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Frizzy hair is every girl’s problem. Whatever you try out, frizz never leaves your side. Maybe it’s the wind or the humidity; your stylish hair updo gets ruined in minutes for this. Some anti-frizz treatments and home remedies can smoothen the frizz in your hair, but visiting a hair expert at salons like Chilli Couture is advisable for professional results.  

Here is a compiled list of tried and tested hacks from hair stylists, beauticians and even trichologists to tame your dry, frizzy mane for a silky and lush look. 

What is frizz-free hair? 

Well, frizz-free hair is every girl’s dream, unlike some beauty queens. But by definition, frizz is not particular to curly hair or afro-textured hair. Even straight hair can be frizzy too. Hence, smooth and healthy-looking hair with no dryness and flyaways can be considered frizz-free. 

What exactly causes the frizz? 

Lack of moisture in the hair can cause frizz. That is why dry hair seeks moisture from the air around it, which makes humidity the worst enemy of dry, frizzy hair. A variety of factors, in addition to the environment, can leave your hair more prone to frizz. Some of the elements are listed below: 

1.Washing your hair with hot water
2.Using shampoo daily
3.Frequent use of hair styling tools
4.Not getting regular trims
5.Rubbing your hair with coarse towels
6.Not getting enough oil massages
7.Humidity and wind are also responsible

All these above reasons can hamper the overall health of your hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. 

What is your type? 

Even frizzy hair has categories that are listed below: 

  1. Surface frizz: Your hair’s exterior develops surface frizz, which appears as static surrounding your hair. 
  1. Halo frizz: Halo frizz appears on the top section of your hair and often seems like a crown made of hair strands. 
  1. Frizz at the ends: This kind of frizz appears like a split end, making your hair brittle and dull.  
  1. Pouffe ball frizz: In this case, the frizz appears throughout the hair and mimics the appearance of a pouffe ball. Hence, the name. 

Do you want to get rid of frizzy hair? 

Here comes the most awaited part, i.e., getting rid of frizzy hair. Removing frizz from your hair is impossible as it depends on various factors. But following some tips and tricks can help you manage your curly mane. So, here are 15 ways to get rid of your dry, frizzy hair with anti-frizz treatments and home remedies: 

  • Applying argan oil on dry or damp hair can help in frizz reduction. 
  • A homemade hair mask with coconut oil and aloe vera gel is also beneficial. 
  • Almond oil and egg masks can also help to reduce frizz 
  • Reduce the usage of hair styling tools 
  • Wash your hair after every 3 or 4 days with a gentle shampoo and use a clarifying shampoo once a week 
  • Use silk or satin pillowcases to reduce friction while sleeping 
  • Use sulphate-free shampoos and ones with glycerin 
  • Apply a hydrating hair mask once a week 
  • Keratin treatments at the salon work like magic too 
  • To tame your flyaways after shampoo, use a hair mousse 
  • Always apply hair serum during styling 
  • Dry your wet hair with a bamboo cotton towel or microfiber towel 
  • Trim your edges frequently in two to four weeks to eliminate frizz and split ends. 
  • After shampooing, use conditioner in the length of your hair for frizz control 
  • Instead of a regular hair dryer, use a diffuser 
  • Use leave-in conditioners and anti-humidity sprays to keep your hair frizz-free for longer. 

Girl, we’ve got you! 

If following the tips mentioned above does not improve your hair texture, visiting a hair salon is the best option. Salons like Chilli Couture, a reputed hair salon in Perth, offer a variety of hair spas depending on the type and texture of your hair. They have a team of highly trained professionals who provide all these services with utmost care to their customers. Hence, if you are facing any issues with your hair, Chilli Couture is happy to help you all the time. Bye! Bye! Bad hair days. 

Lastly, a piece of advice, take care of your hair and be gentle with it. Whether your hair type is curly, straight, tightly curled, etc., follow the tips mentioned above and get hair spas from Chilli Couture to maintain frizz-free hair always.