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The Chilli Hair Challenge
The Chilli Hair Challenge

The Chilli Hair Challenge

Chilli Hair Challenege

So the gals of the Chilli Couture family (no boys allowed) decided to start the Chilli Hair Challenge or #chillihairchallenge. This experiment  involved seeing who can go the longest with out washing their hair. Ewwww I hear you say? Well it was either going to be innovative with lots of new hair styling techniques invented or just a plain hair disaster!


  • No washing of hair
  • Must look presentable
  • No hats
Tom and Charlie weren’t invited to partake simply because they have short hair and they could’ve either cheated or won. Hallsy denied the invitation all together because she “frequents the beach too much”.
Jordan, Grace and yours truly caved (9 days was my limit!)
Nakia lasted a little longer by going a whopping 12 days-but the final straw was when her little boy vomited in her hair (excuses!)
Going the strongest was boss lady Rachel Walker and our other receptionist Bex…the battle was on!
Rachel caved on day 17 as she was meeting the new boyfriend’s family. (eeeeeeeek!!!)
Soooo it could have been the dark horse Bex taking out the prize…oh wait there was no prize!?
Did you know the hair actually starts to self cleanse after 10 days?! Crazy right! The point of doing this whole challenge was to prove to our clients that its not necessary to wash your hair every day and by doing that it can actually make it oilier!
So keep the Chilli Hair Challenge in mind next time you reach for that hair shampoo bottle and remember: Your scalp and sebaceous glands can be trained!


Bex tricked Rachel and said she was going to wash her hair on the evening of Thursday the 30th, but did not!

So Bex has WON!!!