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When it comes to your hair, trial and error is not an option. Your hair is the crown you wear every day.  

We understand the appeal of doing it yourself. There’s a thrill in learning a new skill, but when it comes to your hair, think twice. It might seem like an option to skip the salon to save a couple of bucks on hair dye, but why risk unnecessary hair loss, long-term damage and botched colour? Investing in one of the best Perth hairstylists will get you the safest route to perfect hair.  

Expectations vs Reality!   

When looking at hair colour inspiration photos, it’s important to remember that brighter or unnatural hair colour ideas will require hair colour blonde beforehand to achieve the desired look.  

A few questions to ask:  

  • Does the hair look real? It could be a wig or extension if it’s too perfect or straight.  
  • Are there any signs of Photoshopping? (e.g., look for pieces they’ve forgotten to Photoshop, usually around the hairline, her reflection in the mirror shows brown hair). The colours are more difficult to discern when they are amplified. You can easily do this on your Phone by going to the edit button and increasing the brightness, followed by increasing the colour saturation…try it out yourself!  
  • Is the person a model? It’s unusual for models to have pastel hair. It is not commercially viable for models, especially in mainstream campaigns. Most modelling agencies forbid their models from dyeing their hair bright colours.  

Some of these questions seem obvious, but sometimes it’s helpful to think about them to help narrow things down a bit! 


At Chilli Couture, we understand that before transforming your natural hair colours, it is important for our hairdressers and stylists to do tests to ensure they’ll get the desired result their client wants. Hair elasticity and skin tests are done to prevent allergic reactions and ensure that the colour will not damage the hair.  

We strive to give perfection and success to our clients and will never compromise the hair’s integrity.  

We understand that everyone’s hair is unique, so we offer a colour consultation with a stylist of our client’s choice. This will allow them to discuss their colour desires and possibilities with the stylist so that we can choose a bespoke colour technique for that client. We also offer colour alternatives to get close to clients’ needs and expectations, fitting in with their everyday lifestyle and budget.   

Looking for a change? Come to Chilli Couture Perth and explore our wide range of hair colour options! Our talented hairdressers will work with you to find the perfect shade and create a stunning new look that you’ll love.