Why You Should Change Up Your Hair Care Routine for Summer

Hair Extensions at the Beach

With a beautiful Perth summer just around the corner, you’re no doubt preparing your plans for the beach, updating your wardrobe with more warm-weather-friendly clothes and hopefully increasing your sunscreen application when you head outdoors.

But have you considered changing up your hair care routine to give your hair some TLC as we head into the warmer weather?

Each season presents its own challenges for your hair to overcome, so your hair care routine should really change with the seasons to ensure your hair is getting the treatments and general attention it needs to stay healthy year-round.


How Does Warm Weather Impact Your Hair?

Much like the cold temperatures and lack of sunlight in winter can impact hair health, summer brings some problems of its own to the table. As one of the leading hair salons in Perth, we see hair damage resulting from summer-related causes and activities all too often.


Swimming at the Beach and Pool

Heading to the beach or enjoying a swim in a backyard pool is a standard part of an Aussie summer, but unfortunately it can be quite damaging to your hair.

When you go swimming, both salt water and chlorine actually swell the hair cuticle, making it appear damaged and become tangled & knotty.


Intense Heat and Sun Exposure

Just like your skin can become sun damaged and sunburnt from prolonged exposure to the suns damaging UVA and UVB rays, your hair can suffer a similar fate from extended sun exposure.

Sun exposure can leave your hair extremely dry – especially when it’s combined with the impacts of swimming and warmer temperatures.

Direct and intense heat from the sun can almost be as damaging to your hair as the application of heated hair-styling products!


Air Conditioner Harming Your Hair

On those blistering hot summer days, it’s likely you spend half your time in the water and the other half inside in the air conditioning. However, did you know that prolonged time spent in air-conditioned rooms can be harmful to your hair?

Air conditioners not only blow cool air into a room, they also pull warm, humid air from the room, which removes essential moisture from the air.

The end result? A room with a very dry temperature that can cause hair to become frizzy, increase split ends, make hair more prone to damage and generally leave you dehydrated.

Protect Your Hair During Summer

Giving your hair some extra TLC during the warmer months doesn’t have to be difficult or unattainable; there are some easy steps you can take to improve the health of your hair.

  • Apply a Hair Masque Before Swimming: Apply a hair masque with SPF before getting into the water. Once you’re finished with your swim, wash your hair with fresh water ASAP.
  • Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment: Invest in a nourishing conditioning treatment from your favourite organic hair salon in Perth, Chilli Couture. Use it at least once per week to give your hair a much-needed boost.
  • Don’t Brush Your Hair Too Often: Avoid over-brushing your hair, especially when your hair is wet, as hair brushing disrupts the cuticle and you can end up with significantly damaged hair.
  • Drink that Water: Keep your body hydrated from the inside out by drinking enough water each day. Adult women should be consuming at least 2.1 litres each day, while adult males should be consuming 2.6 litres.


Trust the Best Hairdresser in Perth – Trust Chilli Couture

At Chilli Couture, we have a team of passionate, highly skilled hair stylists in Perth that are committed to caring for you and your hair.

As an organic hair salon in Perth we are incredibly experienced in not only chemical free hair colour, but also overall hair care and health.

Pick up the phone (9328 8814), send us an email or fill in our booking form to chat to one of the team at Chilli Couture today about your hair care routine.


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Our Favourite Trending Spring Hairstyles

shutterstock_666289483Spring has sprung and with things getting back to normal here in Perth, we’re loving all the different trends that have solidified themselves in fashion and hair lately.

From warm hair tones through to hair-styling and accessories, we’re here to take you through our favourite trending spring hairstyles.

Copper Hair

One of our favourite hair colours of the season is copper. This gorgeous hair colouring suits most skin tones, with a spectrum of copper tones available.

If you’re considering copper hair colouring, just be aware that copper and red tones hold in the hair for longer than other colours, so if you want to go back to blonde or another colour, you will need to trust in your hair dressers process.


Warm Blondes


Ashy and platinum blondes have been the trend over the last few years, so it’s great to see the return of warm, buttery blondes to our salon.

This is perhaps a trend resulting from a desire for low-maintenance colour in a post-lockdown era, but either way, we’re loving it!

These buttery and brown-blonde tones, which can be achieved with natural hair dye, will allow our naturally blonde clients to grow out more of their natural hair colour without extensive upkeep.


Natural Texture

shutterstock_720115021If there was ever a time to embrace your natural hair, the time is now.

We’re not talking about the “I literally rolled out of bed” look, with your hair matted and unruly, we’re talking about loving your natural curls or embracing that slight wave in your hair rather than straightening it, or embracing your straight locks instead of taking to them with a curling wand.

By avoiding the heated styling products a few days each week, you can help to maintain the health of your hair and save considerable time each day getting ready – it’s really a win-win.


Beach Waves

shutterstock_1659828406Various brands of ‘wave wands’ including Australian-founded hair brand Mermade Hair, have been a game changer to the hair styling industry, helping celebrities, fashion enthusiasts, and everyday people to create effortless beachy waves.

Throughout spring and coming into the warmer months, we think these effortless, beachy waves will continue to grow in popularity.


Face-Framing Highlights

Blonde highlights strategically placed on the hair that falls around your face are known as face framing highlights, as they add brightness to your face and accentuates your facial features.

These highlights work perfectly with balayage and ombre hair styles and are well-worth asking for at your next appointment


Curtain Bangs

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 1.52.17 pmFor those wanting to change up their hair style, or perhaps relieve a hairstyle they had in the 1970’s, curtain bangs are back in vogue.

Characterised by bangs with a middle part that are swept to either side of the face, this hairstyle is a great way to change up your look without committing to full bangs.





Hair Accessories


Scrunchies, claw clips, bows, headbands and oversized hairclips have all seen a resurgence this year and we expect to see these accessories dominating fashion this spring.

Let’s just say, it is a VIBE.





Hair Trends & Professional Service with Chilli Couture

At Chilli Couture, we aren’t just an organic hair salon in Perth – we provide a unique, hair colouring experience using natural hair dye and years of styling experience.

We are a Sustainable Salon that offers chemical and cruelty free hair care and services, so you know that every hair service with us will leave your hair feeling absolutely luscious.

Ready to change up your hair style for spring? Pick up the phone (9328 8814), send us an email or fill in our booking form to chat to one of the team at Chilli Couture today.


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Home Hair Jobs Are on The Rise – So, Why Should You Keep Using Your Salon If You Can?

shutterstock_1675618384We associate so much of our identities with how we look and in particular, how our hair looks.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that throughout the lockdowns and uncertainty of 2020, many people have tried to maintain their haircuts and hair colouring with home hair jobs.


What is a Home Hair Job?

A home hair job is any haircut or hair colouring undertaken at home, usually with no supervision or advice from a trained hairdresser.

Many of these home hair jobs were to cover regrowth, cover greys, renew faded hair colour or simply change hair colour all together for a bit of a change.


Should You Still Visit a Salon?

If you can still afford to go to your preferred salon in Perth, we recommend doing so.

While box dye might be a cheap ‘fix’ to cover regrowth, change up your hair colour or make your colour more vibrant, it is a much more expensive choice in the long run.

Not only do box dyes significantly damage the structure of hair, which can lead to breakage, colour running and frizzy hair, it is also much more expensive and time-consuming to fix in the long run.

Colour corrections after box dye require specialist knowledge from a trained hairdresser, which will involve colour correcting the varying shades and colours in your hair to achieve your desired look.

With compromised and damaged hair, extra care and time must be taken to remove the hair colouring without completely ruining your hair, and you will likely need multiple appointments to achieve your desired colour.


Avoid Advice from YouTubers and TikTok Stars

While YouTube and TikTok are great platforms to watch dance videos, makeup tutorials and product reviews, they aren’t the kind of place you should be taking hair dressing advice from.

Influencers on these platforms are generally not professionals, and even if they are, following a YouTube tutorial on how to bleach your hair will likely end in tears, rather than your dream platinum blonde colour.

Leave the hair colouring to the professionals at the best hair salon in Perth – Chilli Couture.


Advantages of Visiting a Sustainable Salon

A Sustainable Salon is a hair salon that minimises the amount of waste produced by a salon, with salon separation bins that ensure items such as plastic packaging, aluminium foil, hair clippings and unwanted tools are recycled and reused, rather than thrown away.

At Chilli Couture, we are a proud Sustainable Salon that goes one step further in our commitment to the environment by offering organic and vegan-friendly hair products.

This kind of commitment not just benefits our environment, it also benefits each of our clients, as our products don’t contain the same nasty, harsh chemicals that regular hair colouring and treatment products may contain.


Looking for The Best Hair Salon in Perth?

Finding a hair salon that not only exceeds your expectations for your hair colouring or cut service, but also goes above and beyond in caring for the environment could be a tricky feat.

But that is where our team at Chilli Couture come in.

We are a team of expert hair stylists with extensive training in the latest techniques and methods, and we treat you to one-on-one service every single time.

So put down the box dye and pair of scissors & make a booking with Chilli Couture today.

Pick up the phone (9328 8814), send us an email or fill in our booking form to chat to one of the team at Chilli Couture today about your hair colouring about your hair style.


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Fixing Home Hair Jobs: What to Expect at Your Next Salon Appointment

During the depths of the Coronavirus lockdown, we know that the temptation was probably there to cut your own hair or colour your hair to maintain its salon-dyed colour.

And since things have started to return to their ‘new normal’, we understand that many people are still out of work and unable to afford their usual beauty and hair appointments, which may have led to a few home box-dye jobs over the last year.

Whilst we do not recommend attempting at-home hairdressing on yourself or others, we understand some people were doing the best they could with the situation we were all thrust into and thus, will be needing some fixes done once they get back into the salon

We’ve pulled together some tips on what to expect at your next salon appointment with your hair stylist in Perth.


Top Tip: Tell the Truth

The most crucial thing you can do during your first appointment back with the best hairdresser in Perth at Chilli Couture is to tell the truth.

There is absolutely no benefit to you or to your hair stylist in Perth if you don’t give us the full rundown of what you did and when.

As hairdressers, we need to know key things such as:

  • When did you apply the hair dye?
  • What type of hair dye was it (permanent, semi-permanent, peroxide)?
  • What products have you been using on your hair since (shampoos, conditioners, treatments)?

All of these variables will impact how we can fix your hair, particularly as some at-home hair colours are notoriously hard to lift from the hair without breakage.


Possible Salon Outcomes

If you have done an at-home dye job or haircut over lockdown, you need to be prepared that while our work as hairdressers in Perth is quite magical, we can’t always ‘fix’ an issue in just one appointment without seriously damaging your hair.

Below are three of the most common scenarios you may encounter during your first appointment.

  1. We May Be Able to Fix It Without Much Issue

If your at-home attempt was just at a haircut, we may be able to cut some style and shape back into your hair at your first haircut in Perth back at our salon.

In the case that you attempted at-home hair dye and your hair is still in a relatively healthy condition, we may be able to correct the colour without much further damage.


  1. It May Take Time to Correct

Whether you were trying to hide your regrowth, banish some grey hair or just give your hair a bit of a new life during lockdown, adding strong permanent dyes or bleach to your hair without education around the hair colouring process can result in patchy, uneven and overall damaged hair.

Therefore, you need to be prepared that an at-home experiment with the hair dye may mean that you require full colour correction session.

Colour correcting sessions are LONG sessions, especially when dealing with uneven box dye, as even the best hairdresser in Perth would need to correct sections of the hair bit by bit.

And even with the utmost care taken with your hair, box-dye does some funny things to the structure and appearance of your hair, which can make your hair unpredictable as we try to lift the colour.


  1. You May Not Like the Answer

Box dyes and off-the-shelf hair shampoo and conditioners can leave hair incredibly damaged and broken, as box dyes change the chemical make up of the hair by staining the hair proteins.

When hair has become damaged beyond a certain point, undertaking colour correction (such as bleaching your box-dyed brown hair) could lead to your hair breaking off in clumps right before our eyes.

We assess each person’s hair on a case-by-case basis, so we may advise you that we cannot lighten your hair at all or the best we can do is an intense hair treatment to begin to repair your hair structure first.


Trust the Best Hairdresser in Perth – Trust Chilli Couture

At Chilli Couture, we have a team of passionate, highly skilled hair stylists in Perth that are committed to caring for you and your hair.

As a chemical and cruelty-free salon, we take great pride in helping you to navigate your way back to your ideal hair post-COVID-19 lockdown – we promise to do our best to provide you with the knowledge, products and hair care to get your hair back to its usual lustre.

Pick up the phone (9328 8814), send us an email or fill in our booking form to chat to one of the team at Chilli Couture today.


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5 Quick, Easy, And Presentable Hair Styles for Zoom Calls

For many people, COVID presented a taste of what it is like to work from home and for others, it’s changed the way they work completely.

At the beginning of the working from home phase, you might have still gone through your usual morning routine to get ready for “a day at the office”. But over time, that commitment to ‘well presented’ hair and makeup every day probably went out the window!

Well, as one of the leading salons in Perth, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to spend extra time and effort preparing for that weekly Zoom meeting – there are a number of quick and easy styles that you can attempt that will leave you feeling professional up top, even if you’re still in your pyjama bottoms.


Our Biggest Tip: Don’t Overthink It

As trusted hair stylists in Perth, our best advice is don’t overthink your hair style; something as simple as a ‘messy bun’ can still help you to feel more presentable during Zoom meetings.

Plus, the more you stress about how your hair looks before the meeting, the more flustered and frustrated you will end up before you have to jump on camera.

Working from home is a great time to let go of trying to hide every flyaway or perfectly straightening every strand of hair.

Here are five of our favourite low-effort looks for Zoom calls.


Style 1: Modern High Bun or Messy Bun

Wearing your hair tied up generally presents a more ‘professional’ look than having your hair out loose, so sweep your hair off your face and twist it up into a high bun for a simple corporate look.

One bonus of this style is that it’s also great for helping to hide grown-out roots from all the prying eyes on your Zoom call.

To achieve the look, use a hair tie or hair donut to wrap your hair up into a bun, with as little or as much volume as you want.

For a sleek bun, make sure to use a smoothing serum and comb to smooth out your hair around the bun.


Style 2: Half-Up, Half Down

This hairstyle is as simple as gathering and securing a large amount of the top layer of your hair into a bun, while letting the rest of your hair sit loose over your shoulders or behind your back.

You can dress up this hairstyle by adding an accessory, such as a scrunchie or a bow, but it really looks great on its own with a simple hair tie.


Style 3: Low Bun

Perhaps the easiest of all the hair styles is the low bun. This hair style still has an air of sophistication about it, even if it only takes five seconds to pull together.

Gather your hair together towards the bottom of your hairline, slightly above the nape of your neck. Use a smoothing serum to tame any fly-aways and slick back the rest of your hair into place.

Using a hair tie, secure your low bun in place and get ready to crush your Zoom meeting.


Style 4: Claw Clip

If you are REALLY running low on time before your Zoom call, a large claw clip and a hair brush might be enough to rescue your hair.

Claw clips provide a super simple, yet stylish solution to getting your hair into a messy bun, French twist or even half-up, half-down look.

You can wear the clip lower in your hair to create a more professional look, or set it higher in your hair to give your hair more oomph.


Style 5: High Ponytail

Think about an Ariana Grande type ponytail – flawless, sleek and super flattering for both the red carpet AND Zoom meetings (talk about versatile huh?).

Wrap your ponytail high on the back of your head, securing it with either a hair tie or a scrunchie.

If you opt for the hair tie, you can make the look more sophisticated by wrapping a small section of hair around the hair tie and securing it with a bobby pin.


The Hair Stylists in Perth With a Difference

Visiting Chilli Couture isn’t like visiting other hair salons in Perth; at our salon, you are treated to one-on-one pampering and services from some of the top hair stylists in Perth.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your hair post-lockdown or try a whole new look completely, our hair stylists will ensure you walk out of the salon feeling IN LOVE with your new look.

Best of all, we are a chemical and cruelty-free salon, so you can rest assured we only use the best products on your hair.

Book an appointment with us today! Pick up the phone (9328 8814), send us an email or fill in our booking form to chat to one of the team at Chilli Couture about your hair style.


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Looking After Your Hair During COVID

It’s been a strange, strange year thanks to COVID-19, with many plans, routines and livelihoods changed by the pandemic.

We feel for so many in the community who have experienced hardship and struggle as a result of the lockdowns and changed way of life.

And we get it – there are much more important things to be worried about than your hair.

But we’re here to give you some handy tips on what you can do from home to keep your hair in good condition until you can get back to the salon for hair colouring or a haircut in Perth.


Lack of Sunlight Can Result in Hair Loss

Your body creates Vitamin D from sun exposure, which is an integral vitamin within the body for maintaining healthy bones and absorbing calcium from your diet.

Vitamin D is also highly beneficial to hair, as it works to promote hair growth through the creation of new hair follicles, so getting less exposure to the sun each day may result in some hair loss.

It’s important to note that being overexposed to the sun, resulting in tanning and sunburn, is detrimental and even damaging to the skin, so try to find a balance of around 10-30 minutes a day to get out in the sunshine.


Minimise Aircon Exposure

Aircon works by removing heat and moisture from the air inside a room and replacing it with cooler air.

While this can cool your body down, it can also cause you and your hair to become dehydrated as the air inside the room becomes dry.

Exposure to air conditioning doesn’t just cause your hair to become dull and dry, it can also cause hair loss.


Invest in Good Quality Products

While the price point of the ‘good’ brands might be enough to turn you away, it is so important to use a good quality shampoo, conditioner and treatment on your hair to maintain the health and structure of your hair.

Products available at supermarkets tend to be full of parabens, sulphates and other nasty components that can build up in the hair and be incredibly damaging.

At Chilli Couture, we don’t just provide haircuts in Perth, we also stock a range of retail products that are 100% Paraben and Sulphate free, 100% vegan and generally much safer and more effective on your hair.


Home Remedies

If you are experiencing delays with quality products you’ve ordered online, there are some DIY home remedies you can try to revitalise your hair in the meantime.

One of our favourites is a coconut oil and honey hair mask to repair your hair. It’s as simple as:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of honey in a bowl.
  • Heat the mixture for 30 seconds in the microwave.
  • Apply the ‘mask’ from the top of your hair to the bottom.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and let the mask do its thing for around 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair out thoroughly and voila!



Avoid Home Hair Dye Jobs

While box dyeing your hair might seem like a good idea at the time, it can actually cause long-term damage to your hair.

Box dyes tend to contain significantly high amounts of ammonia and other chemicals, which are damaging to your hair and can cause skin irritation.

These dyes also work on a bit of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ premise, which is crazy as everyone’s hair has different history, different tones, highlights and regrowth. How can a hair dye claiming to be a ‘medium brown’ truly look like a medium brown on every hair type that attempts it?


Leave Hair Colouring to the Experts at Chilli Couture

With COVID-19 restrictions now eased, our amazing team at Chilli Couture are ready to help you with your post-lockdown hair colouring and haircut in Perth.

Contact us today via phone (9328 8814), email or fill in our booking form to book an appointment with one of our experienced, passionate and caring team members. We can’t wait to welcome you back into the salon.


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6 Tips To Keep Your Hair Colour From Fading

As everyone who colours their hair knows well, the biggest enemy to your stunning new shade is the inevitable fade! But what if the gradual dulling of your beautiful hair colour was not as unavoidable as you thought? Through good maintenance and healthy hair practices you can help your hair stay glowing and vibrant for longer than ever.

Use Coloured shampoos and conditioners

Using a professional shampoo and conditioner to care for your hair at home after your salon hair colour is the best way to keep hair colour fresh. Whether its purchasing a product that has the same colour pigment as the colour you’ve just had or using a high quality colour care product the right product will make the biggest difference in the fading of your hair colour. We can even personalize your home colour conditioner for you!

Avoid using heated styling tools

There’s no quicker way to dry out your hair than using harsh styling tools on a regular basis. Opening the hair cuticles, the extreme heat causes serious damage. Those who rely on hair styling should be sure to use it on the lowest setting and apply an effective heat protectant. This will help retain your hair colour whenever you use a curler, straightener, or blow dryer.

Avoid Putting your hair under hot water

Hot water works in the same way as heated styling tools; the extreme temperature dries out your hair, causing damage and colour fading. Lukewarm water is perfect for good hair health. A good tip is to gradually reduce the temperature over a few showers – no need to shock your system into submission!

Use Colour safe products

In order to give your coloured hair a longer, brighter lifespan, treat it with gentle care and mild products. Opt for organic products that are easy on your hair, like those used by our Perth hair stylists. Harsh chemicals strip your hair of it’s colour, drying it out quicker and even irritating your skin in the process. Choose products designed to care for colour hair, avoiding alcohol or sulfate.

Try not to wash your hair too frequently

Hair over-washing can be detrimental to anyone – it strips hair of it’s natural microbiome balance making it even oiler. For those with dyed hair, washing your hair everyday will strip all the expensive colour, meaning any money spent is literally washed down the drain. Those with oilier hair can try products like dry shampoo, as they give hair a clean, fresh look in a low-impact way.

Keep your hair moisturised

The key to healthy hair is moisture, which is why any method that dries out your hair can have negative effects. This includes the hair colouring process itself. A highly drying process, getting your hair coloured also means needing to put all that lost moisture back into your hair. Use leave-in conditioners and hair masks to douse it in moisture and prevent it losing its shine.

Use toners if needed

Hair toner is a semi-permanent colour that can be a lifesaver in giving a boost in between salon sessions. Helping discourage brassy notes and keeping the desired tone in your hair, it be particularly effective for those with lighter brown or blonde hair colours. Best practice is to use it in every second wash.

Why Choose Chilli Couture

Colouring your hair can be an amazing boost to your look and self-confidence when done well. Our experienced hair colour professionals are the best hairdressers in Perth, and combining our passion for fashion with healthy practices for your hair and the environment, we have sourced the world’s best, cleanest products. To find out more information or to book an appointment contact us on 9328 8814, or via our website here!


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From Balayage To Babylights: All The Hair Buzzwords You Need To Know

Thanks to the amazing versatility of that incomparable filament we call hair, combined with the imagination and skill hairstylists, the hair styling scene is constantly changing and evolving with new techniques to reinvent and wow. Hair colouring is an essential part of designing our hair and there are lots of buzzwords floating around to describe the different effects available. Lucky for you, we are here to break them down and educate you in the lingo before your next visit to a salon in Perth!


unnamed (3)Coming from a French word that means “to sweep” or “to paint”, balayage refers to a natural, sun kissed look for our hair. Think fair-haired children in the summertime; the desired effect should be soft, not streaky, and have softer tones at the ends and darker ones at the roots, similar to how naturally sun kissed hair looks. A positive of balayage is thanks to it’s softer look hair regrowth is not as noticeable, unlike stripy highlights which can look harsh as soon as roots begin to show.


Meaning “to shadow” in French, ombre describes a colour that is softly shadowed, or graduating in tone. Usually moving from dark to light, it should be a smooth and seamless development of tone from the top to bottom of the hair.


This is the younger sister of ombre; simply a means to describe a softer version of ombre. It’s used when the two chosen colours are closer in tone to each other than the dark/light effect of ombre. Sombre can be used to add tone to light coloured hair in a delicate way, with the roots only being a few shades removed from the main hair colour.


This cute term means a delicate version of highlights; rather than streaky, harsh tones it implies soft, sun-bleached colours to give a more natural look. Working well with every hair colour, and length, babylights are perfect for creating a soft, subtle look. Often fair-blonde colours are used with a fine colouring technique, to create a low key, and low maintenance, look.

Colour Melt

Hair Colouring BalayageOften described as an advanced version of ombre, colour melt is a technique that seamlessly blends multiple colour tones with the base colour. The idea is for the tones to ‘melt’ together so you cannot see where one colour ends and one begins – hence the name! This low-key look is natural and easy to maintain, with regrowth less noticeable. Rather than a full colour bleach, try colour melting to move to a lighter hair colour in a more gradual way that is totally on-trend.

Why Choose Chilli Couture

Regardless of the hair colour style you are after, the experienced team at Chilli Couture is here to help. From ombre to colour melts, and everything in between, our passionate hair stylists pride themselves on working with each client to ensure each hair dream is made a ‘hair-eality’! Our dynamic stylists fill the best hair salon in Perth, focusing on modern practices in an eco-friendly way. To learn more about our combined experience and vegan practices contact us via our website, or call us on 9328 8814 to speak to a friendly member of our team and book an appointment today.


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