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Are you tired of the way your hair looks? If you are wondering how to improve your hair, welcome to the world of chemical-free shampoo! Now that you’re ready for your beautiful hair, let’s understand that chemical products used for hair care are extremely harmful and may link to cases like balding, skin rashes and damage to the scalp. No matter your hair type, Chilli Couture believes every hair type deserves proper care and treatment. By choosing an organic hair salon for your hair, you will choose healthy and shiny hair for life.  


Organic hair products 

If you care about your hair, you’ve probably read or been told to avoid using chemical hair products. Some of the most well-known hair products today are organic, which means that they don’t include any harmful chemicals.  

But what does that mean for your hair?  

Organic hair products are great for your hair. Do you know why? Because they contain all-natural ingredients that are good for your hair, skin, and the environment. Your hair will feel healthier and look shinier after just one use. Many people get organic and vegan items mixed up. While they both provide similar advantages, the vegan shows the formula contains no animal-derived substances such as dairy, eggs, or honey. Animal products may still be present in organic hair products, but only from organic sources. So, be careful while switching to organic hair products. 

Reason to switch to chemical-free products 

When we are ditching our favourite hair product and choosing chemical-free products for our hair, we search across billion web pages to know if it is worth our time. However, once you’ve made the switch, you might wish you’d done it sooner.  

 Eco friendly 

Organic beauty products are free of toxic chemicals, making them safer for the environment and everyone creating them. These products are likely to contain components free of parabens and sulphates, resulting in healthy-looking skin and hair. Just know, you’re switching from your regular products, most likely synthetic, to organic ones with numerous advantages. 

Healthy and glowing skin. 

Simply putting products on your face or hair will not assist you in achieving your desired skincare or haircare objective. It is recommended to avoid harsh skin treatments and creams and drop your nearby organic hair salon to get the desired healthy skin. After all, the best beauty care is a healthy lifestyle! 

Pocket friendly 

Let’s take a step back and understand what most people believe. It is a common belief that anything labelled “clean” or “natural” must be more expensive. Of course, products containing natural ingredients are good for your skin and hair in the long run. It will help you get the desired result without compromising the quality. The chemical-free product is better for the environment; it can also improve the appearance of your hair. 

Animal testing is avoided. 

Animal testing has long been a delicate matter in the cosmetics industry. It is common for the most dangerous substances and compounds to be tested on animals before being sold to people. Even though the clean beauty movement has brought about significant changes in the beauty business and consumer purchasing behaviour, today, we see new brands that are “vegan-certified” and “cruelty-free.” 


Benefits of using organic products 

By choosing an organic hair product, you make sure you are using the proper hair treatment. Including natural hair products in your daily routine will make your hair shine and be the best version. 

Here are a few benefits that might help you to manage your daily hair concern:  

  • It naturally strengthens your hair without causing further harm.
  • It naturally smooths your frizzy and dry hair using any harsh chemical.
  • It aids in hair treatment like dryness, dandruff, and other common problems.
  • It naturally soothes irritated scalps. Particularly in children who are particularly vulnerable to toxins.
  • It naturally helps your hair grow healthier and stronger without using any chemicals that might cause thin or brittle hair.
  • Organic shampoo is free from artificial colours or scents, so there is no chance of allergies.


Ingredients that should be avoided in hair products 

You may not know that shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatments contain several harmful ingredients which are not suitable for your hair and skin. Here are the few listed ingredients you might notice when you drive to the store to buy the chemical product for your hair, and then you realise an organic hairdresser is best for you and the environment.  

Here are the few ingredients that might cause damage to your hair in the long run: 

  1. Quaternium-15: This chemical is another quaternary ammonium salt used as a surfactant and preservative in personal care products. It functions as a formaldehyde releaser and is unquestionably hazardous. We should avoid Formaldehyde at any cost as it is highly carcinogenic.  
  2. Behentrimonium Chloride: It is an ammonium salt utilised as a preservative and surfactant. It is a hazardous chemical, with 0.1 per cent and higher concentrations causing eye injury. Did you know that it irritates the skin and causes it to swell? 
  3. Dimethicone: It is a silicone oil that can irritate and dry up the scalp and skin. It generates a nearly plastic-like barrier outside the skin, trapping bacteria, sebum, and pollutants. It is also an eye irritant, non-biodegradable, and extremely harmful to the environment. 
  4. Retinal Palmitate: A type of vitamin A, retinal palmitate, might stimulate the development of skin tumours and lesions, making it a potential carcinogen. It is hazardous to the reproductive system as well as the organ systems. 
  5. Phenoxyethanol. It is harmful to the organ systems and irritates the skin, eyes, and lungs. In severe circumstances, Phenoxyethanol can cause central nervous system shutdown, vomiting, and contact dermatitis. 
  6. Polysorbates: This method dissolves fragrances or other oil additives. Conditioners frequently contain this ingredient. It leaves a residue on the skin and scalp, changes the skin’s natural pH, and degrades our skin’s and scalp’s natural protective barrier. Polysorbate-80 is the worst of the lot, but avoid them all. 
  7. Triclosan: It builds up in our fat cells and causes toxicity in our bodies. It also causes skin, eye, lung irritation, endocrine disruption, and organ system damage. 
  8. Cocamidopropyl Betaine: It is a foaming agent that irritates your skin, hair and allergic contact dermatitis. Even though the government considers it safe, many people have unfavourable reactions. 


Why Chilli Couture? 

As a sustainable salon, Chilli Couture is committed to not just selecting home hair care products that suit you but are also of the highest quality, clean, and free of chemicals. We have brands ranging from 100 per cent organic and entirely natural to semi-organic. Our products are free of parabens and sulphates and are vegan. Drop by Chilli Couture and experience Perth’s Best Salon’s Pure Hair Indulgence. 

Don’t wait for that one day to start; take a step today. Your hair deserves it.