Is organic hair care best for your hair

Is organic hair care best for your hair?

Hairfall, hair damage, weak hair follicles, dry or frizzy hair, and the reasons for bad hair quality just keep growing. Thanks to organic hair care products, nourishing and maintaining healthy hair no more seems impossible. After all, your hair is one of the most noticeable parts of you. How you style says a lot about who you are. Without the proper hair care routine and products, you can’t get the most out of your lovely crowning glory.   

Beautiful hair is a symbol of luxury, confidence and beauty. It’s the perfect way to elevate your style. When you look good, you feel good –looking good starts with your hair. Here at Chilli Couture, we have talented organic hairdressers who will make you look and feel great.  

Why use organic hair care products?   

Well, there are many benefits of using organic hair care products. Organic hair care is always the best as it relies on plant-based ingredients to restore your hair’s health. The market is flooded with so many products, and many of them contain nasty chemicals. Organic hair treatments will strengthen your hair, making them the best you can ever have. Just know it’s time to feel good about yourself. 

Organic hair care is the way to go.  

  • It is safe and gentle on sensitive skin.  
  • It provides better nourishment.  
  • It works well on coloured hair as it does not strip the colour. 
  • It contains the necessary nutrients, vitamins and oils to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. 
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.  

Advantages of organic products  

Are you someone who takes great care of their hair but is unsure whether to switch to organic products or stay with their current products? Chemical hair treatment is as bad as sugar for your body. Synthetic and chemical-based hair products are unhealthy compared to organic hair products because they expose your hair to toxins and harmful chemicals.  

Reason to switch to organic products: 

  1. Environment friendly: When washed away, chemical and synthetic hair products can negatively impact the environment. When these chemicals reach the waterways, they can poison aquatic life. Using organic hair products and referring them to others makes you a defender of the environment. 
  2.  Nourishes your hair: Harsh chemicals eventually make your hair dull and lifeless. The benefits of natural and organic hair products lie in their gentleness and the fact they do not strip your hair of its protective oils. You may not see it immediately, but organic products will repair your hair and provide it sustained nourishment over time. The result is healthy and luscious locks.  
  3. Safe and gentle on skin: Chemicals like sulphates are generally irritating and damaging for the skin and hair. Organic products will provide better results if you are prone to sensitive skin or skin conditions such as psoriasis. The ingredients have fewer irritants, which means they are gentler on the scalp and prevent allergies. 
  4. Better result: Organic products are better for your hair in the long run. There may not be a foaming effect like sulphate-based products, but the result will be worth it. 

Service by Chilli Couture  

Chilli Couture is Perth’s 1st premium vegan-friendly and organic hair salon. The product used in our salon is 100% vegan, paraben and sulphate-free, which means no animal testing or animal ingredients.   

Healthy hair begins when it’s free from stress and reduces harmful chemicals to hair. Our organic hair salon uses hair products that are effective and gentle by removing harsh chemicals wherever possible while including natural extracts and active minerals that deliver real benefits. 

Being a sustainable salon, we believe every hair type deserves the proper hair treatment in the best-curated way to suit every budget. Keep calm; let Chilli Couture fix your hair.

Smoking and hair loss

Smoking and hair loss

What can smoking possibly have to do with hair? That’s a question that might bug you after reading the title. Well, there is, and a strong one at that!  

Given the smoky nature of this topic, we’ll try our best to explain the undeniable connection between the two; read on for more clarity!  

Many people who smoke regularly experience some amount of hair loss. This is partly because constant smoking causes dandruff-like scalp problems. But it’s also because smoking damages the hair follicles at the base of the hair. The hair follicles become weak over time, and there are increased chances of experiencing hair thinning and baldness. If you notice excessive hair loss that leaves behind bald spots, it might be time to reconsider your lifestyle.  

Does smoking really cause hair loss? 

Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, many of them toxic, which affect all areas of the body, including your hair. This smoke negatively affects your circulation, which means an uneven blood flow to your hair follicles. This challenges the regular hair growth/loss cycle, resulting in hair thinning and, eventually, hair loss. 

One research published in the Archives of Dermatology looked at 740 men from 40 to 91 years old in Taiwan. They revealed that those who smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day were more likely to face hair loss than those who never smoked, despite family history. 

How does it happen? 

Whenever you smoke, not just your lungs but your hair too bears the brunt of the habit. In case you’re wondering, “does smoking cause hair loss with every cigarette you smoke?,” the answer to that is a resounding YES. Smoking occasionally might not be so harmful, but you damage your lungs and hair more if you are a chronic smoker. 

Here is how smoking causes hair fall: 

  • Improper Blood Circulation 

Your hair requires a steady supply of minerals, nutrients, and oxygen to stay healthy. Your blood carries these nutrients to your hair follicle. Smoking causes blood arteries to constrict, limiting blood flow to your hair and resulting in hair loss. 

  • Weakens Your Immunity 

Smoking and body immunity is related too. Wonder how that is possible? Smoking makes you susceptible to infections and diseases. Plus, you can easily get bacteria on your scalp, which prevents your follicles from growing new, healthy hair.   

  • Stress  

Smoking increases stress in the body, raises blood pressure and heart rate, and causes muscle tension. If you get your stress under control, your hair might grow back slowly and steadily. 

  • Hormonal Imbalance 

Male and Female pattern baldness is triggered by certain hormones caused by smoking. It causes your follicles to grow hair that’s brittle and weak, making it look thin. 

Tips to prevent hair loss 

One of the side effects of smoking is hair loss. Although you cannot reverse tobacco’s effects, quitting is one way to get your body back to a place where you can regain healthy hair. Regrowth of hair takes time and a lot of patience. Be patient, especially if you have been smoking for a long time.  

Here are the tips to consider while making your hair care routine better:  

  • Eat extra protein 

Protein in the hair is as important as ice cream on a bad day. Research shows our body needs 40 to 60 grams a day. And if our hair gets less protein than the required limit, it can weaken your hair follicles and affect hair growth. Thus, a perfect hair care routine includes a good amount of protein! 

  • Take vitamins

A body without the right amount of vitamins usually contributes to overall health degradation. Do you know? You are just a test away from knowing the vitamin deficiencies you have. A number of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, zinc, and iron, positively influence hair growth. 

  • Mediterranean diet 

Fruits, vegetables and protein are the key ingredients in the Mediterranean diet and can be helpful, especially compared to other trendy diets. When consumed in a high amount straight three days a week, you will experience better hair health. 

  • Practice Yoga 

Smoking narrows the blood vessels in your body, which means less oxygen and nutrients can reach your hair follicles. Yoga is best to prevent hair loss caused by stress. Yoga poses like Downward Facing Dog, Camel Pose, Shoulder Stand, Fish Pose, and Kneeling Pose can slow or prevent hair loss. 

  • Gentle styling 

Gentle styling is an easy way to look like you did much more with your hair. Tight braids or ponytails may pull on hair from the root and lead to hair breakage. Another factor affecting your hair shaft can be heat styling tools like curling and straightening.

Healthy hair at Chilli Couture 

There are many ways to slow down your hair loss caused by smoking. However, they take time and need to be done consistently. With the right hair treatment, your hair will grow back steadily.  

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to grow your hair back? No matter what stage of hair loss you are in, Chilli Couture can make all the difference! The process is easier than it may seem, and you are just a call away from the hair you want!  

Don’t forget to drop by Chilli Couture’s best hair care stylist. See you at the salon! 

Wavy hair

How to take care of wavy hair

Are those beachy waves au naturel?  

If yes, then you are in the right place.  

Wavy hair gives you an amazing bounce. Good Bouncy hair is one of the first things people notice about you. It doesn’t matter how your outfit looks, but your hair needs to be perfect. We spend a good amount of time making sure it looks good and that we represent our personalities through the way we wear them. It is a huge part of our lives and should be dealt with correctly to keep them in good condition. If you feel that your hair needs extra attention, don’t forget to drop by your nearest organic hair salon and enjoy the best chemical-free treatment that suits your hair. 


What is it like to be a wavy hair person? 

You may or may not resonate with the facts below, because every wavy hair pattern is unique and changes with the person’s lifestyle. But on average, there are some common factors that unite the wavy hair gang, and here they are:  

  1. Wavy hair is neither completely curled nor entirely straight. The hair on the scalp is flat and straight, whereas the rest of the hair is wavy. 
  2. Wavy hair does not have a distinct pattern, with inconsistencies in its waves. 
  3. Wavy hair patterns change frequently. It is a highly versatile hair type that changes throughout your life.  
  4. For some people, wavy hair might feel heavy, but it solely depends on your curl type. 
  5. Most wavy hair lacks natural oil. The frizz may make your hair look dull. 


Wavy Hair Types 

We can divide wavy hair into three types. 

  • Type 2A Wavy 

They look a lot like straight hair. However, if you look closely, you will observe light S-shaped patterns. However, the waves are faint and light in volume. 

  • Type 2B Wavy 

The waves are more powerful than those of type 2A. However, the hair roots are flat. 

  • Type 2C Wavy 

They have thicker strands and more pronounced waves. It has the most volume of any wavy hair type. 


How to take care of your wavy hair?  

  • Hair Hydration 

Frizzy hair is the most common hair type. That is why you must strive to maintain your hair nourishment and let it be frizz-free. Chilli Couture recommends cleansing and hydrating shampoo to keep your hair nourished. We should avoid shampoo containing sulphate as it removes sebum oil from your scalp and makes your hair dry. 


  • Deep conditioning  

Wavy hair requires special attention. Deep conditioning is essential to help fizziness in your hair. Deep conditioning can also cure hair problems such as split ends and roughness and also light up your beachy waves. 


  • Avoid using Hairdryers. 

A hairdryer can harm your hair’s cuticles; air-drying your hair is the ideal alternative. Your natural waves will have more bounce if you air dry them. It will smooth out the texture and lessen the fizziness. 


  • Use a leave-in serum. 

Because wavy hair is prone to drying and loss of moisture, leave-in hair serums can aid in wavy hair control. Look for keratin-supporting serums. It will strengthen your hair strands and keep them frizz-free. 


Hair services offered by Chilli Couture  

As an organic hairdresser, we evaluate everything about you and your lifestyle before we begin building your personalised style. We think that a great haircut reflects the inner you, not just what you wear.  

  1. Cutting and styling: At Chilli Couture, our experts bring you the latest in ladies’ and men’s haircutting, barbering, and styling that will ensure you look your best. Every haircut begins with a comprehensive consultation. Each haircut includes a relaxing shampoo, a re-energising thai head and shoulder massage, and a blow-dry.  
  2. Long hair design: Even short hair can be made glamorous and make you feel ready for something special through hair extensions.  
  3. Colouring: At Chilli Couture, we think every colour is customised and tailored to fit the individual, and no one fits into a standard. Our top colourists ensure that your colour is perfected every time, from global colours to platinum blondes. 
  4. Luxury hair treatment: Here in Perth, we live in one of the world’s most dry climates; treating your hair is a vital component to keep you looking your best; we have a wide choice of conditioning treatments intended to suit your hair and time limits. 

Drop by Chilli Couture, which is an organic hair salon, that can help you determine which hair treatment best suits you. Being a sustainable salon, we believe every hair type deserves the proper hair treatment in the best-curated way to suit every budget- Call us today! 

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions: All you need to know

Who doesn’t like beautiful long hair? Have you ever thought of growing your hair longer but were unable to? If yes, then hair extensions might be your answer. Hair extensions are a great way of adding length and volume to your hair without the need to cut them. Do you also want those hair extensions to make your hair look flawless? In this blog, we will be talking about all the things you need to know about hair extensions.  Are you ready? 


Thinking about Hair Extensions? 

If you’ve never had hair extensions before, it may be challenging to determine which method is best. At Chilli Couture, we provide the best hair extension services in Perth. Whether you want a quick fix for an upcoming event or a longer-lasting technique, our stylists will make sure that once you’ve tried hair extensions, you will never want anything else! 

What makes hair extensions special? 

  • Add volume to your hair: You can get instant volume and length to inches from hair extensions. You can change your short hair to long in no time; it is easy for you to have long hair without any worry about maintaining it.   
  • Long-lasting: Hair extensions can last up to 4 to 5 months with good care. Once the extensions have been coloured, either you can remove them or reuse them again. With proper care, your product can last around a year.   
  • Low maintenance: Hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who don’t have time to style their hair every day. There are pre-styled synthetic hair extensions available and human hair extensions available that you can use to add versatility and glamour to your everyday look.   
  • Solution for bad haircuts: With these extensions, you can get the hairstyle you want and give yourself a fantastic look. You can still get the most enriching look with beautiful hair extensions, no matter how bad your hairstyle is.   
  • Add colours without any damage: No need to let your natural hair go through the effects of hair colours as you can get clip-on coloured hair extensions with ease. You have to clip on these extensions, and you will have the desired hair colour you have always wanted.   

Types of hair extensions   

Weft Hair Extensions   

  • Braided Weave   

The braided weave is stitched onto side cornrows that have already been braided. The hair can be hand-knotted from raw ponytails and custom fit to you. This procedure is effective for 8 weeks before it needs to be tightened.   

  • Microlink No Braid Sew in Weave   

It uses a combination of braided cornrows and microbead clasps for fine to medium hair textures that require a flattering, seamless finish. Every 4-6 weeks, this technique must be tightened.  

  • No Braid Sew in Weave    

It is similar to Braided Weave, except that there is no cornrow; the weft is stitched onto hand-knotted hair developing from the scalp; this technique is ideal for persons with fine short hair, but it must be tightened every 4 weeks.  

Now, let’s look at the types of weaves. 

The hair extensions’ quality varies in Russian, European, Brazilian and Remy hair. Each hair type is selected based on each client’s hair texture and budget.  

Chilli Couture provides the following hair types for weaves:   

  • Slavic/Ukrainian Hair Extensions   

It is one of the most expensive types used for hair extensions. Because of its top quality, it looks the most natural and lasts for years.   

  • Russian Hair Extensions   

Because of their top quality, Russian hair extensions are the second-grade drop after Slavic/Ukrainian hair. The hair will last far longer than standard Remy hair with gentle handling since it has been minimally treated and still retains a soft, more delicate texture.   

  • Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions   

It is excellent for people with waves or curls, as it looks very natural yet manageable. We use only 100% virgin Brazilian hair. This hair is usually dark brown to black. This hair can last for many months when properly cared for at home.   

  • Malaysian and Peruvian Hair   

It is an ideal extension for anyone with dark hair who wants excellent quality natural, long, and strong extensions that will last for years with proper care.    

  • Asian/ Indian Remy Hair Extensions   

It is the perfect entry-level hair for clients wanting to have extensions for a shorter time or those who wish to change colours regularly.    


Hair extension services at Chilli Couture   

Here at Chilli Couture, we specialise in Weft Hair Extensions for short hair. A 100% ethical and sustainable sourcing process is used at Chilli Couture when selecting hair extensions. We know that every client’s hair, needs, and budget are different, we can take your booking for extensions just after you have visited our extension specialists for a consultation. Drop by Chilli Couture and experience the best hair extension in Perth. And don’t forget to follow hair extensions aftercare from our stylist to maintain the look and feel of the hair for a long time. 

Advantages of chemical-free hair treatment

Advantages of chemical-free hair treatment

“Be your showstopper.” 

Are you tired of the way your hair looks? If you are wondering how to improve your hair, welcome to the world of chemical-free shampoo! Now that you’re ready for your beautiful hair, let’s understand that chemical products used for hair care are extremely harmful and may link to cases like balding, skin rashes and damage to the scalp. No matter your hair type, Chilli Couture believes every hair type deserves proper care and treatment. By choosing an organic hair salon for your hair, you will choose healthy and shiny hair for life.  


Organic hair products 

If you care about your hair, you’ve probably read or been told to avoid using chemical hair products. Some of the most well-known hair products today are organic, which means that they don’t include any harmful chemicals.  

But what does that mean for your hair?  

Organic hair products are great for your hair. Do you know why? Because they contain all-natural ingredients that are good for your hair, skin, and the environment. Your hair will feel healthier and look shinier after just one use. Many people get organic and vegan items mixed up. While they both provide similar advantages, the vegan shows the formula contains no animal-derived substances such as dairy, eggs, or honey. Animal products may still be present in organic hair products, but only from organic sources. So, be careful while switching to organic hair products. 

Reason to switch to chemical-free products 

When we are ditching our favourite hair product and choosing chemical-free products for our hair, we search across billion web pages to know if it is worth our time. However, once you’ve made the switch, you might wish you’d done it sooner.  

 Eco friendly 

Organic beauty products are free of toxic chemicals, making them safer for the environment and everyone creating them. These products are likely to contain components free of parabens and sulphates, resulting in healthy-looking skin and hair. Just know, you’re switching from your regular products, most likely synthetic, to organic ones with numerous advantages. 

Healthy and glowing skin. 

Simply putting products on your face or hair will not assist you in achieving your desired skincare or haircare objective. It is recommended to avoid harsh skin treatments and creams and drop your nearby organic hair salon to get the desired healthy skin. After all, the best beauty care is a healthy lifestyle! 

Pocket friendly 

Let’s take a step back and understand what most people believe. It is a common belief that anything labelled “clean” or “natural” must be more expensive. Of course, products containing natural ingredients are good for your skin and hair in the long run. It will help you get the desired result without compromising the quality. The chemical-free product is better for the environment; it can also improve the appearance of your hair. 

Animal testing is avoided. 

Animal testing has long been a delicate matter in the cosmetics industry. It is common for the most dangerous substances and compounds to be tested on animals before being sold to people. Even though the clean beauty movement has brought about significant changes in the beauty business and consumer purchasing behaviour, today, we see new brands that are “vegan-certified” and “cruelty-free.” 


Benefits of using organic products 

By choosing an organic hair product, you make sure you are using the proper hair treatment. Including natural hair products in your daily routine will make your hair shine and be the best version. 

Here are a few benefits that might help you to manage your daily hair concern:  

  • It naturally strengthens your hair without causing further harm.
  • It naturally smooths your frizzy and dry hair using any harsh chemical.
  • It aids in hair treatment like dryness, dandruff, and other common problems.
  • It naturally soothes irritated scalps. Particularly in children who are particularly vulnerable to toxins.
  • It naturally helps your hair grow healthier and stronger without using any chemicals that might cause thin or brittle hair.
  • Organic shampoo is free from artificial colours or scents, so there is no chance of allergies.


Ingredients that should be avoided in hair products 

You may not know that shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatments contain several harmful ingredients which are not suitable for your hair and skin. Here are the few listed ingredients you might notice when you drive to the store to buy the chemical product for your hair, and then you realise an organic hairdresser is best for you and the environment.  

Here are the few ingredients that might cause damage to your hair in the long run: 

  1. Quaternium-15: This chemical is another quaternary ammonium salt used as a surfactant and preservative in personal care products. It functions as a formaldehyde releaser and is unquestionably hazardous. We should avoid Formaldehyde at any cost as it is highly carcinogenic.  
  2. Behentrimonium Chloride: It is an ammonium salt utilised as a preservative and surfactant. It is a hazardous chemical, with 0.1 per cent and higher concentrations causing eye injury. Did you know that it irritates the skin and causes it to swell? 
  3. Dimethicone: It is a silicone oil that can irritate and dry up the scalp and skin. It generates a nearly plastic-like barrier outside the skin, trapping bacteria, sebum, and pollutants. It is also an eye irritant, non-biodegradable, and extremely harmful to the environment. 
  4. Retinal Palmitate: A type of vitamin A, retinal palmitate, might stimulate the development of skin tumours and lesions, making it a potential carcinogen. It is hazardous to the reproductive system as well as the organ systems. 
  5. Phenoxyethanol. It is harmful to the organ systems and irritates the skin, eyes, and lungs. In severe circumstances, Phenoxyethanol can cause central nervous system shutdown, vomiting, and contact dermatitis. 
  6. Polysorbates: This method dissolves fragrances or other oil additives. Conditioners frequently contain this ingredient. It leaves a residue on the skin and scalp, changes the skin’s natural pH, and degrades our skin’s and scalp’s natural protective barrier. Polysorbate-80 is the worst of the lot, but avoid them all. 
  7. Triclosan: It builds up in our fat cells and causes toxicity in our bodies. It also causes skin, eye, lung irritation, endocrine disruption, and organ system damage. 
  8. Cocamidopropyl Betaine: It is a foaming agent that irritates your skin, hair and allergic contact dermatitis. Even though the government considers it safe, many people have unfavourable reactions. 


Why Chilli Couture? 

As a sustainable salon, Chilli Couture is committed to not just selecting home hair care products that suit you but are also of the highest quality, clean, and free of chemicals. We have brands ranging from 100 per cent organic and entirely natural to semi-organic. Our products are free of parabens and sulphates and are vegan. Drop by Chilli Couture and experience Perth’s Best Salon’s Pure Hair Indulgence. 

Don’t wait for that one day to start; take a step today. Your hair deserves it. 

Haircare –Do’s and Don’ts


“Life is too short to have boring hair.” Your hair is what defines your beauty. It’s not like your hair only makes you beautiful, but it adds beauty to your personality. It’s the primary way you communicate your identity, and it impacts how people see you and respond to you.

Choosing the appropriate hairstyle and hair treatment that compliments your skin colour and characteristics and suits the shape of your face may take you from oh… to wow! You can’t have a decent hairstyle if your hair isn’t healthy. An excellent hairstyle needs lustrous, abundant hair. To get shiny and ample hair, you should take care of them.


Why should you care about your hair?

If you don’t take care of your hair, it can become dry, brittle, and weak, leading to split ends, and even hairfall. Deep down, we all know that the way our hair looks can make a real impact on our appearances and our self-confidence. However, with the right hair treatments and products, you can keep your hair looking great and healthy! We at Chilli Couture being a sustainable salon have a wide range of organic hair treatment that is suitable for your hair. Our hair salon Perth is one of the most reputed salons in Perth.

Haircare Do’s 

  • Wash regularly (not necessarily every day) – Washing your hair on regular days can improve the health of your hair, making it stronger and reducing the risk of damage caused by dryness and heat styling. It also helps to prevent build-up and reduce the amount of dirt and oil that builds up on your scalp. If you wash your hair more often, try using a gentle cleanser and conditioner, or you can even make your shampoo and conditioner using natural ingredients.
  • Use a chemical-free shampoos- We all want to smell good, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to use shampoo. You can maintain the natural oils on the scalp and hair by switching to natural shampoo, ultimately leaving your hair with more moisture. Parabens and sulphates in the shampoo can irritate your scalp, make your hair dry and rough and cause allergies like bump and itchiness. If you are looking for a chemical-free wash, you can definitely reach an organic hair salon. They will provide you with a wide range of organic products that is good for your hair, or else you can drop by Chilli Couturek.a the sustainable salon in Perth that will give you the best products that suits your hair.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb- The wide-toothed comb is perfect for styling hair because it distributes your hair’s natural oils throughout your hair, which can help minimise frizziness and enhance the overall texture of your hair. When using a wide-tooth comb, there is less friction than when using a medium/fine-tooth comb, which is kind on the hair strands and prevents breaking and split ends.
  • Oil your hair – Hair oiling is a great way to get silky, glossy hair. It helps restore moisture and reduce dryness and make your hair look and feel healthier while adding vibrance. The best way to oil your hair is to heat a small amount of oil in your hands and then gently rub it through your hair until your hair looks and feels smooth. The other thing you can do is visit Chilli Couture They have the best hair oils that contain natural ingredients and will not damage your hair or scalp.
  • Drink more water- Water is essential in maintaining hair because it nourishes the hair, makes it silky and soft, and leads to hair growth. It also prevents dryness which can lead to split ends and breakage.


Haircare don’ts 

  • Hot showers – You are drying your hair when you take a hot shower. When you apply heat to your hair, it becomes more porous, and your natural oils and moisture can no longer nourish your scalp.
  • Chemicals – Productscontaining Parabens and Sulphates are harmful to your hair. Chemicals in hair is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Constant use of chemicals can damage your hair follicles, which results in hair loss. Instead, use natural and chemical-free products to improve the health of your hair and scalp.
  • Stress – Stress can be devastating to your health and hair too. When you’re stressed out, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Over time, this can cause hair to thin and become brittle and cause excessive hair fall. If you are experiencing stress in your daily life, meditate. It will help you to relax overtime.


Which ingredients are suitable for your hair and which ones are not? 


What is a Paraben?

Parabens are a group of synthetic preservatives commonly used in personal care products. They are used to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungi which can cause products to go bad. It is found in everything from shampoo and conditioner to deodorant and lotion, and they are commonly found in products we use most often.


What is Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate, and why it is bad?

Sodium Lauryl/Laureth sulphate is commonly used in skin care products to provide lather and texture. It is used as an emulsifier to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It increases the risk of dryness and irritation and causes allergic reactions and lack of hair with essential nutrients.


Why does the hair need moisture?

Hair is made up of 97% Keratin, a natural protein found in our skin cells. When the hair’s elasticity is out of balance, we must refill it with protein to strengthen it so that it does not break. Natural proteins like hydrolysed wheat protein, rice protein, and oat protein are also beneficial to the hair since they strengthen it without overdoing it.


Why does the hair need protein?

It is easier to identify how to cure damaged hair when you understand what type of damage it has. If your hair has been damaged due to severe exposure to the sun or using heat tools, your hair willl need moisture to restore its natural protein levels. Protein treatments restore nutrients that help reconstruct and re-strenghten your hair strands.

Hair Salon Eco Friendly

How to Become an Eco-Friendly Salon

In today’s world many hair salons are working to reduce the impact day-to-day business has on the environment.

At Chilli Couture we believe being an eco-friendly establishment is integral to securing a better future. We’re always implementing new ways to make our sustainable salon greener and more eco-positive.


Why this approach is important to business

For years companies assumed greener options were more expensive. But the truth is in many cases they either don’t have much impact on the bottom line, or end up reducing costs in the long run.

Eco-friendly work practices are not often mandatory, but to the Chilli Couture team they matter. As the best hair salon in Perth we take our reputation for eco-consciousness seriously.

Many clients come to us for our expertise with weave hair, and the best hair extensions in Perth (including European hair extensions). We provide these services in a sustainable salon environment because we believe in responsible business.

Minimising harm to the environment is the right choice. And with more clients becoming conscious consumers wanting to support salons with environmentally positive philosophies, it’s also good for business.

Know that every step you and your team take today counts. Here are easy ways a salon can introduce eco-friendly practices that make your workplace a greener experience.


Green eco-friendly salon tips


  • Carbon Footprint Awareness

Where possible, pick products with a negative carbon footprint. Otherwise, be aware of sustainability practices of companies you support. Look out for recyclable and refillable ranges.


  • Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Treatments

Focusing on Formaldehyde-Free Keratin treatments means clients aren’t being exposed to a carcinogen. We believe in premium client care, which is why we also use chemical free hair colour.


  • Go Green

Introducing plants into the salon environment is a beautiful way to brighten the mood, and freshen the air. Also try for eco-friendly décor that is sustainable, and made from recycled goods.


  • Water and Electrics

Try to reduce water and electricity usage. Invest in an energy efficient washing machine, and wait for large loads. Change light bulbs to greener designs, and reduce air-conditioning and heating systems use.


  • Stock Consciously

Consider more eco-friendly items inhouse, including notepads (go electronic), paper towels (choose recycled), cleaning products (avoid pollutants), and brushes (select bamboo).


  • Cruelty Free

Many brands deliver quality performance, without resorting to animal testing. Make a conscious choice to avoid using or stocking items tested on animals in your salon.


  • Vegan and Organic

Increased market demand has made switching to vegan and organic hair products easy. Vegan and organic brands and product lines are accessible, affordable, and high performing.


  • Recycle and Reuse

Promote a recycling environment to reduce waste, and place a recycling bin in the salon. Use refillable products or brands with recycled packaging. If a disposable item is needed, support recyclable lines.



There is no planet B

Protecting the Earth is important to all of us. If we make small changes in our professional and personal lives to protect resources and minimise waste, a real difference can be made on a global level.

Looking for a hairdresser in Perth who believes eco-friendly haircare matters? Speak to one of our expert stylists and colour technicians. Chilli Couture is a sustainable West Australian salon happy to answer any questions.

Hair Salon Perth

The Importance of Client Consultation in Hairdressing

A consult ensures a fabulous outcome from a hair styling appointment. As the best hair salon in Perth, we want Chilli Couture clients to enjoy a safe and rewarding salon experience, one that ends with truly gorgeous hair.

Consultations are a way to safeguard against hair horror stories like:

  • Crying in the car after a cut and colour gone wrong.
  • Trying to fix your new look with the kitchen scissors.
  • Having colour washed out partway through due to a reaction.

Our experienced team will help you avoid these scenarios! Hair is part of defining identity. We get that. You can trust us to listen. Our goal is to be your go-to salon for hair makeover and maintenance.


Building the relationship

Our salon’s brilliant reputation comes from years of providing an international standard of hair care. A consultation helps us understand your fashion preferences, dream hairstyle, budget, and lifestyle.

We take pride in successfully interpreting your vision. Think a stunning yet wearable style. Want weave hair extensions, or raw virgin European hair extensions? As providers of the best hair extensions in Perth, we’ve got your back.

A tailored salon experience helps maintain long-term client relationships. Whether you like chatting, or find silence more relaxing, tell us. We believe in pampering you! A consult is a way for us to understand what suits you best.


Getting it right

Have a style in mind? A consultation clarifies upfront the process needed to reach your hair goal. Transformation steps could take longer than you thought, or require multiple appointments.

If daily prep time is short and fast, we’ll take that into account. A high maintenance look relying on daily heat styling and follow up product isn’t a great idea if you don’t own a blow dryer.

During a consultation, our stylists note the condition of your hair and scalp to make sure the desired changes are viable. If potentially stressful for strands and scalp, we’ll recommend alternatives.



In terms of colour, patch tests are required in case allergies and reactions suddenly develop. Signed waivers are also an option that we can discuss.

Please inform us of allergies you have, or past reactions to colouring or haircare products. We encourage you to let us know if a condition impacts the quality of your visit.

Examples include:

  • Sensitive scalp that makes head massages uncomfortable.
  • Problems titling head due to medical condition/past injury.
  • Susceptibility to dizziness if standing too soon.
  • Location of moles and skin conditions hidden by hair.
  • Low settings for blow drying due to heat sensitivity.

We hold your safety and health in the highest regard, and will make a note for future visits. Everything you share is confidential. At Chilli Couture, we want you to feel comfortable, and pampered.


What you should be asking

We welcome questions! If possible, bring pictures of the look you like and ask for tips on adjusting the style to suit. Certain colours and cuts are more high maintenance, so enquire about the cost of upkeep.

Feel free to be honest. If you don’t like a recommendation we make, we won’t be offended! Our input is designed to help, and is not about ego. Ensuring you fall in love with your hair is the end game.


See you in the near future

Looking for a fantastic hair dress in Perth who understands how much your hair matters to you? Reach out so we can make an appointment for a consultation, and discuss the best way to create a hairstyle you adore.