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Covering Grey Hair

Covering Grey Hair: Safe Alternatives for Allergy Sufferers

We all live for that moment we notice that first few grey hairs. Grey is cool, but some people don’t want their hair to be grey. Finding a safe option can be tricky, especially if you have regular hair dye allergies or sensitivities. Here at Chilli Couture, Perth best organic hair salon we get that it’s hard to change your ways and have you try a new colour, so here are some safe methods on how to cover up grey.

Covering Grey Hair
Covering Grey Hair

Understanding the Risks 

These ingredients are strong enough to cause allergies in traditional hair dyes and include ammonia, parabens as well as PPD (paraphenylenediamine). Symptoms can range from just a little discomfort to severe allergic inflammation. This means that it is more important to find a safe hair dye for those who are allergy sufferers in order not only to save your scalp health but also to wear it well. 

Natural Hair Dye Solutions 

The beauty world is changing, and so are the possibilities for organic hair color. The dyes are natural, plant-based and free of harsh chemicals which make the dye perfect for anyone who suffers allergies from conventional hair colour treatments. 

1. Henna:

It is one of the most popular hair dyes for grey hair. Extracted from the plant called Lawsonia Inermis, it offers a safe way to cover the grey hair. Even though henna was known for its reddish tint initially, now we can find a broad spectrum of its colours ranging from brunettes to black. 


2. Indigo:

Mostly used along with henna, it is a good option if one wants to achieve a deeper hue as this will help in producing darker shades. Both henna and indigo are plant based and are safe hair dye options for people with sensitive scalp. 


The Rise of Non-Toxic Hair Dyes   

Nowadays, there are many brands that offer safer hair dying options in market. They contain milder ingredients instead of harsh ones, and thus give a safer option for people who are looking for an organic hair colour solutions. 

At Chilli Couture in Perth, we promote the use organic hair care and colouring options to ensure a luxurious and safe experience for our clients, especially for those with sensitivities.  

Choosing the Right Product   

  • Consultation Is Key: Beginning your journey with grey coverage starts with an expert consultation. Our experienced stylists who have years of knowledge can analyse the condition of your hair and can recommend the best products for you with a detailed discussion on your allergic history. This personalised approach will help you to avoid the risks, that may occur due to the reactions caused by the products and ensure you a comfortable and satisfying outcome. 
  • Patch Test: No matter which product you choose to use, doing a patch test to know how your skin may react to it is an important point. This can be seen as a final safety call before starting the full application of the product. 

Aftercare for Colored Hair   

Taking on natural or non-toxic hair dye products might change your hair care routine. Including organic hair care products to your hair care routine will help in maintaining the colour and vibrant look of your hair, at the same time helps them to stay healthy. These products are specifically created to help and protect colour treated hair as these are free from harsh chemicals that may fade away the colours and even create scalp issues. 

Choosing a safer and natural way to cover your greys are important, especially for allergy sufferers. In Perth, Chilli Couture is a trusted organic salon offering safe grey hair dye options for a delightful and health-conscious experience. Whether embracing your greys or dyeing, Chilli Couture supports you every step of the way with natural hair dye and organic hair care products. Contact us to book an appointment.