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Chilli Couture Commercial Shoot!

What a huge but fun day the 20th of February was doing the Chilli Couture Commercial Shoot!!!

The Chilli family Rachel Walker, Tom Jarvis,
Nakia Stevens, Rachel Hall and our Chilli Babies
Grace and Charlie spent the day creating some beautiful hair for our Commercial Shoot.
We will use these shots for marketing and advertising purposes,

so it was just a day of no pressure, no stress and loving what they do…creating stunning hair with clean beautiful make up and styling.

As always our models were prepped using only 100% vegan products and colours that contain no PPD, Amonia or Resorcinol. Can’t have healthier hair than that!
Our amazing make up artist for the day was Tracey Kaye…seriously talented! A huge thanks to her for working non stop to make our models even more flawless and enhancing their natural beauty.

These hot styles are trending big time this winter so if you are are a new look anytime soon, give us a call to book a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists.
Here is the link for Tracey Kaye Makeup Artist.