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Chilli Couture’s December Giveaway!

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Congratulations to Leah Deards who is the winner of last months giveaway! Leah will be receiving a 100ml bottle of Kevin Murphys Shimmer Shine valued at $42.95. Perfect for the party season!

This month of December, Chilli Couture is giving away The Foundation from Mr Smith! This hair styling product creates volume and body while giving flexible hold and natural movement. Also great to scrunch in and let dry naturally for you curly hair people. Valued at $35.00 for this beauty I think my question should be much harder than it is!

This months question is:

What fell down the stairs?

Good luck!

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Chilli Christmas Party!!



A Peek As to How Hairdressers in Perth Party

Sunday the 4th of December was party time! Meeting at the salon at 11am for a quick pre-party champers we got picked up by All Ways Perth Party bus hire (we can highly recommend Lionel from this company-he was awesome!)

First, heading off to Caversham House for a delicious lunch. Must say beautiful food, faultless service and a beautiful setting.

Then off to some wineries, Old Youngs vodka distillery and Feral Brewery. Not to mention the heap of fun & dancing we had on the bus!

As always it was then decided the best idea would be to head back to Chilli Couture Hair Salon owner house, at Rachel’s, to carry on (which involves playing dress ups from her wardrobe)…as per usual đŸ™‚

And yes, most of us felt a little sorry for ourselves the following day.



Happy New Year from Chilli Couture Hair Salon!

Can you believe another year has gone already?

Well bring on a fantastic 2017 I say! The Chilli Couture family are ready and waiting with their talented hands to give you some awesome hair this year đŸ™‚

If you have any special events planned in the first six months make sure you get your hair appointment organised! Our Saturdays are usually booked out a few weeks in advance and if you want your favourite hair stylist to look after you it’s best to plan ahead!

The Chilli family hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and thank you all for being the best clients in Perth!

We wish you a happy, prosperous and blessed 2017!