A specific treatment for straightening and volume reduction of curly and frizzy hair. The Evolution Pro Treatment is part of a method (patented worldwide) which can leave hair straight, soft and shiny- even after many washes. Glyoxylic acid mixed with vegetal extracts at high temperatures can change the cuticular layers of the hair, giving a straight appearance and incredible volume reduction, without damaging the keratin disulfi de bridges. This product is free of silicones and sulfur compounds. The antioxidants and the vitamins (which the vegetal extracts contain in the treatment) are rich, protect and nourish the hair, leaving it particularly brilliant and soft.

Time should be determined on an individual basis. It will take around 3 to 4 hours depending on length, density and texture of your hair.

The hair will be easier to style, noticeably straighter, less frizzy, softer, and have reduced volume. If the hair had very little elasticity you will see a remarkable difference to the tensile strength.

No, a colour service should be performed either 7 days prior to, or 7 days after the Evolution Pro Treatment.

There is no waiting period, hair can be washed immediately.

The Evolution Home Care Shampoo and Conditioner are recommended to ensure longevity of the treatment.

As often as required.