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At the end of the day, our hair is keratinised protein, and it is bound to wear out in time. So, for healthy growth, we often hear our hairstylists to cut your hair every six to eight weeks, which might change depending on your hair length and texture.  

Let’s be real; the urge to get a good haircut and discover a new version of you is unparalleled. Getting a good haircut can impact how you feel about yourself, not only on the outside but also on the inside. 

A good haircut once in a while locks your happiness for a long time 

A new haircut or style by Perth hairdresser can any day give you complete transformation.  

It not only gives you joy but a good hair treatment also leaves you with healthy, and attractive hair. 

Just a gentle reminder: When life doesn’t let you change things around you, get the haircut you have been longing for. And here’s why:  

  • Get that Rapunzel hair. 

Here’s a fact: long and healthy hair does not grow overnight. But what’s the perfect ingredient for long and healthy hair? Patience and proper hair care routine.  

  • Damaged hair isn’t your friend. 

A haircut is the most efficient way to restore the health & shine of your hair after all.  

  • Healthy hair is a thing. 

Next time you crave a thicker, longer, glossier appearance, know it’s time to visit your favourite organic hairdresser at Chilli Couture 

  • Managing your hair isn’t a part of your to-do list. 

Stressing and searching for ways to manage hair over the internet or healthy and manageable hair. What would you pick?  

  • Slay the trend. 

We got it! You must be feeling out of this world after a new haircut. But what about your hair after a few months? Here’s a trick— have a haircut at regular intervals to keep your look fresh, add volume, and so much more!  

Well, it depends on the type, length, and texture of your hair and how often you cut it.  

However, it becomes even more difficult to manage in the case of damaged hair, and if you haven’t been taking proper care, no hair treatment can cure it. 

It sure is tempting, especially when they shower all the compliments upon you or when your good hair days make you want to sing happy songs. But how often should you cut your hair to maintain healthy and nourished hair? 

Usually, short hair typically loses its individuality rather quickly, and regular trims every month or two will help keep things looking sharp. If you have medium-length hair, you can put off a trim for a little longer. You can get your hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks if you want to keep it the same length. But if you want it to grow longer, you can go for a trim every 8 to 12 weeks. Though long hair might appear thinner and break more easily, make sure you know when it’s time for a trim. However, 3 to 6 months will be ideal for you! 

Like Rome was not built in a day, a hair disaster is never an overnight occurrence unless you end up cutting your own bangs in the middle of the night!  

Need some signs to go for that haircut? Here are some:  

  • Split ends develop when your hair’s tips become dry or frizzy. And once your hair has split ends, it cannot be repaired; time to trim it! 
  • All these Instagram filters and celebs may have convinced you to get the hair colour to try a different look. But if you are someone who frequently colours your hair, a haircut at regular intervals can be your saviour!  
  • Sure, the same hair texture can be boring at times. And straightening and curling tools could be the light at the end of the tunnel. However, the extreme heat from time to time is causing more damage to your hair than you realise. As a result, regular haircuts will help you control the problem and maintain the health of your hair. 
  • Love your fancy haircut? Make sure you go for regular trims! The beauty of fancy cuts is that they completely revamp the appearance of your face, but they are also difficult to maintain.  

Sticking to your hair care routine is the best way to keep your hairstyle looking fresh and new. Also, Chilli Couture‘s hair care products can definitely be your best friend.  

A little about Chilli Couture 

As they say, “life’s too short for having a boring haircut” Chilli Couture, one of the best sustainable salons, believes a good hairstyle to slay every day is everything!  

The organic hair salon of Chilli Couture is home to Perth’s greatest award-winning stylists and haircutters, providing a luxurious hairstyle experience.  

From an Art Director with more than 15 years of expertise in all parts of salon work, a Creative Stylist who excels within their field, to a Stylist who has completed their formal training, our organic hair salon has highly qualified and experienced professional stylists. We have you covered every time you decide it’s time to bring in some change and heaps of sass!