stilettos.




Nakia 5Perfect for a beachside new year’s and paired with a floral maxi and jewelled thongs, this carefree, natural look can be achieved with saltwater spray – which instantly adds more texture and ‘hold’ to your hair. Next, tease your hair – moving the brush downwards towards the scalp; a great way to gain extra volume. Keen to rock the pink hair-look with this style for one night only? Try hair chalk – colour without the commitment!






Loose Chignon/Twisted Bun

Rachel Hall 5A sophisticated-chic hairstyle that can be mastered with shoulder-length-to-long hair. Perfect teamed with a classy outfit and some statement-making earrings for a more formal evening.  To achieve this look, divide your hair into two equal sections; wind the two sections together into a thick twist and then roll up the twist into a doughnut shape at the back of your neck. Use bobby pins to pin up the top, bottom and both sides of the twist. For a thicker bun, pull the style gently and tease your hair slightly.





Half-Up with Loose Curls

Shannon 5A real party hairdo achieved with a curling iron. The curls will hold with a good dose of hairspray. A great way to complement balayage or ombré hair colour. Work it with a fun party dress or playsuit with a splash colour.







Voluminous Curls

unnamed (1)


Achieve this glam look with old-school hot rollers – unlike your curling iron, these will give you curls that LAST all NYE. Complement your curls with a bold-coloured outfit or something with sparkle, plus stilettos.








jess 1AKA a long bob, this is your universally flattering style because it beautifully frames any-shaped face. Low-maintenance too – all you need to do is run a straightening iron through your lob; for a glossy finish, apply a shine serum and you’re good to go! The lob and the little black dress are made for each other – a simple yet sophisticated look all-round. For a temporary festive pop of colour on your locks, try hair chalk.






Waves with Oomph

Tom 4Simply wrap your hair around a 1-inch curling wand for voluminous waves. To tame fly away/frizzy hair, spray a makeup brush with hair spray and then brush fly away hairs with the makeup brush for a smoothing effect. Team this feminine hairdo with a flowy dress or a plunging neckline.







Textured Cut

Rachel Hall 3A small curling iron will help you achieve these textured waves, finished with a dry texture spray – it’s worth keeping a small bottle of this in your handbag for any touch-ups needed over the course of the evening. Take this rocker look to the next level and pair with a dark coloured outfit, perhaps throw in some dark denim and of course, some bling – statement diamond earrings would work a treat.






Try These Hairstyles at Home or Find a Hair Stylist in Perth

For some extra guidance when re-creating these looks at home, check out our hair styling videos – or if you’d prefer your NYE hair to be in the hands of an expert, come into Chilli Couture and we can recreate the look for you!

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How to Prepare for Your Hair Appointment

hair-salon-perthWant the best results from your hair appointment? Preparation is key. Here’s what you should – and shouldn’t – be doing prior to, and at your hair appointment.

First Time at a Salon?

Best to come in for a consult prior to your appointment. It will only take 10 minutes, and will give you and your stylist or colourist the chance to chat about what you want and need, as well as what will work best for you. It will also mean adequate time is scheduled for your appointment, as the size of the job can be properly determined.

To Wash or Not to Wash Before a Colour Service?

Pro-tip: wash and condition your hair a day or two before. This will ensure the hair is clean enough and manageable, while allowing for a slight build-up of natural oils for extra scalp and skin protection during colour application. However, for on scalp bleach application we prefer you go as long as possible without washing your hair.

Find Inspiration

Just saying you “need a change”, or providing a vague description doesn’t point the hairdresser in much of a direction. Do some research and arrive with some pictures to help them better understand what you envision. But take note: look for hairstyles and colours that you think will suit your style and that you reckon you could naturally pull off well – not celeb girl crushes rocking awesome hair that isn’t you.

Think Long-Term

Inspiration is great but you need to be realistic. Take going from black to blonde hair, or the other way round: for a fabulous result, it can’t just happen overnight and will have to be a gradual transition with the help of your colourist. Tempted to cut a lot of length off? It might be worth not going the full distance in one appointment – why not reduce the length over the course of several appointments? This will help you transition or adjust into your new look – and also prevent tears and regrets! However, if you do want a big chop, definitely go to a salon that collects hair for donations to charities – you can rest well knowing someone in need will love your discarded locks!

Be Honest About Your Hair History

Embarrassed about how old the colour in your hair is, or how long it’s been since you last had a haircut? Don’t be. And it’s not worth white lying about it either. Hairdressers need to know your hair history as this can affect the results of your hair appointment. For example hair can be four to five years old in some areas (really!), and so you might have an underlying build-up of colours and chemicals; if your colourist doesn’t know how old the colour really is in your hair, they can’t deliver the best possible results with your colour.

Show Up On Time

Stick to your allocated slot – being late will affect the rest of the appointments in the day and may deter other clients from returning to the salon in the future. If you are too late, you may even end up being turned away, which is disappointing to both you and your hair stylist!

Get Feedback Fit

Be prepared to take on honest feedback from your hairdresser. They know hair, they only want what will look and work best for you! Remember that a hairstyle that works for someone else might not work for you (and vice versa).

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