Our Hair Salon Your Hair.

Here at Chilli Couture, we have a very clear understanding that what we’re here for is YOU. Everything is about you! Why? Because you are our guest, and our aim is to build a strong and lasting relationship h dgh,tjh krjt hrhltgel you. We can do this because we spend most of our time trying to understand everything to do with who you are. Hair just isn’t about your face shape or your skin tone its so much more than that. Your hair is about who you are, who you want to be and how you want the world to see you. Want hair that suits your lifestyle? Don’t we all, your hair has got to suit your lifestyle, your budget and your schedule as well as make you look and feel like a million dollars. Its because we spend so much time learning about who you are and what makes you tick that you’ll become what we fondly call a Chilli Addict! Its about you and we know that, hair styling is one thing but your hair is your hair. Finally you’ve found a salon that gets you!

Fake It Till You Make It

Hair not long enough or thick enough? No matter what you do it never seems to grow and why is it such a sin to covet what someone else has anyway?

You are the kind of woman who will stop at nothing to have what she wants… LONG HAIR! We understand that sometimes nature left some of us a little short (pardon the pun) in the hair department and it doesn’t matter how much you curl and twirl, grow and flow what you were born with just isn’t enough. Yes we agree that having beautiful hair is the number ONE priority. We understand that without MORE hair you just aren’t quite happy. RIGHT? We get you! We are Perth’s top extension specialists and that’s why at Chilli Couture we specialise in luxury hair extensions. We specialise in  Weave Hair Extensions as they leave no damage on your own hair. We can colour match your hair and the extension hair and we source only the finest Remy hair with 100% cuticle aligned and intact hair. For the client who wants something even more special we stock a range of raw virgin European hair that can be hand knotted and crafted into your own set of 100% custom made extensions! If you cant grow it yourself we can enhance it in for you!

best hair stylist perth hair extensions options for women 1 Weft Hair Extensions

Celebrity hair extensions we love!

best hairdresser perth can do celebrity haircut and natural hair dye colour Organic Hair Salon Perth

Yummy Chilli Mummies

Whether you’ve been a yummy mummy for some time or your world has just been turned upside down by the new light of your life; being a mum has a whole new set of rules.

best hair salon in perth showcases stunning haircut and natural hair dye colour Salons in Perth

Celebrity mummies we love….

It’s too easy to go from being number one to number none and we don’t think that’s fair! You’re still YOU; and even though you may have too many sleepless nights or not enough time in the day, we still see that you are still the smart, capable and delicious woman you’ve always been, and we are here to make sure that you’re not just a mum. We know your hair has to fit your multidimensional lifestyle and be flexible, and that no day is a typical day. We understand that your hair has got to be easy, and fit in with what little precious time you have to luxuriate in your me time but you still want to look and feel amazing! Come and talk to Perth’s best hairdressers, we know exactly what you need and our top stylists are ready and waiting to make you feel like you can take on the world! These are some of the styles we’ve been doing this year.

best organic hair salon perth for moms Natural Hair Dye

The Corporate Genius

Feel like you’ve just stepped out of a scene in Sex and The City? Just wrapped up that serious project you’ve been working on for a while and feel ready to take on the night with your friends?

You’re the kind of  ‘in control’ woman our grandmothers only ever dreamed of being. You have your life in the palm of your hands and we have your hair in ours! We understand that there are facets of what makes you, YOU. That your self branding changes when you walk out of your working day (think corporate hairstyle)  and you transform into everything else that you are. Whether that’s dinner with your inner circle, a date with someone special or even just a glass of wine and a good book. Your hair needs to be professionally styled one minute and everything you want it to be the next. Chilli Couture will work with you to design your own personal style, a look that suits your busy lifestyle and gives you the flexibility you need in your life!


Hairstyles we’ve been doing for you this year….

salons in perth offers variety of haircut and stunning natural hair dye colour Haircut Perth

Celebrities LOOKS we love!

best haordresser perth can do celebrity haircut Perth

The Devil Wears Prada

Hello 50 and 60’s!

We think that the average 50+ woman has changed dramatically. At Chilli Couture we believe that 60 is the new 40!

We understand that you’re not at home knitting booties but are out there having fun and making the most of your life, sporting the latest mature age hairstyle, possibly dating again, traveling the world and looking fantastic! We know that your life is beginning again and this time it is all about YOU! We get that today’s Empty Nesters want to look amazing, fashionable and sophisticated NOT like someone’s granny. We at Chilli Couture are completely dedicated to listening to what you want and making you look fabulous at any age! We are not one of those service industries that have forgotten you exist, in fact YOU are one of OUR favourite clients! We create mature aged colours that compliment and flatter, we design sophisticated haircuts that Merryl Streep could only dream about! One of our specialties is creating the perfect hairstyles for 50+, 60+, 70+ aged women, and helping you to take on the world!


haircut and hair extensions for mature ladies Haircut Perth

Celebrity looks we love…..

stunning haircut for mature ladies by the best hairdresser perth Hair Stylist Perth

Too Fast Too Furious

Too Fast Too Furious.

Hey Gen Y’s!

Most of your friends already know that Chilli Couture is the place to go for the best fashionable hair in Perth.

We know that YOU come first in your life and the world is your playground. We are here to help you look the way you want to look. Sure, you’ve got a job and a career, but you’ve got options right? You want the latest hair trends, you know the difference between S’Ombre and Ombre, and you want your beachy textured waves to not look like you married your curling wand! Your hair should be able to change with you, play time on the weekend and smart time for work. As Perth’s best hairdressers, our staff are fun and energetic and completely on your level, we can tailor a look and a program to fit your budget and your schedule and still have you looking cool. What are you waiting for! Check out our Chilli Couture Facebook and our Instagram for Hairspiration!

best hair stylist perth haircut options for women 1 Tape in Hair Extensions

The celebrity hairstyles we love…

organic hair salon stunning haircut & natural hair dye color by best hair stylist Haircut Perth

Men Who Give A Damn

If you think that Chilli Couture is just for the Ladies?

Oh no! Think again!

The Chilli Man is in a class of his own, sure of himself and ready to do what it takes to get what he wants and that includes his look.

Whether you’re a Mount Lawley Hipster or a CBD Suit or in a class of your own, we know what you want. Good service, great coffee (or a beer!), an amazing head massage and above all a top stylist that sets you apart from the crowd. Our service is not just about your hair, we also maintain what grows on your face and your beard maintenance is included in your hair cut call it a face cut! Perth’s best haircutters are here just pick up the phone or send us an email with the time when you want to come in! Celebrities LOOKS we love! Have a style in mind or looking for something new? Pick a hairstyle you like and make an appointment for a fresh cut.


Here are some of the men’s haircuts we’ve been doing this year….

hair salon for awesome mens haircut Perth

Some celebrity men that inspire us….

haircut perth for men at organic hair salon perth