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Healthy hair with soft water


Have you ever noticed a difference in your hair when you go on a vacation? Besides factors like humidity and altitude, another very important factor playing a role in your hair’s texture is water. Many people are unaware that the water they use for washing and bathing affects their skin and hair. Even though hard… Continue reading Healthy hair with soft water

Are hair extensions noticeable?


Secret to beautiful long thick hair!   In today’s fashion, hair extensions are one of the most useful styling tools. Anyone, from ordinary people to celebrities, can use extensions to upgrade their look easily and with little effort. Extensions are the best way to get your desired look, whether you are looking for something colourful, length,… Continue reading Are hair extensions noticeable?

How to spot an organic hair salon?


An organic hair salon is one of the most sought out places in today’s world due to the overwhelming amount of chemicals used in hair products in general. It’s no secret that most women prefer to have their hair done at an organic hair salon because they know that their natural, organic and holistic approach… Continue reading How to spot an organic hair salon?