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Mr Smith Mousse is on the shelves!



Yaaaay!!!! After a few delivery delays due to flooding (!?) we finally have our mitts on this luscious product. From the mouth of our Chilli Stylist Rachel Hall, who has been using it A LOT in the last week.

“The Mr Smith Mousse is a lightweight product that is perfect for 90% of hair types. I go to Mr Smith Mousse when I require volume, movement and slight texture in my blow dries.  The product spreads evenly and dries into hair perfectly without  leaving any signs of stiffness or residue. With slight fruity notes the mousse is refreshing and allows hair to keep its shape days after styling. A great product for in salon and for clients to use at home.”


Retailing at $37.00
Peta Certified Vegan
Sulfate & Paraben Free
Designed, Developed & Made in Australia by Mr Smith

AHFA Awards

Well sadly we missed out this year…I am seriously surprised as the collection the stylists put together for the AHFA (Australian Hair Fashion Awards) was AMAZING!!

This collection is called Club Kids Collection and inspired by the nightclub scene of New York City in the late 80’s and early 90’s and in particular “the club kids”

This collection reflects the outrageous colours, textures and costumes of the 80’s club scene, where hair was loud and proud. Colours were vibrant and everything had a sense of attitude.

Hair Team
Rachel Walker
Tom Jarvis
Nakia Stevens
Rachel Hall
Grace Neal
Jordan Punter
Charlie Gibbons

Make Up
Hendra Widjija

Sav Anna

Rachel Walker

Here are the final pics of the entry we submitted, for those of you who aren’t on Facebook or Instagram.

AHFA Awards Chilli Couture  Photo Entry - Late 80's curl hairstyle AHFA Awards Chilli Couture  Photo Entry - Loud and proud hair styles 80's AHFA Awards Chilli Couture  Photo Entry - 80's club scene pink to blue ombre textured hairstyle AHFA Awards Chilli Couture  Photo Entry - Voluminous Small Curls Hairstyle Perth AHFA Awards Chilli Couture  Photo Entry - Purple to Yellow Big Curls Up Do



AHFA Awards Chilli Couture  Photo Entry - Vibrant Yellow Colored with a touch of Red in front Short Hair  Style