Hair Salon Highlights Microfoils

The Microfoil Lowdown

With so much stylist terminology, how do we know what to choose? At Chilli Couture we want to make the choice easier. Here’s why microfoils might be the perfect way to refresh and transform your hair.


What are microfoils?

Microfoils are based on traditional foil highlighting, but instead of large pieces of hair being coloured and wrapped in foil, very thin hair segments are carefully selected and treated, and then wrapped in foil.

The power of micro foils lies in the finesse they bring to the colouring process. By colouring strands in fine selections, the effect is extremely natural. The goal is to have these segments of colour combine into a beautiful, blending glow.

Originally foils were used to introduce strips of standout colour in contrast with the base shade. As the use of foils developed, so did an understanding of the artistry the technique offers hair stylists.

Referred to as microlights or baby lights, this way of introducing colour to the hair may take a little longer. Hair in each foil is a delicate width, allowing colour from root to ends. But the stunning finish is well worth it.


Why are they so popular?

 A growing preference for microfoils can be traced to a few key reasons:


  • Super easy maintenance

Touch ups have a similar time to most colour, but when microlights grow out, the effect is less obvious due to the gentle blend of colours.


  • They work up or down

Because of how finely the colour has been introduced, microlights look just as fabulous tied in a bun as when worn down.


  • A very natural effect

Untouched hair is often slightly different shades. Microlights emulate this with a subtle combination of complimentary colours.


  • Microlights suit everyone

Whatever your hair colour, our salon experts can create a luminous impression with a careful lightening design.


The different looks

Microlights are often compared to the hair we have as children hence the term baby lights. In youth, uncoloured hair can be a mix of shades that still work together in a seamless way. This is the guiding principle behind microlights.

Microlights really celebrate modern hair styling. While many people associate lightening with blonde hair, microlights are for all hair colours. The technique utilises shades within your base colour spectrum.

Popular with all types of blondes, microlights also look stunning when worked into grey hair. Brunette hair can be subtly lightened with softer hues, and a similar rule of thumb applies to red hair.

Microfoils can be applied to hair extensions, which we can also provide. As one of the best hair salons in Perth specialising in chemical free hair colour, trust us to make sure your look stays healthy and fabulous.


How to care for your microlights

Regardless of technique, your strands have been coloured and lightened, so a nourishing hair care routine is recommended. Consider shampoos, conditioners, and moisturising treatments specific to coloured locks.

Use warm water over hot water when washing. If styling with heated tools, take steps to protect your colour using thermal product ranges. Speak to our team for tips on eco sustainable product choices.


Come and see us

Looking for a hair dresser in Perth you can trust, especially when it comes to weave hair, and trying new styles? Reach out to the Chilli Couture team with any questions about microfoils. We’re happy to help glow up your strands!

Shimmer Me Blonde!!!


Soon to be arriving (mid June is the prediction) is the latest Kevin Murphy gem of a product!

Shimmer Me Blonde is a leave in repairing treatment was designed for you hot platinum blondes!

The pretty purple pastel in Shimmer Me Blonde refreshes and restores highlighted, blonde and grey toned hair colour.  It also counteracts the yellow and gold tones while leaving your tresses not only smelling yummy but giving it a lovely shine! This product can be used before and/or after styling. It will add elasticity and shine to damp hair pre blow dry or as a added shine boost for after a blow dry.

It’s not just for blondes either, it works brilliantly on adding a shimmery shine on Violet and Pink hair colours too!

So keep your blonde looking fresh and bright between visits to Chilli Couture and enquire about Shimmer Me Blonde…we have waited so long for this product to hit Aussie shores and it was totally worth it!

How to use: Apply to damp, towel-dried hair or dry hair. Twirl before use. Do not rinse; leave to dry naturally or style as desired.

Benefits: Radiant shine, Counteracts Yellow and Gold Tones, Strengthens, Nourishes, Moisturises

Key Ingredients: 

6 Australian Fruit Extracts

For a radiant, glossy and smooth finish.

Babassu Oil

Protects and provides nutrients essential to shine, health and strength.

Bamboo Extract

Helps restore the hair to increase shine, strength and manageability.

Soy Bean Oil

Adds softness and smoothness.

RRP $42.95


Mr Smith Mousse is on the shelves!



Yaaaay!!!! After a few delivery delays due to flooding (!?) we finally have our mitts on this luscious product. From the mouth of our Chilli Stylist Rachel Hall, who has been using it A LOT in the last week.

“The Mr Smith Mousse is a lightweight product that is perfect for 90% of hair types. I go to Mr Smith Mousse when I require volume, movement and slight texture in my blow dries.  The product spreads evenly and dries into hair perfectly without  leaving any signs of stiffness or residue. With slight fruity notes the mousse is refreshing and allows hair to keep its shape days after styling. A great product for in salon and for clients to use at home.”


Retailing at $37.00
Peta Certified Vegan
Sulfate & Paraben Free
Designed, Developed & Made in Australia by Mr Smith

Fabuloso Pro by Evo now available at Chilli Couture

Fabuloso Pro Hair Colour by Evo


Fabuloso Pro by Evo Hair Colour


We are excited to announce that we are now stock the Fabuloso Pro range by Evo!

Intensify and refresh your colour by upgrading your haircut with an in-salon Fabuloso Pro Semi Permanent hair colour service which lasts up to 8-16 shampoo. Our Fabuloso Pro Semi Permanent colour is designed as a in-between colour refresher which conveniently takes only 30mins in addition to your haircut or blowdry appointment. Prices range from $30 for short hair, $40 for medium and $50 for long hair.

We are also now stocking the new and exciting Fabuloso Pro colour enhancing take home conditioner and treatment in one lasting up to 3 shampoos. Have your Chilli Couture hair stylist specifically design a colour treatment conditioner to match your hair colour. Prices from $39.95. You can also recycle your bottle when you are ready for a refill and receive $2 off.

With Fabuloso Pro the colour options are endless and like all Evo products it is completely free of animal testing, contains no peroxide or ammonia and is gentle on the hair and scalp. Each shade of colour will wash completely out and not damage the hair in any way while it restoring and adding moisture.

Simply ask your Chilli Couture hairdressers to find out more on this exciting new range and how it will benefit you.

Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs Now Available!

KEVIN MURPHY COLOUR BUG brings full on colour but without the commitment.

Eye shadow for hair!

Kevin Murphy has been experimenting with pigments since the 80’s; obsessed with the powdered wigs of the French Revolution. The influence came from those times, but he now wanted it to be intense and almost fluro, as it is the intense flash of colour that makes it modern.

The Kevin Murphy Colour Bug allows you to create fun, crazy colour for the weekend and will easily wash out in time for work.

Get your Colour Bug at Chilli Couture today for only $24.95

Wella SP Sun Concentrate


Planning a day out in the sun? Infuse your daily rinse off conditioner or mask with up to 10 hours more UV protection. Wella SP Sun Concentrate protects your hair colour from fading and shifting in the sun.

Simply mix in this Wella SP Sun Concentrate into your conditioner for colour confidence in the sun. Providing up to 40% more colour freshness this powerful elixir has sun protection, like the SPF in skincare, so it also helps stop damage caused by the suns UVA and UVB rays.