Luxury Hair Treatments

Your hair is often your best accessory. It can make or break an outfit, boost your confidence on a bad day and make you stand out in a crowd.

When your hair is lacking the nutrients it needs, it can appear lifeless and dull, making it harder for you to work with and resulting in a dreaded BAD HAIR DAY!

You wouldn’t leave the house in a ripped dress or broken shoes so why should your hair be any different! Let our stylists create a personalised treatment just for you using our professional in salon treatment menu. We have a range of rituals available to suit you and your hair’s needs. Relax and indulge as your hair is revitalised ensuring you leave the salon with shiny, healthy and beautiful hair!


Why Does the Hair Need Protein?

Hair is made up of 97% Keratin, a natural protein also found in our skin cells. Hair that has been on the head a while slowly starts to deteriorate with age and due to environmental wear and tear (UV damage, chlorine, friction from hair ties and chemicals). When the hair’s elasticity is not balanced we need to replenish the hair with protein to strengthen it again so that it does not break. You will notice a lot of products include amino acids’; these are important ingredients because they help restrengthen the keratin in our hair. Natural proteins such as hydrolysed wheat protein, rice protein and oat protein are also very good for the hair because they strengthen the hair without overdosing it. It is impossible to overdose the hair with natural proteins like these.


Why Does the Hair Need Moisture?

Sometimes when our hair feels dry and damaged… we automatically assume it needs protein or ‘strengthening’ product. This is a common misconception a lot of people make. It is important to be able to determine whether the hair needs protein or moisture because if we overload the hair with protein we can in fact make matters worse by making the hair even more stiff and brittle causing it to break faster. When you can understand what sort of damage the hair has, it is easier to determine how to treat it. This will definitely come in handy when recommending product and treatments at the basin. Hair that is dry brittle or rough with visible split ends requires moisture. Hair that is mushy, fine and usually bleached will require protein. Most of the time hair needs more moisture than protein because the sun, heat tools and other factors cause it to dry out. All hair Protein conditioning treatments and hydrating, moisture hair conditioning treatments must be applied regularly to continually experience the benefits, as they gradually rinse off. Depending on the molecular weight and the shampoo used, some hydrolysed proteins can hang out longer in hair, create a film over the hair strand and not rinse off as quickly. This causes slight build up on the hair and can cause breakage before it’s rinsed off.

Treat your thirsty and damaged hair with a intense moisture hydration mask specifically chosen to suit your hair. All masks are from our salon exclusive range and all are applied with a 5 minute basin massage and infused with a lavender infused steam towel.

Yes you can treat your fine limp hair and still leave with body and volume! Our range of Davines treatments instantly infuse your hair with strength and volume while giving you the perfect amount of moisture. Applied with a 5 minute basin massage and a lavender infused steam towel.

Every colour needs a treatment on the day of the colour service. A post colour treatment removes residual colour from the hair shaft, restores the PH balance of the hair, and leaves hair silky and radiant with shine. Davines, the colour care experts, are scientifically formatted to extend the life of your colour. All treatments are applied with a 5 minute basin massage and a lavender infused steam towel.

Everyone has heard of OLAPLEX! Here at Chilli Couture we use Nak StructurePlex bond reconstructor which is the 100% vegan plant based Paraben and Sulphate free version of Olaplex, and we think it works even better! Reconstruct your hair’s internal molecules with the Nak’s bond multiplier treatment. Nad works inside the hair shaft to reform chemical bonds that are broken and damaged during colouring and styling. This treatment can be added into your colour or performed as a stand alone treatment or combined with any of our luxury treatments. The full treatment service is $90 and includes a take home treatment valued at $49.95!

Cellophanes vegetable colour treatments are the ultimate shine treatment that heat infuses natural keratin and vegetable pigment over the hair creating incredible shine, longer lasting colour and silky soft hair for weeks! Full treatment takes 45 minutes and booking are essential!


AGI ONE  Plant Based Keratin Smoothing Therapy

Chilli Couture uses Agi One Smoothing Treatment as our preferred Keratin Straightening treatment. Keratin treatments are not to be confused with Rebonding or Chemical straightening treatments. Agi One’s unique technology smooths and conditions the hair by releasing a nanoparticle into the hair shaft to repair hair from the inside out – whilst simultaneously forming a protective film around the hair shaft.


Agi One treatment is an innovation in hair restructuring and smoothing science.

Agi One lasts up to 3-5 months, and is suitable for the reduction of frizz and curl on all hair types. Our client’s refer to Agi One Smoothing Therapy as life changing! It rejuvenates and revitalises the hair, giving it a  softer, silkier feel that everyone raves about and there is no 72 hour waiting period,  you can wash your hair or put it in a ponytail the minute you leave the salon. Unlike other salon services, the more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes.  With each treatment, the build-up of Agi One makes the hair: Smoother and Silkier, Straighter and Shinier, Easier and Faster to blow-dry. Agi One Smoothing Therapy  is gentle enough to use on  all hair types: colour treated, chemically processed, bleached or highlighted.[/vc_column_text]


Smoothing Therapy FAQs

A specific treatment for smoothing and volume reduction of curly and frizzy hair. The Agi One Treatment is part of a method (patented worldwide) which can leave hair straight, soft and shiny- even after many washes. Under thermal action, a film crystallizes on the hair surface (thermal crystallization), homogenising and releasing even more conditioning agents into the hair, giving a straight appearance and incredible volume reduction, without damaging the keratin disulfi de bridges. This product is free of silicones and sulfur compounds. The antioxidants and the vitamins (which the vegetal extracts contain in the treatment) are rich, protect and nourish the hair, leaving it particularly brilliant and soft. Agi One is a plant based keratin however it does have ethically harvested silk protein.

Time should be determined on an individual basis. It will take around 3 to 4 hours depending on length, density and texture of your hair.

The hair will be easier to style, noticeably straighter, less frizzy, softer, and have reduced volume. If the hair had very little elasticity you will see a remarkable difference to the tensile strength.

We don’t recommend you colour and or tone your hair immediately after the smoothing process but wait at least one week. We strongly encourage you to colour the hair after the smoothing process. Never before.

There is no waiting period, hair can be washed immediately.

We recommend any of our Paraben and Suphate freee shampoos and conditionaers which prolongs the duration of the treatment.

As often as required.


Up to 3-5 months- depending on the hair type.

Yes, although if you have any reservations or concerns we encourage you to seek medical advice.


We have more information about our Hair Extensions service here.