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How to Find a Great Hairdresser in Perth

best-hairdresser-perthMany of us love to indulge in our hair. You might love to change your hair colour as frequently as your outfit, or, you might enjoy a little switching up between luscious, long locks and chin-length bobs between the seasons. Whichever your preference, there will be a hair salon in Perth which suits you perfectly. We’ve decided to extend some tips to help you along the way so you can avoid any unflattering results in the near future!


Finding The Best Hairdresser Can Be Hard

It can be difficult to find a hairdresser to really gel with. Finding someone who you can clearly communicate with and who also possesses the skills required to provide you with the right service is important. Chilli Couture’s staff are trained to ensure they can offer you exactly what you want and actively make sure they stay up to date with the latest styles and trends. Our team is filled with some of Perth’s top stylists who are amazingly talented and dedicated to their craft. We work tirelessly to give our clients the amazing hair they’ve always dreamed of!


Tales of a Good Hairdresser 

A good hair dresser will understand the basics and have a strong skill-set and foundation to work from. It’s important your hairdresser knows how to work with all types of hair and how to provide the best possible service for each client. Keeping up to date with current and emerging trends internationally is also important.

Listening to the client is pivotal to the success of a great hair dresser. It doesn’t matter how fancy the cut or colour delivered is, if it isn’t what you asked for then they haven’t done their job. If a hair dresser listens and then offers their professional advice, it’s a good sign.

Chilli Couture has a social conscience and endeavours to satisfy their customers’ needs through providing the best training and customer service. Our complimentary consultations can be used to discuss any ideas, concerns, or ask for any advice!

A good hairdresser will not only provide the best service they can for their customers but also do this in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Chilli Couture only uses the highest quality organic and biodegradable hair products and is completely focused on sustainability. Many hair colours have PPD (paraphenylenediamine) and resorcinol, which can cause dermatitis and damage to the environment. For this reason, all products endorsed by Chilli Couture are researched to ensure they are 100% vegan and ensure they source as many organically sourced ingredients as possible. Organic hair dye is gentler on both the hairdresser and the client and limits reactions from the harsher chemicals used in most dye products on the body. Organic hair products replace harsh chemicals with natural-based ingredients, such as Cocamide MEA – derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil and less irritating to our skin. Being the first salon in WA to have joined the Sustainable Salons movement, our eco-friendly efforts don’t simply stop at using organic and biodegradable products. There are many other repurposing and redistributing solutions we implement at Chilli Couture in order support our planet.

Read more about our Humanitarian Efforts here


Chilli Couture Understands You

Chilli Couture is committed to making sure every single one of our clients leave our salon feeling fresh, happy, and confident. All our staff are highly trained making us one of Perth’s leading hair salons specialising in styling, cutting, colouring, and hair extensions. Come in to Chilli Couture to indulge yourself and create your ideal look that others will be envious of!

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Hair Extensions 101

Best-Hairdresser-Perth-ExtensionsPros & Cons of Hair Extensions

If you’ve ever envied a celebrity’s thick mane, you’ve most likely been lusting after their hair extensions. Below we’ll run though some pros and cons of for purchasing hair extensions.


Without doubt, hair extensions can be used to add length, but they can also add fullness and volume. If you wish to create a new look with a particular hair style but feel you don’t have the length or body, hair extensions will provide it. Additionally, you will be able to add highlights, lowlights, or even create a balayage with the use of extensions in a colour different to your own.


It’s extremely important to have them inserted by a professional, or in the case of clip-ins, learn how to insert them properly. If not, you run the risk of them being too tight, too heavy, unevenly placed and essentially uncomfortable.


Types of Extensions

Clip Ins

There are various types of extensions available for all purposes. Clip-ins are a great option for special occasions, certain hair types, or for those who want the ability to change their style up day-to-day. Chilli Couture does not sell pre-made clip-ins – we personally create clip-ins for each individual client from weft hair to suit their natural hair perfectly.  You can also come in to have pre-made clip-ins shaped and colour-matched so that they blend seamlessly into your natural hair. We can then show you how to install them properly to promote the least stress on your scalp.

Synthetic hair is an option as it’s cheaper than human hair, however, the downside is that they don’t last as long, can’t be straightened or curled and cannot be coloured. Human hair is the most sort after as it looks the most natural and presents qualities that simply cannot be matched by synthetic hair. Be careful to choose the right weighting for your hair type to avoid damage. Roughly 5 clips of 80g-160g is ideal for fine hair, while around 9 clips of 150g-300g is ideal for medium to thick hair types. Chilli Couture offers free consultations in our Perth hair salon to help assist in these decisions.

Chilli Couture uses two different types of hair extensions. These are the Weft Hair Extensions and Hair Tape Extensions. They are both gentle methods of extensions which minimise damage to your own hair. Chilli also specialises in hair loss and hair replacement procedures for women who experience hair thinning or alopecia.



  1. The Braided Weave: This is done by stitching extensions onto pre-braided side cornrows. The weave is becoming one of the most popular styles of hair extension as it allows shorter hair to grow. This technique lasts 8 weeks before needing to be tightened.
  2. Microlink No Braid Sew In: Includes a combination of braided cornrows and micro bead clasps for fine to medium hair. These need to be tightened every 4-6 weeks.
  3. No Braid Sew In: A similar technique to the Braided Weave where there is no cornrow, the weft is stitched straight onto hand knotted hair growing from the scalp. Perfect for people who have fine short hair. Will need to be tightened every 4 weeks.

Chilli supplies the following hair types for weaves: Slavic/Ukranian, Russian, Brazilian, Malaysian/Peruvian, Asian/Indian Remy.



Weaves and tape are the least damaging to your natural hair. The hair tape is flat and see-through making it easy to blend in. This is done by placing two tape wefts together with a small amount of natural hair in-between. They last 4-6 weeks and are comfortable, easy to care for and simple to re-apply. Tape extensions are not recommended for extremely thick, oily hair types or if you swim or sauna regularly.

Chilli Couture supplies the following hair types for tape extensions: Russian, Brazilian, and Asian/Indian Remy.


Why Choose Chilli Couture?

An award-winning salon which dedicates itself to customer service, high quality, and the environment, Chilli Couture Pure Hair Indulgence is one of Perth’s most loved boutique salons. Chilli will colour match hair extensions to blend in with your natural hair colour flawlessly, make custom hand-made wefts and can even re-use hair from your pre-existing extensions to create an entirely different extension-type! For example, if you currently have tape extensions, but are interested in getting a weave, your tapes won’t become useless – Chilli can create you a weave using those old extensions! Chilli also has an environmental conscience – we are the only member of Sustainable Salons in WA. As a member we rescue up to 95% of salon resources from landfill and find re-purposing solutions that benefit the environment and give back to the community.


There is much to learn about hair extensions, and the options can feel a little overwhelming to anyone considering them for the first time. However, with all the information available, this fear shouldn’t hold you back from attaining the long, luscious locks of your dreams! Chilli Couture provides free consultations for anyone interested in hair extensions and will ensure you walk out confident and with the right style for your hair type.

Learn more about our hair extensions and prices here.


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Is Organic Hair Colour Worth the Hype?

organic-hair-colourOrganic hair colour continues to rise in popularity, as people today look to use fewer chemicals in all aspects of their life, including their hair treatments. When we talk about organic hair colour, we mean a product that is naturally derived, and not created from chemical or other man-made artificial substances.  For decades, hair dyes have been made from harsh chemicals that have harmful effects on the body, but we still use them! By limiting these chemicals, we can limit our exposure and create a safer, healthier way to colour hair.

Regulation of Hair Dyes

Many consumers today expect that if a product is available for purchase, it must have passed testing and been deemed suitable for public purchase. Unfortunately this is not the case with hair dyes. Most hair dyes contain a number of chemicals that are known irritants, but all the manufacturer does is label the box with a warning. Neither the government nor the FDA regulates this industry, leaving customers with the option to purchase strong chemicals for use, with only a printed warning on the box. This should be a red flag about how toxic these chemicals can be, and consumers should be careful not to misuse products to their own harm.

Ingredients of Traditional Hair Dyes

Many of the mainstay ingredients in hair dyes fall into a category where harmful irritant effects are known, but they are not yet proven to be carcinogenic. The Cancer Council of Australia lists hair dyes as an “inferred risk” – meaning conclusive studies have not been carried out on people, but looking at animal studies, there is a high likelihood that hair dye could cause cancer in people.

One of the most widely known ingredients is ammonia. While a natural ingredient, this is a chemical with a harsh odour that causes skin irritation and reactions in many people. Furthermore, both PPD (paraphenylenediamine) and resorcinol are two additional chemicals used in hair dye that are known irritants, causing dermatitis and environmental toxicities.

Organic Hair Colours

Moving away from harsh chemicals, organic hair colours use different natural based ingredients to create long lasting hair colour that works just as well as traditional chemical hair dyes. One of the most widely used ingredients is Cocamide MEA, which is derived from fatty acids in coconut oil. Cocamide MEA replaces ammonia and acts as the pH adjuster, allowing the chemical reaction to take place.

Other natural ingredients are being developed that replace the chemicals we have relied on for so long. By decreasing the amount of chemicals and replacing them with natural organic compounds, we can limit our exposure to the adverse effects, and limit our impact on the environment.

Organic Hair Colour at Chilli Couture

Not all hair dyes are created equal, and packaging can be deceiving. Chilli Couture believes in using only top quality products that meet all our organic standards. We have the experience to be able to differentiate a truly organic product from false advertisers, and have undertaken full research into all the products we use and the companies we support. You can trust Chilli Couture to deliver a truly exceptional salon experience, while meeting the highest organic standards. Contact Chilli Couture for an appointment today.

Chemical Free Hair Colour – The Facts!

Chemical-Free-Hair-Colour-available-at-Chilli-Couture-in-PerthAmmonia-free and chemical-free hair colour is seeing a surge in popularity in the hair salon industry, as people aim to minimise their environmental impact and limit the amount of chemicals used where they can. But when it comes to hair colour, is ammonia-free as good as it sounds?

Why is Ammonia-free Important?

First let us look at the role ammonia plays in hair dye. Ammonia is a natural product that acts as a catalyst in the hair colouring process. In order for the cuticle (the outer most later of the hair) to allow pigment to penetrate into the cortex of the hair shaft, the pH must be raised to a certain point. This is accomplished with the use of ammonia to increase the pH, where the new pigment can replace the existing pigment. The ammonia is then washed thoroughly from the hair to close the cuticle and maintain the new colour.

Despite being a natural product, ammonia causes harmful effects for both the person having their hair dyed and the hair dresser. It is an irritant to skin, causing damage to the scalp and hands, as well as creating harmful irritating fumes that many people react to. By avoiding ammonia in hair dyes, we can limit these adverse effects and still create amazing colour.

Furthermore, another common chemical found in traditional hair dyes is PPD, paraphenylenediamine. This is a toxic product to which many people react, causing dermatitis, reddening, and swelling. Resorcinal is also used as a colouring agent, as is suspected to cause hormonal and immune system imbalances. Additionally, both these chemicals are suspected carcinogens.

Ammonia Alternatives & Results from Organic Hair Colours

The most common alternative to ammonia is Cocamide MEA, which is derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil. This product is less harsh than traditional ammonia, and acts as the pH adjuster in the hair colouring process. This still allows appropriate penetration of the hair cuticle with new pigment to create bold permanent colour change.

The results from organic hair colours are comparable to, if not better than, the results achieved with traditional chemical hair dyes – if they weren’t as good, we wouldn’t use them! We want to assure you that you can get the same brilliant, long lasting colour with organic and vegan hair colours. One of the first differences to notice is the smell – no longer will you be sitting with harsh ammonia fumes. Once the colour is applied, you will notice how clean and fresh your hair feels, and how gentle the treatment was on your scalp. We are happy to watch clients become instant converts to organic hair colour, and once you try it, you will easily understand why so many customers are ditching harsh chemical dyes.

Chemical Free Hair Colour at Chilli Couture

We pride ourselves on creating fresh hairstyles and providing brilliant colour to our clients. Now with the availability of organic and vegan chemical free hair colour, we are able to reach these goals in an environmentally sustainable way, in line with our values. Be sure to always check labels yourself to know what’s in the products you use, and trust Chilli Couture to use only the best products. Be sure to book an appointment today and see the difference for yourself – you will have the high quality styling and colour to have come to expect, and the satisfaction that all the products used are vegan and organic.

Looking for the Perfect Perth Vegan & Organic Hairdresser?

Finding a good hair salon can be difficult at the best of times. Combine this with trying to find a salon that uses organic and vegan products, run by hairdressers who believe in the cause, and it may seem like you’ll never find a vegan salon in Perth to suit your needs. That’s where Chilli Couture comes in – we are a full service vegan hair salon in Perth with expert hairdressers who all share in the belief of working and behaving in a socially responsible fashion.

Vegan hairdresser in Perth 123456Personalised Hair Care

Chilli Couture has a team of expert hairdressers with one goal – to understand what you want and give you the hair style that reflects who you are. We spend time getting to you know and what you want from your hair. Our team understands that a haircut is about more than suiting the shape of your face, its about creating the impression you want and blending in with your lifestyle. We combine your desires with our artistic styling to create a look that is uniquely you. We create an overall salon experience that is second to none and will leave you looking great.

Our Vegan & Organic Products

At Chilli Couture, we believe that social responsibility is important, especially for small businesses such as hair salons where chemicals are commonly used and not thought twice about. We have placed a strong focus on the products we use, to keep in line with our belief of environmental sustainability. Our products have been carefully sourced to meet the high standards expected of a top quality hair salon, while being 100% vegan. We feel it is important for our hairdressers to keep up to date with the latest industry style and advancements. This is why our team regularly undergo training and continuing education sessions, so they are current on the latest techniques and the most modern products available in the industry.

Salon Responsibility

More than ever it is important to take responsibility for our actions, as we each have a role to play in maintaining the environment. At Chilli Couture, we are proud to be Perth’s premier vegan salon. All of the products we use are created 100% free from animal testing and animal products. Our products use recyclable and biodegradable packaging. We are 100% paraben and sulphate free, and we have replaced traditional aluminium foil with either ReFoil or RockFoil, two sustainable alternatives. We aim to be industry leaders and have taken strong steps to ensure your get an outstanding salon experience with the same level of social vegan responsibility you incorporate into the rest of your life.

Quality Experience at Chilli Couture

We believe your hair style should reflect you and what you want the world to see. Your time at the salon should be an indulgent experience, with a hairdresser that understands you as a friend and leaves you looking as good as you feel. Chilli Couture is the top vegan salon in Perth, maintaining the highest organic and vegan standards in all aspects of our business. Make a booking to visit our Highgate salon today and experience the quality for yourself.

Colours of the Rainbow!! Pulp Riot is here!

pulp-riot-hair-coloring-chilli-couturePulp Riot Hair Colouring

Well this culture shift into stylists using blue, green, aqua, purple and every other colour of the rainbow looks like it’s not just a trend
but seems its sticking around.
And the stylists at Chilli Couture love playing with these fun and vibrant colours.
Introducing Pulp Riot!! 16 semi permanent colours have been released so far and will be followed up with additional innovative colour products in the near future (hint: think neon/glow in the dark colours)

All colours are Vegan, Ammonia free, long lasting and powered by quinoa (yes the seed, you read correctly!) and available now in salon!
We do recommend all clients come in for a complimentary consultation prior to having colour work done of this kind.


Here’s just one little example of what Nakia did a couple of months ago 🙂
I can’t wait to see what she does next!







What’s the big deal about Colour Correction???

Black to blonde hair meme

Colour Correction FAQs

There has been a huge amount of colour correcting services and big colour changes walking through our door for the last 6 months.

Understandably, many people don’t realise the amount of work, time and cost involved in this.
Here are some key points that we’d like to share
with you if you are looking at doing a
big colour change or wanting to fix a bad colour job…

The very first thing that we ask is for you to come in for a
complimentary consultation. This can take 15-20 minutes
and may even involve us taking a small sample of your hair to colour test.
Be prepared for a long appointment or multiple appointments before you get the desired result.

Going Lighter:


  • generally, with long hair there are multiple layers of colour built up over each other, these all need to be removed and unfortunately as your hair is longer it is older and more fragile, but this is generally the hair that is the most fragile.
  • Box dye and henna is the hardest to remove
  • If you were once blonde under all that dark colour then you will still be blonde, and therefore your hair is more fragile.
  • Red colours will never be removed in one session, nor will black colours.
  • Different colour applications will need different dye removers e.g. direct dues need a different colour remover than a developed colour molecule.
  • You will need to remove the dye off the hair as much as possible before you even start to lighten the hair with lightener.
  • Always, always use a bond reconstructor in your lightener!
  • Always have colour correction done at a professional salon!
  • Never colour your hair at home!
  • Your hair will need treatments and the correct colour shampoo and conditioners to maintain your colour.
  • It will be expensive.


      Going Darker:

  • The porosity of the hair will affect the colour durability
  • You need to replace the natural underlying pigments that have been removed prior to adding your base tone or the colour will wash out immediately and/or not be the right tone.
  • It will take multiple applications to get colour to staining the hair shaft,
  • Colour correction works inside and on the external cuticle simultaneously.
  • Always have colour correction done at a professional salon!
  • Never colour your hair at home!
  • Your hair will need treatments and the correct colour shampoo and conditioners to maintain your colour.

Christmas Trading Hours

 Chilli Couture’s Christmas Hairdressing Hours

Christmas hair







Check out our current trading hours on our contact page.





Monday 18th December 10am – 7pm
Tuesday 19th December 10am – 8pm
Wednesday 20th December 10am – 7pm
Thursday 21st December 10am – 8pm
Friday 22nd December 10am – 7pm
Saturday 23rd December 8am – 5.30pm
Sunday 24th December Closed
Monday 25th December  Closed
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Wednesday 27th December  10am – 7pm
Thursday 28th December  10am – 8pm
Friday 29th December 10am – 7pm
Saturday 30th December 8am – 5.30pm
Sunday 31st December Closed
Monday 1st January Closed
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