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Style Your Hair App available on Android
Style Your Hair App available on Android

Style Your Hair App available on Android

Android App available to download TODAY!!!  Apple apps are just around the corner.

Style Your Hair App

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Learn how to Style Your Hair at home with over 40 videos made by professionals.

Style Your Hair is the ultimate hair teacher app created for you to learn how to style your hair at home. With both contemporary and classic styles, and lots of tips and secret techniques Style Your Hair is the app you’ve been waiting for! Style Your Hair videos are professionally produced with clear and concise instructions and each clip is between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long, covering categories such as:

– Short Hair Ideas
– Medium Hair Ideas
– Long Hair Ideas
– Curly & Afro Hair Styling
– Quick and Easy Up Styles including Bun and Ponytails
– Hair Extension Styling
– Menâ’s Styling
– Blow Drying Techniques
– Thermal styling

With over 40 videos included in the this version for a once off price, Style Your Hair is continually adding new videos to you collection for no extra charge, to keep you current and ahead of fashion! There is even a suggestions submission form if we don’t yet have the style you’re looking for!