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Explaining how to strip hair colour can be easier to understand the colour pattern. 

Colouring your hair can sometimes be a nightmare. This can be particularly true if you have gone from dark hair colour to lighter hair colour. You will find that you must quickly recolour your hair. If you leave your hair too long and the colour starts to fade, you will end up with a mess. Here is a blog to help you safely remove the colour from your hair. 

Stripping vs bleaching  

There are two main ways to lighten the colour of your hair – stripping and bleaching. Bleaching uses harsh chemicals, like hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, to break down the melanin in your hair, giving it its colour. Without melanin, your hair would be a whitish-yellow colour.   

Stripping breaks apart the bonds between hair dye and the melanin in your hair. Stripping doesn’t lighten your natural hair colour; it only lightens your hair dye. If you bleach your hair before dying it, you won’t be able to regain your natural hair colour. 

How does natural hair dye removal work? 

When you change your hair colour, you expand your hair strand to make room for the dye molecules. Ammonia or ethanolamine in hair dye expands the hair cuticle and attaches pigment to the strand.  

Hair colour remover breaks the molecular links that hold the hair colour in place. Once the bonds are dissolved, the dye is solubilised in water and rinsed out. 

Hair dyes can be:  

  • Temporary  

  • Permanent  

  • Semi-permanent  


How to remove temporary hair dye?  

If you’re unhappy with your current hair colour, there are a few ways to lighten it. One option is to wash your hair with a shampoo with more sulphates. Another way to remove unwanted hair dye is to wash your hair three times a week with lukewarm water. Keep in mind that wet hair often looks darker than it actually is, so take it slow to avoid unwanted hues. 

How to remove permanent hair dye?  

A permanent colour requires lifting the hair cuticle and putting in a new pigment instead of replacing the existing one. Luckily, colour removers are designed to break the bonds between the permanent colour molecules. The removers allow you to wash the artificial dye from your hair, but they cannot restore your natural/previous shade.  

How to remove semi-permanent hair dye?  

If you’ve used a semi-permanent and it’s not as good as you’d like it to be, don’t worry – you can fix the problem. Just wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo designed to remove heavy build-up. As soon as you realise your mistake, wash the hair dye out as quickly as possible. I hate to say it, but the chances are that the product will strip no more than 70% of the colour.  

Methods to avoid stripping hair dye  

If you’re looking to fade your hair colour without making it to the salon, you might consider using a bleach product like hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. Although this method may work to some extent, many hair professionals advise avoiding bleaching your hair at home because of the potential risks involved. Bleach is known to make your hair brittle, dry and prone to breakage – especially if you leave it in for too long. Also, bleaching your hair will lighten your natural pigment and the hair dye, so it’s best to consult a professional before taking this step.  

Stripping hair colour with Chilli Couture 

If you’re looking to get rid of hair colour, the best way is to seek a Chilli Couture hair colourist. Our hairdresser uses bleach or sulfur-based hair-stripping products to lighten your hair so it can be re-dyed. We also assess your hair health and recommend the best treatment.  

However, if you’ve already bleached your hair or used a dye containing a bleaching agent, it won’t be possible to regain your natural hair colour. In cases like this, the best and safest way is to come to Chilli Couture, where we’ll work with you to determine the best way to restyle your hair and make it look fabulous.